9-Bit Armies A Bit Too Far: Secret Unit Locations

Details about locations of all secret unit in the game.

When the foot soldiers gather in the game, it is the secret UFO that reveals Gwen’s diary. In this guide you can find the locations of all hidden UFOs in the game.

Secret UFO Locations

Each campaign mission has 1 hidden UFO which, when collected by an infantry unit, reveals a video log from Gwen. This guide shows the location of all available UFOs.
Keep in mind: the UFO will not be available on some maps until certain structures have been destroyed. These missions will be denoted as such in this guide. When in doubt; blow stuff up!

1. Steel Shore [HIDDEN]

In the center island on the Northern most side.

Secret Unit Locations

2. Fleeing Rats [HIDDEN]


3. Prototype Panic [Visible]

In the far North East corner of the map on top of a ridge.

Secret Unit Locations

4. Holes To Elsewhere [Visible]

On the South Eastern shoreline.

Secret Unit Locations

5. Hidden Truth [Visible]

In the North West sitting on an open plain.

Secret Unit Locations

6. Off The Books [Visible]

Of the 4 central islands; the UFO is on the Northern most island.

Secret Unit Locations

7. Against The Odds [Visible]

The North Western most point of the map near the boundary line.

Secret Unit Locations

8. Urgent Care [HIDDEN]

North Central area of the map hidden behind a cliff side.

Secret Unit Locations

9. Rogue Transmissions [HIDDEN]

Of the 4 middle islands, the UFO is on the 2nd from the bottom on with no connecting bridges.

Secret Unit Locations

10. Ground Zero


11. Behind The Curtain [HIDDEN]

Northern area of the map on the 3rd island from the left.

Secret Unit Locations

12. Kaiju Chaos [Visible]

Along the South East shoreline on the Southern most point of the Eastern island.

Secret Unit Locations

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