100 Worlds Escape the Room Walkthrough

Welcome to our 100 Worlds Escape the Room Walkthrough guide. Nearly complete walkthrough for the game. […]

Welcome to our 100 Worlds Escape the Room Walkthrough guide. Nearly complete walkthrough for the game. If you figure out how to do the slider puzzles on levels 88 and 91, you’ve got my eternal respect!

100 Worlds Escape the Room Walkthrough

Note: This guide is for the Steam version of the game. The mobile version has the levels in a different order.

You can set the game options to “easy” if you want the cursor to change when hovered over an item you need to pick up. This makes the game a tad easier, but not a walk in the park.

The object in every level is to locate the cat’s head key to unlock the fishbowl so Balthazar gets a meal. Pressing the Hint button feeds Balthazar a mouse and may either be too much help as the entire solution gets revealed in some levels, and in others, is relatively useless as it will only point to a minigame.

Levels 1-10

Level 1: Pick up the key on the stone table and unlock the fishbowl.

Level 2: Click the stack of books below the desk to reveal the key for the fishbowl.

Level 3: Pick up the key, the rag hanging on the pole at the left, and the stick lying on the grass near the 2 loose planks. Click the stick in your inventory, then click the rag to make an unlit torch. Drag the torch to the campfire to light the torch. Then use the torch on the cannon to light it so it fires, breaking the barrier which was hiding the fishbowl.

Level 4: Pick up the bag of grain on the seat of the sleigh and pour it into the trough to feed the ox so it will drop the key.

Level 5: Click on the crank in the center of the moving wheel until the key falls down and the crank goes into your inventory. Click the machine that has 3 cranks on it at the left center to expand the image and put the 4th crank into the empty slot. Each crank has a number of purple buttons on it; pull the cranks based on lowest number of buttons to highest (left center, right, right center, left) to get the fishbowl.

Level 6: Pick up the spiked mace from the pond and use it to smash the silver-lidded round containers in the piles of gold to free a pair of red gems. Put the gems into the eye sockets of the mask above the throne for the key.

Level 7: Pick up the crank in front of the forge. Pick up the leg part of the statue, the coal in the bin, and the big hammer along the back wall. Put the crank into the slot of the machine at the back left and pull the crank down. Place the leg part onto the statue and the hammer into the hand which lowered when the crank was pulled. Click on the grate in the statue’s belly and put the coal inside. Pick up the statue’s helmet under the desk and set it into the space at the statue’s chest to get the key.

Level 8: Pick up the corkscrew, garden trowel, jar of seeds, small sickle, and brass water pitcher. Use the sickle to cut all the big green vines out of the pot. Then dig up the soil in the empty pot with the garden trowel. Click on the jar of seeds and use the corkscrew to remove the cap. Pour the seeds into the pot. Dip the pitcher into the stream to fill it, and water the pot.

Level 9: Pick up the head of the snowman, the scarf hanging off the branches in the background, the antlers atop the big window, and the sticks in front of the ox. Use these to finish the creepy snowman (the big snowball by the sleigh).

Level 10: Pick up the broom on the balcony near the potion bottle sign and use it to sweep the cobwebs off the other sign to reveal the code “120”. Enter this on the dials at the side of the cart. Click on the big basket under the purple awning at the left and click the apples to remove them until you can get the key.

Levels 11-20

Level 11: Pick up the striker for the gong and the 3 large metal rings lying about which are not on the post. Strike the gong twice so the dragon melts the knob off the post revealing the key. After picking up the key, place the 3 metal rings onto the post, then strike the gong to get the code “2964”. Enter this into the dials on the column.

Level 12: Pick up the paintbrush under the large glowing sphere. Get the jar of purple ink from the bookshelf on the right. Click on the brush in inventory, then click the ink jar to dip the brush. Click the sheet of paper on the desk, then move the paintbrush over it to reveal the full code. Look for the shelf of books at the left which have the same symbols on their spines (they are above the glowing plant in a jar) and click on each book in the same order as the code.

Level 13: Pick up the dagger lying on the flat stone and use it to cut the middle bowl off the ropes on the post. Click on the hanging sticks to shake them, which causes it to rain and fill the bowl by the flat stone. Use the dagger to cut off the 3 sponge-like purple things sitting in some of the plants. Pick up the bone with a leather strap and ring on the top of it lying in the sand to the right. Put the sponge things into the bowl of water and use the bone to stir up a potion in the bowl. Dip the bowl you have in inventory into the potion, then pour it onto the mesh trapping the fishbowl. Click on the tube close to the awning which has a roll of parchment or papyrus in it so both it and the key falls out.

Level 14: Pick up the round bowl under the bell. Click the piece of paper in the foreground to get the minigame. Put the bowl onto the empty pedestal, then click the paper lying on the ground to see that you have to align all the pedestals so everything is at the same height including the items atop the pedestals. The pedestal you placed the bowl upon is the determining factor for the others; click this pedestal twice and then click on the other ones until everything lines up. Get the file and key, then click on the projection which is sparkling on the fence. In the inset, use the file to saw off the projection. Pick up the stone to the right of the steps. Put the projection you’d sawed off earlier into the rectangular block at the top of the steps, then use the stone to smash the projection down into the block.

Level 15: Pick up the hammer, metal tongs, pair of chain links, an iron bar, and the coal from the bin. Click on the coal lying on the floor to move it out of the way of the tiny door. Put the chain links onto the swinging, hanging chain attached to the bellows at the side of the forge. Place the coal onto the forge, then click the bellows to heat the coal. Add the iron bar, then use the tongs to pick up the hot iron and move it to the anvil. Use the hammer on the iron to make a key, then use the tongs to pick up the hot key and drop it in the water bucket. That’s not the fishbowl key! Use the key to open the little door that you’d scooted the coal pile away from earlier, and the fishbowl key is inside.

Level 16: Click on the birdcage hanging from the tree to drop it down, releasing the pinwheels inside. Pick up the pinwheels and put them on the stakes at the right. Spinning each pinwheel, count the revolutions each makes. You get 5, 2, 4, 3 going from left to right, but the correct code to enter on the jewelry box at the left is 2453, which I’m guessing you have to figure out based upon how 2 pinwheels are at an angle and the other 2 are straight and doing a trial and error thing with alternating the numbers for the angle and straight pinwheels.

Level 17: Click the 2 treasure chests on each side and solve the jigsaw puzzle within each one to get 2 jeweled pieces in your inventory. Place a jeweled piece atop each of the lion heads.

Level 18: Pick up the flint (it’s black and in the ice under the elevated snowbank), the bowl of pitch, the snow-covered logs at the top of the steps, and the pink-lined ice pick. Place the logs under the kettle and pour the pitch onto them, then use the flint to spark a fire. Click on the frozen lake to get the inset picture, then use the ice pick to break out the ice containing the playing pieces for the minigame. Drop the ice into the kettle to free the playing pieces. Click the stone with the minigame and add the playing pieces. You need to get all the symbols on the stones to match each other by clicking the stones to rotate them. I start at the bottom left corner and figure out how to match the symbols with the stone on the right and also the stone immediately above in the middle row to eliminate some of the possibilities, and work gradually up and to the right from there. I tried to take a screenshot of the solved puzzle, but the game moves too quickly, sorry!

Level 19: Pick up the colored gas tubes – red and green are on the dock, gray is on the boat. Press the red button on the machine with the dials. Put the gas tubes onto the cannon-shaped part that’s on the machine on the boat and click the gray tube to fire the “cannon” twice. The fishbowl and then the key will get shot out of the floating tiny boat.

Level 20: Pick up the 4 black-and-gold rings lying about the scene, then click on the top of the pedestal with the red button. Drop the 4 rings in to start the minigame. Clicking on the lower left corner button stops the outermost ring, and going counterclockwise with the buttons from there stops the next ring inwards. Stop the outermost ring where the large symbols are on the 4 compass directions, then start/stop the next ring in until the pattern on it aligns with the outer ring. Keep doing this with the subsequent buttons until you have all the patterns matched up. You don’t have to have it “perfectly” aligned; just as long as the pattern overall is visible, it works. I’m not sure if there is an orientation the game wants, but this takes some trial and error with timing the stopping of each ring. You get a pink jewel from solving the minigame, which you place into the open circle of the treasure chest.

Levels 21-30

Level 21: Pick up the oil can near the sunflowers. Click on the cart to reveal the rusty hinges and use the oil to lubricate the hinges so you can pull the pins out. Click on the door to lower it, revealing an arrow pattern (left, left, right, left, right, right, right, left) and several colored vegetables. There are 3 yellow items, 5 red items, and 7 green items. Close the inset and click on the mailbox. Press the arrow buttons in the pattern given from the cart door for the key. Click on the box in front of the woodpile and turn the colored dials to match the number of colored items you saw in the cart.

Level 22: Pick up the pickaxe, bow, and quiver of arrows. Click the bow and then add the arrows. Click the loaded bow and drag on it to aim at one of the rocks on the strings. Release the mouse button to fire an arrow and drop the rock. Repeat with the other rock. Click on a rock, then drag the axe into the inset to break the outer rock from the playing piece. Repeat to get 2 playing pieces. Click the minigame on the wall and drop the playing pieces in. The corner of the pentagon with the arrow above it is the starting point and you have to arrange the playing pieces around the outer edge of the pentagon such that it represents the order in which those items would be eaten in the food chain (plant, insect, frog, snake, bird of prey).

Level 23: Pick up the ladle hanging from the fireplace, then click the pot to see the stew. Scoop the stew with the ladle and pour it into the bowl in front of the monster so it drops the key. Pick up the clock hands by the stream. Click on the giant pocket watch hanging from the arch and drop the clock hands in. Pay attention to where the hands stop, as each number is linked to a symbol (1 = W, 2 = P, 3 = dash, 4 = E, 5 = circular thing). Click on the door and enter the symbols based upon number going lowest to highest, left to right.

Level 24: Pick up the sifter next to the books at the right, the hammer hiding near the crates of produce, and the wood planks by the lowered gate. Click on the large gray vase at the left to reveal the key. Click on the bag of flour by the cart, then use the sifter to get the bent nails out. Click the anvil so you can put the nails onto it and use the hammer to straighten the nails. Place the wood planks onto the 2 struts in front of the glowing cages, then add the nails and hammer the nails to make a ladder. If you can’t see the fishbowl, drag the screen a little to the right.

Level 25: Click the unlit candle to drop the key. Pick up the saw lying on the railroad tracks and saw up the ladder to get wood planks. Click the broken bridge behind the big blue thing and add the planks. The idea here is to get all the planks matched up to the notches at the top and bottom; you can freely drag planks anywhere in the puzzle to reposition, but it moves everything over 1 column right, so start with the far left side and work your way across. Click on a plank to rotate it.

Level 26: Get the single cannonball lying on the dock. Click the barrel to reveal the minigame. Click on the minigame and drop the cannonball in. Slide the beige pieces around until you have a pathway for the cannonball to roll to the other gray area. It doesn’t take all the pieces to do it. Pick up the ship’s wheel and set it into place at the stand on the top deck. Click the wheel to get the larger picture and click on the rolled parchment to see how you have to turn the wheel (2 rotations clockwise, pause, ½ rotation clockwise, pause, 1.5 rotations counterclockwise). Use the ropes on one handle as the reference point for when to let go of the mouse button when turning the wheel.

Level 27: Pick up the knife and key. No, you can’t just cut those branches to free the fishbowl…I guess Balthazar had to make this one harder! Click on the spider web at the top of the puzzle, then use the knife to cut the web which makes 3 plants pop up in the main scene. Click on the purple leaves near the top center of the screen to get a marking stick. Use the marking stick to put an X onto the branches blocking the fishbowl, and the plants will fire a blob of goo, dissolving the branches.

Level 28: Pick up the long handle by the throne and the small sickle by the left column. Add the sickle to the handle, then use the finished tool to cut the overhanging wood block down. Click on the pill-shaped item which fell into the pool for the minigame, where you have to slide the rows such that a picture of a person’s head wearing a rounded helmet appears; there is what looks like large beads on the neck. The face is aligned towards the left, and the nose is 1 column away from the left (there are 4 columns total) to solve it.

Level 29: There are 2 tangram puzzles showing on the rocks. Collect the 2 bags of playing pieces (one is hiding behind the post in the background, the other is behind the lower “sand fall”). Click on each tangram puzzle and drop a bag of pieces into it and arrange them so all the pieces fit into the frame. Clicking on a piece rotates it. There may be several solutions, but this is how I did it (I left one piece slightly out of alignment in order to take the screenshots):
100 Worlds: Escape the Room Guide
100 Worlds: Escape the Room Guide

Level 30: Pick up the big, rusty axe head, the metal implement at the left, the ladle hanging from the fireplace, the sharpening stone on the mantel, and the wood block above the door. Use the sharpening stone to hone the axe head. Use the metal tool to whittle the wood block into a handle. Put the axe head onto the handle, then use the axe to chop the branches on the right to free the fishbowl. Click on the tiny door below the steps for the spiky ball on a string. Toss the spiky ball into the steaming opening above the fireplace to get 2 playing pieces. One fell into the kettle, which is why you need the ladle to get it out. Click the glowing shield and drop the playing pieces into the minigame. You have to align all the spines so that the lights all form a flower-shaped pattern with their beams. The 8-spoked piece goes in the center. To move pieces, click on the glowing button either above or below it to make it go either clockwise or counterclockwise. The button in the 8 o’clock position shifts a piece into the center.

Levels 31-40

Level 31: Pick up the 2 urns lying in the grass on either side of the scene background. Put an urn below the glowing-eyed spook and click the spiked object it’s holding to smash the urn for a stone fragment. Repeat with the other urn. Click on the crypt in the background and insert the 2 stone fragments into the empty spots (now that’s a creepy spot to hide a fishbowl!). Pick up the scraper lying on the twisted tree trunk and use it to scrape the candle wax off the key lying next to the tree trunk.

Level 32: Pick up the large chain pull, the ice pick, and the magnifying glass hiding in the island with the tree. Place the handle on the hook attached to the chain at the left, which lowers a mirror. Use the ice pick to remove the glass from the magnifying glass frame. Insert the glass into the circular opening of the gate. Rotate the mirror by the gate so the light beam goes to the back mirror. The key gets thrown out at the left side of the scene.

Level 33: Click on the white disk in the sand at the left to reveal the minigame. This slider puzzle is quite a pain because of how hard it is to tell what the finished image is.

100 Worlds: Escape the Room Guide

Turn the small red knob on the submarine to get it to leave.

Level 34: Get the pickaxe by the woodpile and pry the wood plank off the door to get a puzzle piece. Pick up the Y-shaped dowsing rod over the oven and the bucket on the ground. Aim the dowsing rod in front of the pumpkins, then use the pickaxe to dig where the X is. Fill the bucket with water and use it to cool the puzzle piece in the oven. The last puzzle piece is on the tree trunk above the fishbowl. You will have a hexagonal picture of a snail when all the puzzle pieces are found. Put this picture into the frame on the door.

Level 35: Click the blocks behind the train cart wheels so the cart can roll later. Pick up the candle swinging in the lamp above the bridge and burn the rope holding the cart. The key is hanging on the post.

Level 36: Pick up the key on the desk and the sword on the floor by the desk. Pull on the crank closest to the forge to drop a ring out the chute into the coal bin. Use the sword to cut down the lamp from the ceiling to get the 2nd ring. Put the rings onto the knobs below the anvil. Pull on the rings to open the drawer for the gear. Place the gear on the sparkling spindle closest to the metal egg and pull the crank to start the gears.

Level 37: Get the rope, spear head, spear shaft, and key. Assemble the spear, tying the head and shaft together with the rope. Aim the spear (there is a little circle to help you) so that when you release the mouse button the spear hits one of the glowing eyes in the tree. The spear doesn’t actually ever get thrown, but you get the idea. Put both the eyes out.

Level 38: Pick up the key and gear. Click the grate with an open circle and put the gear into the empty space. In this minigame, you can’t have too many of the cards flipped upwards at once, and you have to drag the clear pipe pieces along an open (where cards are flipped up) pathway until there is a contiguous pipeline between the 2 yellow marks by the gears. This is a matter of gradually finding the pipe pieces you need and flipping some of the cards back down as needed. You can “swap” pieces around the pipeline in progress so long as there is otherwise a clear pathway for the piece to move.

Level 39: Pick up the stone with wings under the tiny “sand fall” and the shears by the drum. Click on the hourglass barrel and click the clock hand to teleport to the other scene. Place the winged stone into the empty space of the rock and use the shears to trim the vines growing on the tree to get the flute. Teleport back to the first scene using the hourglass barrel and put the flute on the scorpion to move it away from the key. Teleport to the other scene to unlock the fishbowl.

Level 40: Clicking on the flags brings up the inset, where I’m guessing the first one is telling you to count the numbers of colored sections, or possibly the number of colored triangles, in the subsequent flags? This clue didn’t make much sense to me, as the code which works on the chest is 343. The chest gives you the set of weights, which you place onto the balance (behind the glowing birdcages). Move the weights around until the pans are balanced. One solution is (left) 4693, (right) 8257.

Levels 41-45

Level 41: Get the deflated balloon and the wheel-shaped knob. Put the knob onto the air tank in front of the diver’s suit and connect the balloon to the line on the right. Click the knob to inflate the balloon. Click the balloon to put it back into inventory, then place the balloon onto the bell (I have to wonder if the poor fish doesn’t wish it could be out in the ocean?). Click on the large patch of sand to get the crab to come up and drop the key.

Level 42: Pull the stick out of the water and pick up the key on the island. Click on the gray hanging rag in the background to get the inset, then click on the rag in the inset to uncover the minigame. Pick up the metal ring on the scroll at the right and the stick which is hiding in the scrolls on the left. Combine both sticks and the ring for a long pole. Close the inset and use the pole to knock the bottle out of the coconut. Pick up the bottle and pull the cap off, as this is a playing piece for the minigame. The scroll which was inside the bottle is the solution for the minigame. Go back to the gray rag and put the playing piece into the empty row. Some of the pieces are already in the correct spots, but move the others as needed – from the top down: middle, middle, left, right, middle, right, left.

Level 43: Get the fishing pole, the pick, the purple berries, the fishhook, and the reel. Finish building the fishing pole using the appropriate parts, then add the berries to the hook. The pick isn’t used on the frozen lake…break out the blue lens (?) in the bowl and put the lens into the holder over the lake to get the sunlight to melt the ice. Go fishing with the pole and feed the fish to the bird for the key.

Level 44: Give the meat to the piranhas so they pick the bone clean. Click on the barrel with the kite attached and put the bone into the opening to form a crank. Click on the reel (not the crank) to reel the kite in; pick up the scroll on the kite. The scroll has the solution for the lock box under the table, but you first have to find the 2 halves of the tablet. One piece is hiding behind the frying pan hanging over the fireplace and the other is hiding underneath the bowl on the table. Write down the numbers from both pieces to get the completed tablet. Then from the scroll, tracing a pathway through the numbers gives you the code 26150 for the lock box.

Level 45: Get the slingshot frame, pellets with the blue fumes, and strap. Build the slingshot and load it with the pellets. Click on the finished slingshot to put it into the scene and fire at the dragon’s medallion (click the slingshot when the aim assist is in the correct spot). Pull the blue part off, then click on the small column to the left of the dragon so you can put the blue piece into the hole.

Levels 46-50

Level 46: Click the large purple banner to uncover the minigame. Pick up the red key. Click the glowing circle for another minigame. When you slide one of the broken gems, red and blue fragments start scrolling across the screen. Catch only the matching color pieces to grow the broken gem, as the wrong color makes the gem break more. The gem is complete when it gets the gold frame around it. Finish both the red and blue gems and click them both to get them into inventory. Open up the other minigame and put the gems into the empty slots. Insert the red key into one of the keyholes to reveal the numbers. Swap the numbers around until the entire equation is true (the arrowheads indicate what number is greater). One solution is (top row) 3, 2, 1 (bottom row) 6, 4, 5.

Level 47: Pick up the knife, spoon and round weight. Put the weight onto the sundial looking lid to slide it off, revealing a bag inside. Cut the bag open and use the spoon to scoop up the seeds. Click on the birdcages to get the inset and feed each bird some seed to get the code numbers. I don’t know if you were supposed to trial and error this out or it has something to do with the note each bird sings or the color pattern on each bird, but 3037 is the solution.

Level 48: Get the white seeds lying on the stone, the round stone symbol piece, and pull up the carrots growing on the left. Plant the seeds into the puddle in front of the snake. Put the carrots into the hole nearby. Pick up the other round stone symbol piece under the snake, and place both symbol pieces into the empty spots on the columns.

Level 49: Pick up the chilies hiding in the orange mushrooms and stick them in the nostril of the swamp monster. Click the top of the totem pole for the minigame. You have to arrange all the dominoes so all the symbols match. Yikes, I confess to never being able to get this one but managed to capture the solution.

100 Worlds: Escape the Room Guide

Level 50: Get the crook and the baton. Put the baton into the slot in the wall and pull it down; collect the stone piece. Slide the rock on the right out of the way of the cover in the floor and use the crook to move the cover so you can get another stone piece. The last stone piece is floating midair above the pond. Click on the floating tree and put the stone pieces into the slots.

Levels 51-55

Level 51: Pick up the key, scraper (on the roof of the cart) and axe. Click the pumpkins to get the inset and use the axe to split each pumpkin. Note the symbols inside and the size of the pumpkin each is associated with. Click the door and use the scraper to remove the moss hiding the order you need to enter the symbols (largest pumpkin to smallest) and enter the code.

Level 52: Click the torn paper pieces on the desk and assemble the jigsaw puzzle. There are 8 yellow, 7 gray, and 6 brown weapons in the picture. Click on the toolbox and rotate the dials to the correct numbers for each color. The number on the top right doesn’t work because it has no dial so ignore it. When you get the magnet, click on the grate in the belly of the statue and use the magnet to pull the key out.

Level 53: Get the vine hiding in the flowers on the floor to the left and toss the vine at the torch on the right side of the throne. Click the lamp which got lighted to uncover the minigame in the wall. Solve the slider puzzle of the round disk with the face in the center.

Level 54: Pick up the key hanging on the post near the ox, and the shovel. Dig up the little snowdrift in front of the ox. Get the jar from above the big window and catch the fireflies hovering over the sleigh. Now click the hole you dug up earlier and scare the mole off with the fireflies. Get the green glass piece which was behind the mole. Scare off the glowing-eyed bats in the tree with the fireflies and collect the red glass piece. Put the glass into the slots of the big window.

Level 55: Pull the sword out of the coral in the left foreground and use it to open the 3 large white shells (one is hiding behind the square rock). Get the colored pearls and put them into the spaces on the treasure chest. I still have to wonder if the fish doesn’t wish it was out of the bowl in this one!

Levels 56-60

Level 56: Get the white-handled crank and put it in the slot in the column on the right in the background. Click the box that drops down and solve the easy minigame by swapping the colored pieces such that the line pattern in each piece hooks up to the lines outside. Collect the 3 green gems and click the top of the circular pedestal. Place the gems into the empty spaces, then rotate the 4 rings so there is an unbroken line going all the way out to the tick marks on the frame. I start with the outer ring to line up with the tick marks and work inwards. Some of the lines on the rings don’t get used.

Level 57: Open the minigame in the rock and move the T-shaped across the playfield so the projection fits into the singleton space. This slider puzzle is maddeningly difficult, but I’m pretty sure there are YouTube videos from others showing the solution if you don’t want to skip. Get the net hiding in the background in the orange mushrooms and attach it to the rope. Pick up the crank hiding in the green mushrooms on the left and attach it to the reel. Click the reel to get the fishbowl.

Level 58: Get the gun, bag of ammunition, packing stick (sticking out of the bookshelf on the right), gunpowder horn, and cane (hiding on the purple dress). Pour the gunpowder into the gun’s barrel, add the ammunition, and pack it in with the stick. Use the cane to pull the book out from under the bookcase at the left. This gives you a gray key. Click the red rug to reveal a minigame. Starting from the space above the silver circle at the left, click on the chess pieces based upon how each piece moves in a chess game to match the lines in the squares until they are all lit (rook, knight, rook, rook, knight, bishop, rook, bishop, rook, knight, knight, bishop, rook, rook, knight). If you’re unfamiliar with chess pieces, the rook is the castle tower, the knight a horse, and the bishop the circular topped one. Insert the gray key into the keyhole which opens. Shoot the gun at the box which appears in the scene.

Level 59: Pick up the gear (hiding in the floating tree), spear and 3 gold bars. Use the spear to break the hinge off the large cover on the wall to reveal the minigame. Put the gold bars into the container on the chain at the left to start the mechanism and add the gear from your inventory. Now rearrange the gears until all of them are spinning. The 2 largest gears go next to the first spinning gear and at the very end of the mechanism at the bottom and you should be able to trial and error the rest of the “pathway”.

Level 60: Pick up the purple lightbulb and the paper piece sticking to the post with the clock. Click on the paper piece sitting in the steam vent to move it out so you can pick it up. Combine the 2 paper pieces to form a single sheet. Look for a cuplike object on the staircase railing and click it so you can place the lightbulb into the socket. Hold the paper over the purple light to reveal a hidden object. Each object has a number of sides to it (5, 0, 3, 7, 4, 7) which is the code to enter on the treasure chest for the key.

Levels 61-65

Level 61: Get the one gold pinecone, the tongs (hanging from the chain) and the ladle which you can reach. Use the tongs to pull a second golden pinecone out of the lava, then use them again to pull the hot chisel out of the stone. Rattle the chain in the middle of the scene to get the 3rd golden pinecone. Dip the ladle into the lava, then click on the rectangular object and pour the lava into the mold. Use the chisel to get the dragon figure out. Put the dragon figure into its space on the little column to get the dragon to drop the key. Set the 3 golden pinecones down in the spots in front of the dragon.

Level 62: Pick up the gadget with 4 rectangular cutouts, the single candle below the ravens, the bell clapper (near the crypt), the wax stamper (in the center of all the other candles) and the corner of paper (in the tree branches). Install the clapper in the bell and ring it to drop the fishbowl. Pour some wax from the candle onto the paper corner and stamp it. Now click the large sheet of paper on the stand and add the missing corner. Slide the cutouts gadget to about the middle of all the numbers so that 4 numbers appear aligned with all the cutouts (5, 8, 7, 4). Click the tombstone with the ravens on it and click the big oval to get the pattern you need to click the ravens in. Numbering the ravens 1-4 from left to right, this is 2, 4, 1, 1, 2, 3, 1, 4. Make sure you let the raven finish cawing before you click the next one. Use the wax stamper on the pink circle which appears to get the next part of the puzzle, and enter the 5874 code starting with 5 on the top and going clockwise. Those ravens must be pretty upset as they do a “virtual shatter” of your monitor with giving you the key?

Level 63: Get the sword and cut the bag of coconuts open. Pick up the coconuts and click on the treasure chest. Drop the coconuts in for the minigame, in which you must move all the light pieces to the white-lined side and all the dark pieces to the brown-lined side. The trick to this is not only can a piece slide one space, but you can hop over a playing piece to move something 2 spaces to an empty spot. This puzzle isn’t actually that tough once you realize you can jump. Pick up the net, then use the sword to cut the key off the rope at the left. A seagull immediately flies off with the key and drops it in the ocean, so use the net to get it back.

Level 64: Pick up the green knob crank and the 2 silver strings (hanging from the trees). Insert the crank into the music box by the ox. Get the broom (next to the window) and sweep the snow off the fishbowl. Put the 2 strings into the harp on the ox’s head and click on the scroll at the right to get the first half of the pattern. Go back into the main scene and click on the scroll hiding in the window frame to get the second half of the pattern. The lines tell you what order to strum the harp strings based upon the height, which corresponds to the size of the letters below the harp strings (E, C, B, A, D).

Level 65: Get the big stick and knock the blue fruits off the trees in the background. This makes all the bees leave the hive so you can click on it for the minigame. This jigsaw puzzle is rather confusing because of all the “busyness” it has. Click a piece to rotate and drag to move. The bear’s head with its crown goes in the topmost spot, and use the honey jar and other things on the edges to help you get started. There are 2 lighter colored bears to the sides of the brown bear who have their heads facing away from the center bear.

Levels 66-70

Level 66: Get the xylophone playing stick and the purple rock on a string (hiding in the mushrooms on the right). Slide the big rock in the foreground out of the way to reveal a Celtic knot type pattern. Go to the xylophone and use the purple rock to flip over all the xylophone keys. Strike the keys in the pattern to recreate the Celtic knot pattern – numbering the keys 1-5 from left to right, this is 1, 4, 2, 3, 5. For some reason, it always takes a couple tries to get the game to register it.

Level 67: Pick up the key and the hammer. Use the hammer to pry the wood planks off the window for the minigame and solve the slider puzzle. This puzzle is extremely “busy” in pattern as the one in level 65 was, but considerably easier.

Level 68: Use the shovel to dig up the snowdrift with the blue glow coming out of it. The minigame is to match all the halves up by clicking on 2 matching pieces one after the other until all the pairs are darkened. If you mess up, the whole thing unfortunately resets. Use the outside edges of the pieces to figure out the shape of the finished item to help you, not just the “fracture zones”. Matching halves are not necessarily in opposite halves of the playfield; that dividing line is more to throw you off.

Level 69: Pull the knife out of the coral at the left and pick up the pipe on the right. Smash the clay pot with the pipe to reveal the fishbowl. Use the knife to cut the pink strands blocking the key.

Level 70: Those minigames on the columns are super intimidating until you realize you can slide the arrow covers off to reveal the patterns below! Drag in the direction the arrow points to remove the cover. Then press the buttons in ascending order of complexity of the pattern. For the minigame on the left column, that’s bottom, top, 2nd from bottom, 2nd from top. The minigame on the right it’s 2nd from bottom, top, 2nd from top, bottom. Get the 2 blue spheres and drop them into the cutouts at the top of the wall blocking the fishbowl and key.

Levels 71-75

Level 71: Pick up the scythe, rake, and wooden bucket. Use the scythe to start hacking away at the tall grass in the top right by the bridge, then the rake to finish removing the grass from the minigame. Fill the bucket with water and pour it into the empty fountain. Pick up the brown octagon which floats to the top and put it into the octagon-shaped space on the column of the fountain. Get the playing tiles out of the compartment and put them into the minigame. This is an easy memory card game where you simply find all the pairs.

Level 72: Click on the eyepiece of the telescope to get the hidden object scene. Drag the lighted area around to see different parts of the scene. The knob at the bottom right adjusts the focus when dragged. You have to not only scroll over the whole picture, but also change the focus to see different depths of the image. Count the number of moon, heart, and triangular symbols you find: 4 moons, 2 triangles, 3 hearts. Turn the associated symbol dials to the correct number on the cabinet door and pick up the 3 blue lenses. Install the lenses in the empty spots of the frame of the giant glowing crystal ball.

Level 73: Pick up the faucet (tap), the jeweled golden goblet, and the string of beads all lying around somewhere under the red-and-white awning. Click the wine cask in the background and install the tap, then set the goblet underneath and pour a glass of wine. Pick up the playing pieces to the right of the wine cask before you close the inset. Click the beads and then drag the wine glass in to drop the beads into the wine. Go to the minigame on the large box and add the beads. This minigame looks intimidating because the mechanic appears strange (at least to me) and took a while to figure out. You can only move a bead to an empty space by pulling on the end of a string, and the 3 gold beads have to go to the 3 marked spaces at the top. As long as you don’t pull an entire string into a closed loop you won’t get stuck. Move a bead or 2 gradually of each color around; you need to move each color regularly so nothing ends up trapped in a circle. The gold beads need to go around the outer left and up and eventually the brown and white will get shifted out of the way. There is at least one YouTube video from someone else demonstrating this technique. The large box opens for the key. Go to the minigame on the wall by the gate and drop the playing pieces in. There are several solutions to getting all the pieces to fit into the frame but this is one:

100 Worlds: Escape the Room Guide

Level 74: Get the scroll (out of the hanging coconut) and the shovel hiding behind the tree. Click on the scroll to see where to dig on the island. After digging up the treasure chest enter 4253 as the code (from what I can guess, this is because there are 4 posts on the bridge, 2 loose planks (or 2 trees), 5 leaves on a tree, and 3 large circles in/around the boat as shown on the scroll, and the chest has a hint to look at the scroll).

Level 75: Pick up the square stone in front of the dragon and the handle next to the column. Make a sledgehammer out of the parts and smash the square lava rock for the key, then smash the solidified lava to the right which is covering the minigame. Assemble the jigsaw puzzle (there is a dragon in the center beneath a red sun and the knight on the left is holding an axe in his right hand).

Levels 76-80

Level 76: Pick up the key, then click the little piece of paper on the funny looking sign. Note that the arrows show the first (left arrow) and second (right arrow) parts of the clue. The clocks aren’t telling time in this case, but compass directions for the code. The hour hand is the first direction in the code, the minute hand the second direction of the code. Each clock represents one half of the total code. Putting it all together gives you SE, N, SW, E. Go to the machine at the top of the steps and enter the code into the dials.

Level 77: Pick up the 3 corked glass flasks lying about and the bottle opener (it looks like a boomerang) hanging out of the bowl on the post. Pull the corks out of the bottles with the bottle opener. Click on the middle of the 3 big “sand falls” to get an inset, then place the bottles into the scene. This minigame takes a bit of coordination, but you don’t need teenager reflexes to play it. Moving the bottle around causes a few showers of sand to fall. You need to fill the bottles based upon the light or dark dots marked on the bottle going from the bottom up with the corresponding sand color by catching the correct color of sand at the right time. If you catch the wrong color, you’ll have to start over with refilling that bottle. Once you get a bottle filled, it automatically corks itself and you continue on with the next bottle until all 3 are filled. A good tip to know is you can simply let go of the mouse to stop all the action as each “pass” drops 2 or maybe 3 splats of sand, so it doesn’t feel like playing one of those old brick-busting games. Put the filled bottles into the empty shelves of the tower. The key is hiding inside the compartment which opened.

Level 78: Click the minigame below the lion’s head and reassemble the jigsaw puzzle. The left and right edges are fixed to give you starting points. Get the grappling hook and 3 large trough pieces. Use the grappling hook to pull the fishbowl out of the lion’s mouth. Place the troughs by the water wheel to grow a group of mushrooms.

Level 79: Pick up the crank handle (by the 2 metal rod “fence”) and attach it to the long crank on the right. Pull the crank to raise a door on the forge. Pump the bellows to melt the hanging candle and pick up the key-like drawer pull. Install the pull on the drawer of the desk to get the minigame. Solve the slider puzzle by putting all the matching halves of the masks in the correct location.

Level 80: Get the purple gem and put it in the space on the stand to get the minigame revealed in the arch. There are only 2 rings of the labyrinth to turn. What worked for me is to put the white dust on the left side at the 9 o’clock position and very slowly turn the inner ring until the puzzle solves. The key appears in a little lantern below the arch. Pick up the pickaxe hiding behind a column near the bell. Use it on the white X to the right of the steps.

Levels 81-85

Level 81: Rattle the wind chimes to get the swamp monster to come up. Pick up the feather lying below the lantern on the right and use the feather to pet the swamp monster so you can get the key. Click on the hanging colored discs and in the inset, move them around to view assorted number fragments. You have to combine 2 discs to get the secondary colors before you can see all the fragments, but even so, it’s pretty tricky to figure out what the numbers (6, 2, 4, 5) are. Enter this on the treasure chest.

Level 82: Pick up the stick (behind the floating blue ball with the key). Click on the floating gem and pull out the 2 metal pieces on the sides. Get the gem shard out of the pile. Build a spear with the items. Click on the spear (don’t drag it into the scene or it doesn’t work), then click the rope holding the ball with the key to “throw” the spear.

Level 83: Get the key, rope (partially buried in the snow at the left), and large post (hiding under the snowbank on the frozen lake). Put the post into the snow right next to the 2 small posts that have no ropes, and add the rope. Click the frozen fish to play the minigame, in which you must rearrange all the sections such that the rope ends match the ropes on the top (I use this as a starting point) and all the fish are completed. Click the fish-shaped cutouts on the back wall and insert the matching fish.

Level 84: Get the 2 playing piece stones from the stream and on the right. Click the stones on the big rock and insert the playing pieces. Match up the stones on the ends of the vines so that each animal is connected to the food it eats. The bear eats honey in this case and the bird eats fish. You should be able to figure the rest out. The key is hiding in the yellow mushrooms near the top of the screen.

Level 85: Play the shells minigame above the door. You can’t move the pieces themselves; use the knobs on the bottom corners to rotate the circles, but this slider puzzle is otherwise easy. Get the mermaid’s seashell trumpet near the top of the screen (on the little projection) and give it to the mermaid.

Levels 86-90

Level 86: Collect the stick, hay, hook (hanging off the rafters of the house), watering can, and rope (hiding under the seat of the cart). Make a broom out of the stick, hay, and rope. Attach the hook to the rest of the rope you have in inventory, then put the hook onto the hanging rope so it’s connected to the lid atop the coal. Turn the crank on the roof to lift the lid. Use the broom to dust off the minigame. Click on the brown flowerbed and water the plants. The butterflies appear in a sequence for the code: blue, green, purple, yellow, orange, purple, orange. Click on the minigame you dusted off earlier. Clicking on a button turns that color light on, and clicking again turns that light off. The puzzle starts out with red on, so turn it off and pick the blue color. Pull the switch on the top left to “enter” that color, then make the next color (green) and pull the switch to enter that. Keep on going with this process until you have the entire sequence entered in the spaces at the bottom. Click on the cellar door to reveal the fishbowl.

Level 87: Locate the blue and purple seashell and green starfish in the sand and insert these into the cutouts of the kraken’s arms to get the key. Click on the minigame in the background. What you’re supposed to do is to align the symbol fragments in the windows such that they form the completed symbols on the top. The arrowheads tell you which windows are linked together, so you put the 2 pieces for one symbol in the 2 windows that have the up-and-down arrowheads as an example. Because not all the symbol fragments are present in every column and one column has 2 windows, you should be able to get this one pretty easily once you’ve gotten the trick of matching the arrowheads. Tip: The symbol that has an upside-down T in it can be made by using one of the shallow V with a dot symbols as the dot is obscured by the stem of the T shape.

Level 88: Pick up the key and the wire cutters lying near the waterfall. Click on the metal fence and use the wire cutters to cut all the flower buds containing leaves off. Shake the large bush until the minigame is revealed. Go to the minigame and insert the flower buds. I confess to never being able to solve this slider puzzle, as I’ve always ended up with 1 piece on the wrong “track” and because you always have to move the other pieces to the other track, it doesn’t appear solvable? I think someone did do it on YouTube if you’re curious, but I’ve taken to hitting the skip button on this one after multiple attempts… 🙁

Level 89: Click on the minigame. The idea here is to match some of the symbols by rotating the inner dials and the outer ring so that some symbols are paired, then press the button to light the symbols on the outer edge. Turn the dials and outer ring to make some other matches which aren’t lighted, and press the button to light those. Keep doing this until all the symbols in the outer ring are lit. Be careful to turn the inner dials to a non-matching setup once the outer ring starts getting pretty lit up, because pressing the button on any lighted symbol which matches will un-light it! A plaque appears below where you count the number of each symbol present. Pick up the magic flutes nearby and place them on the rocks so they are a little to the left of the dragon to put the dragon to sleep, revealing the fishbowl. Now click on the 3 rectangular rocks in front of the dragon and enter the number for each of the symbols you saw on the plaque (5, 6, 3) by pressing each symbol button the requisite amount of times.

Level 90: The idea with the minigame in the center is to draw a continuous line such that it goes between all the rounded connections on the playing tiles. You can draw on the outside edges of the puzzle, and the line can touch at the corners of the playing tiles, so as long as you don’t let go of the mouse button too soon, actually quite easy. Get the key, then pick up the boomerang-shaped knife (you used this as a bottle opener in the level 77 sand filling game and it’s the exact same looking thing). Use it this time to cut a hole in the drum facing towards you to reveal the fishbowl.

Levels 91-95

Level 91: Pick up the handle with red leather, and the bowl of red sand hiding in the plants on the right. Stick the handle into the hole of the round decoration above the throne and pour the sand on top of the minigame in the pond. Click on the handle twice to lower, then raise the minigame so the playing tiles get created. Good luck with solving this beast of a slider puzzle, as the closest I ever came in many attempts was having just one piece out of place and trying to move it completely ruined the rest of the pattern! The circles are all interlocked where rotating the center of a circle spins the outer pieces in the circle.

Level 92: Pick up the ice pick protruding from the post by the ox. Click the partially buried bottle to get the inset and pick up the bottle. Throw the bottle at the rocks in the inset to break it and pick up the handle inside. Use the ice pick to dig out the metal “teeth” from the gap and add them to the handle. Put the ice pick in the torch to heat it, then stick the hot pick into the snow above the fishbowl to thaw it out. Take the weird looking handle with the “teeth” and insert it into the keyhole under the seat of the sleigh for the minigame. Rearrange the silver “teeth” pieces on the bottom so that the entire pattern fits into the slots at the top. I use the 2 pieces with a slope on them as well as the piece with the really thin “tooth” as reference points. Some of the matching “teeth” have to be created by lining up 2 pieces.

Level 93: Pick up the rod with symbols at the left of the scene. Click on the clipboard-looking thing above the pool and put the rod on the top. Drag the paper which is barely visible below the rod down and pick up the playing piece on the bottom of the paper. Note how the symbols are connected to a number. I will also arbitrarily assign each symbol a letter, because everyone’s interpretation of the symbols may be different. The letters will be used to explain the horn puzzle later.

  • Pawn (A) = 1
  • Fleur-de-lis (E) = 2
  • Circles (D) = 4
  • Teepee (B) = 5
  • Half chromosome (C) = 8

Now drag the paper back up and enter the correct number for each symbol on the clipboard (5, 1, 4, 2, 8 starting from the top going down). Pick up both the key and the playing piece from the cabinet. Click on the narrow part of the horn and drop the 2 playing pieces (buttons) in. The paper on the horn is the sequence to press the buttons in and correlates to the number associated with each symbol from the tangled lines paper you used earlier. The bottom line is the lowest number and the top is the highest number. The buttons on the horn aren’t in the order of their numbers, which makes it more confusing, and if you press the buttons too slowly, the game will NOT register the solution. This is why I labeled the symbols with letters here, as that is the order they appear in on the horn going from left to right; hopefully this makes more sense. So putting it all together from the clue on the horn, the sequence to press using my lettering system is E, B, A, C, D, E, D, A, B. I find it a hoot that the fishbowl literally gets blown out of the horn when you finally figure this out.

Level 94: Pick up the shovel and the 3 multicolored scarab beetles. Two beetles are lying out in the open, but you have to use the shovel to dig up the coal piles to reveal the last one, as well as the book with the minigame. Click on the book and drop the beetles into the game. Rearrange the beetles so the head and body colors are the opposite color pattern in the center circles. As an example, the top right quadrant has a little yellow sector and a big teal sector. Put the beetle with the teal head and yellow body there for the “opposite match”. It’s a little trickier matching the beetles with 4 colors at the cardinal compass directions, but not too hard.

Level 95: Unroll the banners hanging from the castle wall. The red one is useless, but the other two are clues for how to draw a pattern in the minigame. Take note of the flag’s color associated with the pattern to draw. Pick up the pitchfork by the cart and remove the haystack. Get the mirror piece sparkling on the tiny roof above the pink awning. Click on the sign with the broken mirror and install the missing piece to reveal another pattern; take note of the color background. The minigame is in between the produce crates. Ignore the colors of the gems – that’s trying to confuse you into drawing the wrong pattern – and pay attention to what color the background is, as the pattern to draw is the one on the same-colored banner. To draw, click the gem you want to start with, then keep clicking the next gem in the sequence you want the line to go. Keep doing this until the whole pattern is drawn. Click left or right in the minigame to switch between the playing boards until you have all 3 patterns finished.

Levels 96-99

Level 96: Pick up the sandpaper (under the bell), then click on the tombstone at the right and sand off the grime to reveal the code 8637 to enter on the dials below. Get the wheel and put it on the well so you can crank the rope up for the fishbowl. Pick up the set of skeleton keys lying to the right of the tombstone. Click the minigame on the twisted tree trunk and drop the keys in. Use the disc on the left first. Rotate the skeleton keys such that the teeth match the pattern in the disc, then click the keyhole above the disc to give you a second set of keys. Use the disc in the center for the next pattern and arrange both sets of keys such that when they are placed one set atop the other the pattern is made (you have to hide some keys by moving 2 of them into one place), then click the keyhole below the center disc for the last set of keys. Make the last pattern using all 3 sets of keys overlaid and click the keyhole on the right. The flower on the tree blooms, revealing the key for the fishbowl.

Level 97: There are 4 jug-shaped plants which spit colored dots when clicked upon. Pay attention to the location as leftmost = first to rightmost = fourth in the code sequence later, and how many dots each plant spits out. Click on the 4 orange mushrooms in a row in the background and enter the code based upon the dots the plants spat out (4352). Click the minigame on the wall next. Count the number of different colored eyes there are; this will take some time with all the blinking, but there are 1 blue eye, 2 red eyes, 3 purple eyes, 4 yellow eyes, and 5 green eyes. This is the order you need to pull the jeweled chains in (ignore the orange one because there are no orange eyes): blue, red, purple, yellow, green.

Level 98: Get the key lying on the couch. Click on the discs in the stand for the minigame. You need to align all the numbers such that all the numbers add up to 20 in every direction. Leave the innermost ring alone and rotate the center ring so the 2 is under the 9 of the innermost ring, then rotate the outer ring so one of the 9s is aligned with it. If you get the correct 9 in place (there are 2 nines), the puzzle will solve. Pick up the stick on the couch and the horn from the skull on the top bookshelf at the right. Add the horn to the stick to make a crook and pull the fishbowl out of the purple haze.

Level 99: Pick up the stone bowl, the stick (under the table with the knife on it), the spatula-like tool (to the right of the fireplace), the glass shards (below the hanging ladle), and the 2-pronged fork (hanging over the fireplace). Use the spatula to scrape up the gluey sap on the logs by the sledgehammer. Click the mirror frame by the shields on the left and spread the sap onto the frame. Add the glass, assembling the jigsaw puzzle they make, to repair the mirror. Use the 2-pronged fork to pull the cork out of one of the barrels above the fireplace. When the liquid starts flowing, put the bowl in to catch it. Click on the stick in your inventory and add some sap from the spatula to it, then put the mirror on. Click the cobwebs in the fireplace to get the inset, and throw the bowl of liquid at the soot. Put the mirror into the scene to reveal the code 6914. Click the large book by the door and enter the code going from the top dial down.

100 Worlds Level 100 part 1 Walkthrough

Level 100: Pick up the 3 bottles of colored dye (one is partially buried in the sand behind the floating island and another is high up on a shelf in the background, the last is fairly obvious on the right). Place the bottles into the minigame. No, it’s not a labyrinth you’re trying to make! The object is to get a line connected to the tick mark lines between a bottle and the destination circles at the bottom by swapping and rotating the 6 blocks of lines such that you get the secondary colors shown on the destination circles.

Red color:

100 Worlds: Escape the Room Guide
100 Worlds: Escape the Room Guide

Level 100 part 2

Level 100, blue color:

100 Worlds: Escape the Room Guide
100 Worlds: Escape the Room Guide

Level 100, yellow color:

100 Worlds: Escape the Room Guide
100 Worlds: Escape the Room Guide

The End! Whew…

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