A Plague Tale: Innocence – Beginner Guide

Beginner Guide Adjust the HUD The game has options to customize the HUD and adjust it […]

Beginner Guide

Adjust the HUD

The game has options to customize the HUD and adjust it to your needs. This has a large impact on the difficulty level of the game. You can turn off the setting that highlights interactive objects or the one that hides the amount of ammunition. So adjust it to your liking and make the game as fun as possible. Remember that you can change these settings at any time. If you think that the game is too easy or too difficult, you can always make changes.

Regularly upgrade equipment

The game offers you a number of upgrades for the equipment and movement. This affects, e.g. the inventory space. They make the game easier and reduce the risk of defeat. You can do the upgrades at workbenches.

Look for resources

You need resources to craft projectiles and potions. Typically, resources necessary for crafting ammo can be found in the vicinity of more challenging battle sequences. If you are looking for resources, you should check chests and look for side paths leading from the main road.

Always keep Ignifer equipped

Light is necessary to ward off rats. In most stages, you will have to set the fire in the furnace yourself. Your further progress in the game may depend on it. That is why you should always equip Ignifer. This item allows you to set objects on fire and create a path for you.

Don’t leave Hugo

The only moment when you are forced to leave the boy is on the first level. After that, you should avoid situations where Hugo is left alone. You can complete all the levels with the boy. Yes, he makes you move slower, but it’s a safer solution. If Hugo is alone for too long, he’ll start panicking. This will reveal your position and lure enemies.

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