A Timely Intervention Quests and Achievements

Unlock the secrets of all quests and achievements with detailed information provided in our comprehensive guide for an enriched gaming experience.

This guide will provide details on all quests and show you how to get achievements.

Quests and Achievements

All quests and achievements for A Timely Intervention!

Fenric’s Silence

Quest giver and location: Theodoric in Deepfold

  • Part of the main story.
  • Fenric’s house is in West Coast 1, which is reached from the southwest exit of Coastal Woodlands 4.

Orc Threat

Quest giver and location: Durric – Luminous Shrine

  • Part of the main story.
  • Kill the orc leader in the cave to the northwest of the shrine in the Luminous Path. From Orc Cave 1 take the northwest path to Orc Cave 4.

The Luminous Amulet

Quest giver and location: Durric – Luminous Shrine after completing Quest #2

  • Part of the main story. Can only be completed much later.
  • Give the amulet to the priest in the shrine south of Berwen.

Peril at Drayton

Quest giver and location: Brodric Aldroc (one of the northeast houses)

Kill the Huldrad in Inner Forest 2. The inner forest can be reached by going through the cave in the southeast of Drayton Pass 1.

A Competitive Pig

Quest giver and location: Mathedra – Thirdale Farm

Same resolution as Quest #4. The Huldrad in Inner Woods 2 drops the Golden Acorn you need.

The Future of a People

Quest giver and location: Durwyn – Lonesfeld

  • Part of the main story. Kill the frost dragon in Rillor Caves 6. From Rillor caves 1 take the northeast exit.
  • If the battle is too difficult try coming back after finishing the Place of the Ancients dungeon.

The Hungry Boy

Quest giver and location: Gildra – Catchtree Farm

  • The Ancient Remedy is found in a chest in the northeast of Place of the Ancients 3. The chest is actually an ancient mimic which you’ll have to fight.
  • After giving the ancient remedy to the boy you’ll have to fight another battle.

The Bored Cook

Quest giver and location: Aelthra – Meredith Inn

The 6 Moonlight Mushrooms can all be found in the Ladran Woods:

  • Map 1 (starting area) – southwest corner
  • Map 2 (southern exit of map 1) – southern border, near the center
  • Map 3 (northeast exit of map 1) – small island in the northeast that you can jump to
  • Map 4 (western exit of map 1) – northeast in a clump of trees
  • Map 4 – southwest corner
  • Map 4 – cave in the west after defeating the Mother Spider

Completing this quest gives an Ancient Stone as a reward, which can be used to access the Ancient Crypt in the Place of the Ancients.

The Fish Counter

Quest giver and location: Trudric – Upper Meredith

  • Can only be completed after taking the ferry across the Mere.
  • Go to the Bead Shop in Meryston (the shop has a sign with a necklace outside) and Alissia will have the shop owner create an abacus.

A Weaver’s Necessity

Quest giver and location: Lenemric – Lower Meredith, house near entrance

Give him the Spider Eggs dropped by the Mother Spider (see Quest #8).

A Bounty Hunt

Quest giver and location: Ragnoric – Stomart, house southeast of inn

  • Kill the leader of the thieves in the mountains to the northwest. The cave will appear when walking around the mountains in the northwest corner of the map.
  • From Northern Caves 1 take the northeast exit to Northern Caves 4. In the northeast you’ll be ambushed and taken to the prison. You can reach the leader after escaping from prison.

A Poor Man’s Son

  • Quest giver and location: Stordric – Stomart, NPC wandering around near the south exit. Talk to him after getting Quest #11 from the mayor.
  • !Important! This quest must be accepted before freeing the prisoners in the North Cave.

After freeing the prisoners in the North Cave, go to Verdan Farm and talk to the girl there.

A Determined Daughter

Quest giver and location: Haydor – Cheynton, northwestern house. Talk to him after defeating the thieves in Quest #11.

  • This quest must be completed before completing the Gloomy Mountains dungeon.
  • When crossing the bridge in Gloomy Mountain 2 your party will notice Rhennada is missing.
  • She is in Gloomy Mountain 3 (northeast exit of Gloomy Mountain 2).
  • You’ll have to fight a couple Gloomy Lions. Don’t forget to use Wulfric’s requisition skill on them to learn Snarl and Claw Strike.

A Lover’s Lament

Quest giver and location: Etheldreda – Alford, NPC outside of weapon shop

Rudaric is in the military regiment camp south of Berwen (you’ll only get access later).

A Fishy Business

Quest giver and location: Thodric – Worfdon, fish stand

There are 17 battles total:

  • Southwest: 2
  • Central: 5
  • West: 4
  • East: 3
  • Southeast: 3 successive battles

Exiting the Stonebarrow Lake area causes all the enemies to respawn.
It will make things easier if you head to South Berwen first to pick up equipment upgrades for everyone.

A Fallen Man

Quest giver and location: Dodderic – Berwin North side, house in southwest

You need to go upstairs in the adjacent house and examine the adjoining bedroom walls. You’ll find a switch you can pull to open a passage to the other side.

An Adventurous Boy

Quest giver and location: Henric, Woodcutter’s Cottage (in the northeast of the Western Province)

  • He is on the second floor of the Watchtower, which can be accessed by exiting Woodcutter’s Cottage through the north gate.
  • Note that Wulfric can learn Wicked from the Watcher enemies and Fatal Embrace from the Sentinels here using his Requisition skill.


Defeating enemies:

  • Hydra – Found in West Coast 2. Part of completing Quest #1.
  • Orc Leader – Found in Orc Cave 4. Part of completing Quest #2.
  • Troll – Found in Inner Forest 2. Part of completing Quest #4/5.
  • Frost Dragon – Found in Rillor Caves 6. Part of completing Quest #6.
  • Borehole Worm – Found in Ladran woods 3. Investigate the hole in the ground in the east.
  • Argmahn – Found in the cave in the north of Northern Caves 5. Part of completing quest #11.
  • Underworld Demon – Found in the Underworld Shrine after flipping both switches to access the upper area. Part of the main story.
  • Artifact – Defeat the final boss.

Gold / Quests / Secret Rooms:

  • Collect 1000 / 5000 gold – You should easily collect this much just playing regularly.
  • Complete 6 / 12 quests – There are 17 total. See quests section.
  • Find 25 Secret Rooms: There are 30 total.


  • Ancient Crypt Found – Requires the Ancient Stone from Quest #8. Take the stone to the north of Place of the Ancients 3, in the center of the circle of pillars.
  • All Stonebarrow Lake Foes Killed – See Quest #15.
  • Secret Passage Found – Part of the main story. When investigating the Berwin Town Hall with Jallund, examine the strange looking tile.
  • A Timely Intervention – Part of the main story. Unlocked during the peace conference in Berwen.
  • All Along the Watchtower – Defeat the enemy at the top (fifth floor) of the Watchtower. This is the same Watchtower in Quest #17.

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