A Game About – 100% Achievements Guide

Simple walkthrough for obtaining 100% achievements of A Game About.

A Game About is a short Point&Click adventure with a total of five achievements. All of them can be obtained during a single playthrough.

A Game About All Achievements

  • Run to work.
  • Just sleep in.
  • Go enjoy a coffee.

A good coffee

Coffee’s good.

  • Enjoy freedom at the park.
  • Check for a pet in a shelter.
  • Go to the zoo.

This ain’t a giraffe!

It sure doesn’t look like one.

  • Volunteer at the shelter.
  • Get in shape with jogging.
  • Go to the cinema.
  • Try online dating.

Choices are irrelevant, just mark one option per column and confirm.

  • Talk with people online.
  • Go to the doctor.
  • Have a date.

Good Listener

You’re such a good listener.

  • Work on a new CV.
  • Try sleeping pills.

Click on the protagonist who’s waiting for the bus:

Call your friends

They don’t understand.

  • Hit the gym.
  • Go home and watch TV.
  • Go to your appointment.

Continiously click on “No”.

Whatever may happen.

You got out of bed.

  • Waiting

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