Aliens: Fireteam Elite Hunting Special Unit Locations

Aliens Fireteam Elite Hunting Special Unit Locations

Welcome to our Aliens Fireteam Elite Hunting Special Unit Locations guide. This simple guide is a work in progress, we’ll maintain you updated with added information once they are released.

Hunting Special Unit

  1. FIRST PRIORITY: [Aliens]
  2. GIANTS ON THE WORLD: [Synths], [Aliens]. 2:3 most Synths.
  3. GIFT OF FIRE: [Pathogens], [Aliens]. 3:3 most Pathogens
  4. THE ONLY WAY TO BE SURE: [Aliens]: Many Praetorian, Smashers, Lurkers, and Eggs. 4:3 most Xenomorph eggs.

The game has 5 character classes: Gunner, Demolisher, Technician, Doc, and Recon. The game contains four story campaigns with three objectives each, and the player is accompanied by 2 allies who can be managed by another player or by an AI.There are five levels of trouble and twenty types of opponents, and weapon customization and character progression exist within the game. Regional co-op is not readily available, though online matchmaking can be public or private.There are prepare for post-launch DLC, however there are no loot boxes or microtransactions.

The gameplay seen in the reveal trailer and in a hands-off demo has been compared to the Left 4 Dead duology.

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