All Area Locations in GBF Relink

All area locations and details that will make area selection easier for players.

Granblue Fantasy Relink has many locations for players to explore. It is up to the player’s choice which landscape he will pass through, town, cave or desert. In this guide you can find comprehensive location and information of all areas.

All Area Locations

In Granblue Fantasy Relink, players can explore various designated zones and areas throughout the game. The expansive world of Skydom offers a diverse range of landscapes, including vast open fields, desolate deserts, bustling towns, mysterious caves, and more. Embark on a captivating journey to uncover the secrets of this beautiful world. This guide will show you a detailed list of all the locations featured in Granblue Fantasy Relink.


This picturesque settlement, also known as the “Windswept Township,” lies near the border of Zegagrande. Folca began as a tiny village inhabited by no more than a handful of skydwellers. However, following the discovery of a bountiful ore vein and the establishment of the mines of Tempeal, Folca has risen to prominence as a exporter of fine metals.


An Almerainean city renowned for its beautiful gardens and architecture, Seedhollow is the most highly populated in Zegagrande. It is surrounded by plots of rich soil where floriculturists ply their trade. Due to the small size of the island, it is quickly running out of new land to develop.

Sundappled Grove

This verdant forest once provided its natural riches to the people of Folca. However, heeding warnings from the local Defense Corps, townsfolk no longer wander in the shade of its generous canopy.


A mining settlement known for its rare ores, Tempeal has an altar enshrining a primeval god within the surrounding mountains. Legend says that this deity watches over the miners and guides them to the thick, shimmering veins of metal and minerals.

Ainsteddo Archipelago

This mountainous archipelago lies in the west of Zegagrande and enjoys perpetual spring. Unfortunately, both the economic hub of Folca and the mining settlement of Tempeal are plagued by monster attacks on its trade routes.

Zeghard Fortress

This ancient structure was a stronghold during the War on the skydweller’s side. Following the defeat and exile of the Astrals, a merchant named Zeghard refurbished the place, turning it into a gladiator’s arena that pitted monsters against each other. However, this macabre entertainment failed to gain traction, and the arena was soon closed and abandoned.

Leautagne Island

This huge island is threaded throughout with mountain ranges, with the highest peak, Mt. Neigelith, piercing the underbelly of the clouds. Leautagne is blasted with snow throughout the year, miserable for locals, but in summer, ice is carted down from its mountains and exported to neighboring islands as frozen treats.

Mt. Neigelith

This towering peak is beset by frequent, savage snowstorms and can boast of few inhabitants besides monsters and the Mellose clan.

Snowquilt Ravine

It’s said this gorge was first formed as a fissure in the ice of Mt. Neigelith, which grew progressively wider and deeper as the frost thawed and hardened. Now, monsters live in its depths, and few who fall down there ever return.

Trendame Sanctum

This holy land, nestled in the snowy bosom of Mt. Neigelith, enshrines the primeval god worshipped by the Mellose clan. To reach the shrine, a pilgrim must pass through a series of thick sealed doors, which only the monastery overseer has the power to open.

Seedhollow Castle

During the War, this magnificent structure was a skydweller redoubt, supervised by an imperial family known as the Skylords. Following the defeat and banishment of the Astrals, Seedhollow transitioned into a republic, and the redoubt opened its gates to local and foreign tourists alike.

Dahli Island

Much of this region has been claimed by desert, in whose embrace lie huge ruins rumored to be filled with treasure. Besides its artifacts, Dahli is blessed with all kinds of mineral resources and, in the past, bustled with merchant activity. A catastrophe fifteen years ago cut all this short.

Dahli Relicbelt

This long and narrow zone in the Dahli desert is spotted with ruins. Every once in a while, the council of Seedhollow will dispatch a crew here to search the sands for clues about the Dahli Catastrophe that took place fifteen years ago. So far, however, only monsters have been discovered among the dunes.

Phondam, The Scarred Isles

This tumultuous little island floats a short distance away from the Dahli Relicbelt, spewing lava from its craggy surface. A shrine to a primeval god squats near the perimeter. Recently, however, it hasn’t seen much pilgrimage, as an increase in volcanic activity and the resultant tectonic shifts have led to Seedhollow declaring a moratorium on all Phondam-bound flights.

Pillar Of Vayoi

This structure is formed of various parts-streets, buildings, earth-wrested away from Zegagrande islands and cobbled together into a nightmare monolith. Dark magic hangs heavy in the air, while monsters spawned from Angra Mainyu pace the warped corridors.

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