Age of Wonders: Planetfall – Console Commands

Console Commands The cheats console can be opened by the Ctrl + Alt + C key […]

Console Commands

The cheats console can be opened by the Ctrl + Alt + C key combination. Then, type one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Console Commands

barentz Explores the map and turns off fog of war.

cruijff All units have infinite movement.

hauer – Level up all units and heroes in the selected army.

hein – Win the current game.

leeuwenhoek Completes the current research.

philips Completes the production queue in every city.

rembrandt Grants 100000 Energy and Cosmite.

tasman – Explores the map.

iamgod – Win every auto-battle.

demo – Unlocks all research and gives you a ton of resources.

masterskills – Completes all research.

instantskills – Skills research instantly.

ruijter – Unlocks all hero equipment.

oldenbarnevelt – Grants maximum influence.

oppenheimer – Win the current game through doomsday victory.

ikbedoelalles – Unlocks all world map operations from all races and secret techs.

freepop – Only works with colony selected, gives the colony an additional colonist.

optimalprime – Enables operations to instantly prime.

appeasefaction – Only works with faction units selected, improves relations with selected faction.

hatefaction – Only works with faction units selected, decreases relations with selected faction.

makeally – Only works when looking at a commander in the diplomacy screen,
changes diplomatic state with that commander to an alliance.

(Other cheats for diplomatic states are; makedefensive, makepeace, makeneutral, makewar.)

Some of our cheats, such as freepop, can be scaled by adding a number and a space in front. For example; ’10 freepop’ as a cheat, will give you 10 colonists in the selected colony.

As of 11/08/2019 using console commands does not disable achievements.

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