Zero Sievert Skills Guide

Welcome to our Zero Sievert Skills Guide. We’ll explain how Skills work, how Specializations function, and which Specializations you should pursue in this Zero Sievert Skills Guide.

Zero Sievert Skills Guide

We’ll explain how Skills work, how Specializations function, and which Specializations you should pursue in this Zero Sievert Skills Guide. We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the ZERO Sievert game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our ZERO Sievert guide.

How Skills Work

Skills come in two varieties: Primary Skills and Secondary Skills. Your gameplay is directly impacted by Primary Skills, such as the Fitness Skill, which raises your Stamina level. On the other side, your capacity to Craft Items is affected by your secondary skills.

The four primary skills and three secondary skills are listed below:

  • Fitness : +2 Stamina Per Level
  • Style : +3% looting speed per level
  • Shooting : -2% recoil per level, +1% reloading speed per level
  • Charisma : +1% selling price per level, +2% trader money per level
  • Medicine : Allows you to Craft certain Medication
  • Gunsmith : Allows you to Craft certain Ammo
  • Cooking : Allows you to Cook certain Food

Levels for primary skills range from 0 to 10. Levels for secondary skills range from 0 to 5. When a skill is fully developed, you can specialize to receive further bonuses.

How To Increase Your Skills

In Zero Sievert, there are two ways to improve your skills:

Perform out organized activities with the skill. For instance, firing your weapons increases your shooting skill.
Employ a skill book.

How Skills Specializations Work

The upgraded versions of the base Skills known as Zero Sievert Skill Specializations offer additional bonuses. There are at least two options for each Skill, but you can only choose one. Once a skill has reached its maximum point total of 10 points for primary skills or 5 points for secondary skills, you can specialize in it.

Levels are also present in specializations; there are 10 levels for primary skills and 5 levels for secondary skills. The bonus you receive from a Specialization will continue to improve as you advance through the Specialization levels.

What each of the skill specializations does is listed below:


  • Jogger : Jogging boosts stamina, and if you weigh less than a specific amount, it doesn’t deplete it.
  • Mule : major rise in your maximum weight
  • Sprinter : Increase stamina and speed of running while decreasing running cost.


  • Loot Goblin : greatly speed up looting. can see through walls to treasures. a tiny bit additional loot in the chests.
  • Stealth : Reduce the enemy’s line of sight. It takes longer for enemies to find you. more harm that goes undetected.
  • Scout : Speed up looting slightly. Enemies are more readily noticeable. Maps now show more stowaways.


  • Operator : Significantly lessen recoil and somewhat speed reloading.
  • Fast Hands : Significantly speed up reloading and significantly lessen recoil.
  • Sniper : While aiming, greatly raise the ergonomic stat. Increase damage significantly while targeting.


  • Charm : Traders have more roubles, which is Charm.
  • Storage : Traders have more of the goods they sell in storage.
  • Workaholic : Increase the rewards for quests if you’re a workaholic.


  • Field Medic : Reduce the amount of time that medications are taken.
  • Pharmacist : If you have an infirmary, you can make injectors based on your level.


  • Modder : Mounted Mods are more efficient for the modder.
  • Gear Lover -Reduces the durability degradation for weapons and armor significantly with Gear Lover.


  • Chef : Boost the nutritional content of the foods you make significantly by learning new recipes.
  • Nutritionist : You have more health and endurance when you are neither dehydrated or famished.

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