Abiotic Factor – Food Stats

I have explained the details of the statistics of baked and high-level recipes in the game in the guide below.


Be aware that some items, like french fries and potatoes, cook super fast, while others cook super slow, like casseroles and pies.

Anteburger (doesn’t decay noice)

Carbuncle Casserole (deployable like a soup, finished in the oven, 6 portions, kinda sad how little it fills your hunger and thirst given all the effort to make, but lasts a long time and makes the carbuncle less annoying until you get the unlock where they ignore you)

Cosmato Salad Wrap (does decay kinda quick which is lame)

Creepy Meat Pie (deployable like a soup, finished in the oven, 6 portions, didn’t grant any special effects like the greyeb effect)

PLT Sandwich (doesn’t decay)

Well Cooked Antecheese Toastie (finished in a pan)

Well Cooked Egg and Peccary Tartine (finished in a pan)

Well Cooked Fries (finished in the oven)

Well Cooked Pestato (finished in the oven)

Well Cooked Stuffed Roast Peccary (finished in the oven)


You know them, you love them, but what are the stats? Got em right here (mostly)

If planning in advance always try to get planters learned before opening refrigerators for the first time in case you see a potato, you do need pure tomatoes for the pasta as well not supers.

Cheese btw is Gel (you’ll find out) + milk sac + acid let it mature to make some poifect sandwiches that don’t decay and some other stuff

I have yet to make the arm and leg (exor heart, arm, drumstick) because for some reason they never feel like dropping arms except the one time I made armor but I digress. Should give speed/strength effects.

Balanced Stew: Carbuncle, Mushrooms, Salt (Crafting and Construction XP, meh you will get crafting and construction xp fast anyway without especially if solo)

Bland Pea Soup: Peas and Salt (Light footed, kinda sucks how little it serves as food)

Creamy Tomato BIsque: Milk Sac, Salt, Super Tomato (Souper Satisfied)

Greyeb Chowder: Greyeb, Milk Sac, and Potato (Less Damage, but you get harassed)

Hearty Stew: Exor Heart, Mushrooms, Super Tomato (Inventory Weight Reduction, I have never had a reason to care about weight reduction though so kinda useless buff but decent on hunger/thirst)

Homey Pasta: Antepasta, Regular Tomato, Sausages (Is it worth the effort? Whose to say, yes the answer is yes bc it’s pasta)

Mashed Potatoes: Potato, Milk Sac, Salt (Souper Satisfied, not great on hunger bar so meh)

Meaty Stew: Peccary Chop, Drumstick, Rump (Raw of each) (Blunt/Sharp XP)

Peccary Stew: Peccary Chop, Mushrooms, Super Tomato (Decent)

Pest Goulash: Pest, Rump, Salt (Souper Satisfied)

Potato and Sausage Stew: I’m not going to tell you the ingredients you’ll have to figure it out (Souper Satisfied)

Simple Tomato Soup: Super Tomato and Salt (Souper Satisfied, not super filling though so meh but ok in early game)

Split Pea Soup: Pest, Peas, Salt (the uncle that went to college, slightly more filling than bland pea, souper satisfied instead tho)

Sustenance Soup: MRE (Accuracy/Reloading XP, kinda meh tbh not super filling, weapons kinda suck vs soldiers which is the only people you really need to use guns on. I recommend using crystal grenades and mugnades when possible for soldiers)

Veggie Stew: Super Tomato, Potato, Wheat (Ag XP buff, Ag will move up fast enough tho it’s cooking that takes so long to get to level 10 if solo even with the xp buff bonus on character creation, but good for hunger and thirst)

Is That All of Them (Please for the love of god)

Nope there’s a few I am missing still apparently there is the arm+leg+heart, sweet porridge [melted ice cream (I won’t let mine melt stay with me frosty!)+wheat] for sweet tooth (vending machine buff), Sugary slop: doznuts (more like deez nuts amirite?)+ jowlers + skip (bugged for me gave bad soup for some reason) gives sugar high stamina drains slower but use bathroom more (use it to encourage poop for dirt for mugnades), carbuncle and dumplings (carbuncle, peas, dough) (souper satisfied, hunger 35, thirst 28 allegedly).

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