A Highland Song Blessing Guide

You can check the information in our guide for details about the Blessing Peaks and other in-game details.

Blessing Guide

Guide to blessing every peak!

Blessing peaks is done by leaving an object on the peak. You may not see the prompt to do this on your first run through, or before you have confirmed the name of the peak. Most peaks have many possible objects they will accept, and some have objects which give a special response in addition to (or instead of) the blessing. When you bless a peak, the weather will turn sunny, and you can heal up to your absolute maximum health, even if it had been reduced by sleeping rough. (Although watch out, there is a bug waiting to be patched where rarely doing this can reduce your max health.)

The Bald Edge / Lann Maol

This peak will accept:

  • Rusty Blade
  • Bottle Top
  • Sheep’s Jawbone
  • Glass Fragment
  • Razor Blade
  • Tuna Can Lid

The Giant’s Tooth / Fiacail an Fhamhair

  • This peak will accept: Sheep’s Jawbone, Small Sharp Tooth, Cow’s Tooth

The Outer Wall / Balla a-Muigh

  • This peak will accept: Playing Card, Thistle Flower

Little Guard / Fear-faire Beag

  • This peak will accept: Fisherman’s Knife, Bronze Dagger, Spectacles, Eye Patch, Razor Blade, Glass Monocle.

Gull’s Perch / Spiris Faoileag

  • This peak will accept any feather, or the winged brass pin.

Hope’s Ladder / Dréimire an Dòchas

  • This peak will accept: Wooden Rung, Climbing Clip.

Golden Field / Achadh Òrail

  • This peak will accept any gold item, or barley grains. It will transform the item you use into a golden flower, which you can then pick up – the peak will stay blessed, and you can use the flower for another place that wants gold.

Luck’s Out / Deareadh Fortan

  • This peak will accept: the Rabbit’s Foot, the Playing Card, or the Dice

Stonesong / Òran Cloiche

  • This peak will accept: The Tiny Bell, the Cowbell, the Broken Whistle, or the Flute.

The Wrestling Rock / Craig Carachd

  • Here the item doesn’t matter, but you need to sit down at the small rock to the left of the peak. It will make you think gloomy, negative thoughts. You need to pick positive responses and then stand up, and the peak will be blessed. Some people have reported success using the Grass-Reed Boat here, but I couldn’t get it to offer when it was in my inventory, so I think the sitting down part is what matters and then the peak will take any object.

The Lovers’ Leap / Leum Leannain

  • This peak will accept: the Thistle Flower, the White Rose, the Short Sword.

The Pillars / Na Colbhan

  • This peak will accept: any feather, or the Winged Brass Pin.

Fall Fell / Tuiteam Mòintich

  • This peak will accept: Top Half of Fishing Rod, Grass-Reed Boat, the Seashell, the Bottle Top.

The Queen’s Throne / Crùn Na Banrigh

  • This peak will accept: Gold Wedding Band, Thistle Flower, Lavender Sprig, Yellow Broom.

Woe’s Wedding / Banais Bròin

  • This peak will accept: the Wedding Band, the Wild Rose, Yellow Broom, Lavender Sprig.

Little Finger / Meur Beag

  • This peak will accept: the Leather Glove, or the Metal Nailfile.

The Hogshead / Togsaid

  • This peak will provide a map if you use the Bottle of Whisky or the Half-Full Hip Flask. For blessing, it will also accept the Whisky Cask or the Whisky Barrel.

The Little Pail o’ Milk / Quinag

  • This peak will accept: Wooden Butter Knife, Cowbell, Leather Glove

The Warrior’s Walk / Cuairt nan Gaisgeach

  • This peak will accept: the Carved Stone.

Moonspike / Stùc na Gealaich

  • This peak will accept: Plastic Astronaut Figure, Crescent Moon Earring, Glass Lens.

The Broken Promise / Gealladh Briste

  • This peak will accept any gold item.

The Devil’s Tail / Earball an Diabhail

  • This peak will accept the Bent Fork.

The Forest Crown / Crùn Coille

  • This peak will accept a Pine Cone.

Beacon Hill / Beinn Teine

  • This hill will become blessed after you light the two beacons. The first one is down and left of the peak, and you need to offer some way to light it to the girl – the tinder box, cigarette lighter, etc. The second one is at the peak, and you need to put flammable items in it (at least two) and then light it with something – if you don’t have one of the more obvious fire items, you can light it with a small stone, but it may take more than one try for Moira to succeed.

Watcher’s Eye / Sùil an Fhreiceadain

  • This peak will accept: the Monocle, the Spectacles, the Eye Patch, the Glass Lens

Eagle’s Nest / Nead Iolaire

  • This peak will accept the Eagle Feather or the Massive Quartz Rock, and the eagles will then pick you up and take you on a little trip. The peak will stay blessed after this, but the quartz rock will reappear at random locations in future runs and you can place it again for another eagle ride if you wish.

The Beak / An Gob

  • This peak will accept almost any item shoved into the crack, but if you use the Lavender Sprig it will helpfully sneeze you forward.

Crofter’s Echo / Mac-talla Chroitear

  • This peak will accept: the Pocket Handkerchief, the Pocket Mirror, the Wooden Butter Knife, the Boot Lace.

Sharpstone / Clach Gheur

  • This peak will accept: the Twisted Bit of Metal, the Rusty Barb, and any knife or blade.

Witches’ Peak / Stùc Buidsichean

  • This peak will accept any feather.

The Broken Tooth / Fiacail Briste

  • This peak will accept: any tooth, or the Hard-Boiled Sweet.

The Demon’s Wall / Ball Deamhain

  • This peak will accept: Rabbit’s Skull, Rabbit’s Foot, Sheep’s Jawbone.

The Lightning Stone / Clach Dealanach

  • This peak will accept any metal item or the Purple Crystal.

The Lion’s Back / Druim an Leòmhann

  • This peak will accept: the Bronze Dagger, the Roman Coin, the White Rose, the Golden Brooch, the Thistle Flower.

The Sea Wall / Balla Mara

  • This peak will accept: the Grass-Reed Boat, the Seashell, the Chunk of Green Seaglass.

The Lighthouse / Taigh Solais

  • This peak will accept any item, but you must have blessed every other peak first.

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  1. I’ve blessed every peak except Warrior’s Walk. I can’t seem to locate the Carved Stone and fear I may have left it on a cairn during an earlier run. Does anyone know if it is always found in one location, or if it’s position has persistence like the other items? Checking back through every cairn could be tedious…

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