Against the Storm Trader’s Goods

Explore our guide for insights into what investors in the game will buy and sell, providing valuable information for strategic decision-making.

If you need information about what investors in the game will buy and sell, you can check out our guide.

Trader’s Goods

A quick reference of what traders will buy and sell. In a future update we may include perks and blueprints.

Trader Goods: Buy / Sell

Each trader has a different list of items they will buy and sell, and is loosely tied to a theme. It’s hard to keep track of, so I made a small cheat sheet.

What they each buy always stays the same, but what they sell varies slightly each time they visit. The only thing they always bring to sell is Amber.

The way it works is when a trader comes to the post, they will bring only 12-14 of their possible items to sell, and this is randomly chosen each time they visit. Traders found in Glades will only have 10-12 different items.

Hint: Dullahan is unlocked by a Deed: Win a game with four Dangerous Glade Events still active.

One pattern to notice is that all traders buy Packs of goods, and this makes those great to ensure you’ll always have something to sell to the trader who has the items you want.

For example, you don’t want to invest in producing tons of Pie or Training Gear to then realize only two traders in the game will actually buy them. One odd thing to note is there are no traders that will buy Pipes.

One last thing to note is that higher level traders like bigger towns, and will only visit when you have a lot of buildings in your settlement, meaning lower level traders like Sahilda/Zhorg/Farluf will typically be the first traders to visit you.

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