20 Minutes Till Dawn Mini Gun That Shoots Fireball

Welcome to our 20 Minutes Till Dawn Mini Gun That Shoots Fireball guide. Easy and satisfying, extremely powerful build! Complete the step-by-step build!

20 Minutes Till Dawn Mini Gun That Shoots Fireball

Complete the step-by-step build!

Building Completion Steps (Characters, Weapons And How To Build)

  1. Choose the dual SMG as your weapon, and choose Abby as the character.
  2. For level-up upgrades, you will want to focus on getting LIGHTNING and FIRE first, if they don’t show up, grab double bullet to help you get through the first boss. Attack speed, Reload speed, and Movement speed are your second priority.
  3. Once you get your hands on lightning, this is your first power spike. Every right click will spawn 16 lightning that can basically clear 20-ish mobs along with your bullets.
  4. Your second power spike is when you get the tier-2 fire upgrade that shoots a fireball every 4 shots. Hence every right-click will shoot 8 fireballs toward your mouse direction. They are super powerful and can clear a path instantly,
  5. After you defeat the first boss, your right-click ability shoots much faster. which increases the rate of your lightning bolts and fireballs. After you defeat the second boss, it is CRUCIAL that you choose the upgrade that increases your ammo capacity by 3 times, which gives you 96 bullets per reload. After this, YOU ARE THE GOD.

Addition upgrades that are nice: Health, Shield, and ICE are all helpful upgrades that you can get to make the game EVEN easier.

About 20 Minutes Till Dawn

Survive while charging on unlimited monsters for 20 minutes!

Special Lineups Every Round

Build your unique and unique lineup with lots of power-up options in this roguelite survival game. If you want, you can burn your enemies every time you fire your shotgun as a flame mage or be a fast ninja and pierce your enemies with magical blades.

Choose Your Own Hero

Choose your own playstyle in this game with lots of character and weapon options!


Each round will be unique as you have over 50 power-up options!
Wide selection of characters to choose from, more to come after the game is out!

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