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YuGiOh Master Duel How to Lose

Welcome to our YuGiOh Master Duel How to Lose guide. Frustrated that you tried your hardest but Aleister says “Wanna see me get Normal summoned in face up position? Feeling annoyed that those pesky Sychro Summon, Pendulum Summon or Fusions or Magicians destroying everything in your board?

Do not fear Duelist! This guide will guide you perfectly to the art of losing but feeling like you win because your monster are all safe in your hands! See the enemy struggle or admire their cards without interruptions from your trap cards, spell cards or monster cards activating!

YuGiOh Master Duel How To Lose

Hover Over the Round Buzzer Thingy

Step 1:

Don’t summon, set or do anything. Use your eyes to locate the round buzzer looking button.

Step 2:

Press End Turn as much as possible.(THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT STEP)
Congrats you lost, but its just as intended.

Step 3:

(Optional) While sipping coffee or tea or whatever, do not do anything then slowly wait as the timer goes by, as you trap them in a realm far worse than the Shadow realm. Just laughing at them, making them feel as if they lost many duels, stuck in a time prison as you laugh and mock the opponent that is trying everything to win but yet can’t because the concept of time exists. Muahahaha!

Extra Tips

  • Known issues: Auto surrender after a certain period time of inactivity.
  • How to overcome it: Do every action as slow as possible until you are warned, bring lots of spell/traps for negating and wait it out.

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