All Music CD Locations in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

Discover All Music CD locations in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.

In this guide we explain the locations of all the CDs in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk and how to get them. Exactly how many CDs are currently in the game is not yet known. Below you can find the CDs and locations that the author has found so far. When the author finds new CDs we will add them here.

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Music Locations in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

Below you can find all CD locations in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. You can also learn how to get these CDs in the descriptions.

Condensed Milk – Cybermilk

In the air between two half pipes at the Hideout.

Morning Glow – Dom Mclennon

At the top of the center building at the HIdeout. Get to the top and drop down onto it.

All CD Locations [In Progress]

Light Switch – SkyBlew

On the rooftop to the right of the exit that takes you to Versum Hill. Use the half pipe to wallride on the sign above to get there.

Precious Thing – Olli

Grind on the train rail to the very end and you will enter a room with stored wagons. Wallride on the ones on top, air dash, wallride and air dash again to get higher. Before landing on top, dismounting off your gear makes it harder to fall off the train.

Bounce Upon a Time – SKALP

Hit all Robo Boy posts in the main plaza of Versum Hill.

Operator – GRRL

Hit all Robo Boy posts around the basketball court in Versum Hill. Inside the storage room, hitting the blue vending machine will make it drop the CD.

GET ENUF – Hideki Naganuma

Slide under the wall behind the basketball court in Versum Hill. The CD will be at the end of the billboard to your right.

Plume – Legove

Hit all Robo Boy posts in the section of Millenium Square entering from Versum Hill (the ones that are not in the center plaza).

Feel the Funk – Sebastian Knight

Hit all Robo Boy posts in the center plaza of Millenium Square with a manual. You can boost trick off during a manual to refresh your meter (my key mapping makes it awkward to press both boost and slide so I did it like so:)

Sunshine Popping Mixtape

Enter this building and make your way towards the top. Before you hit the second loop, jump towards a row of billboards and keep jumping between them. The CD will be on a platform at the end.

Hair Dun Nails Dun – Color Plus

All the way to the opposite side of the one you enter Brink Terminal from, there will be a skate ramp under a metal fence and an air vent on the other side. Go over the fence and hit a dumpster further into the alley. The CD will be inside.

All CD Locations [In Progress]

whatchyaback! – wev

Right behind the gate where Solace is hung up in Brink Terminal. Jump on the electric cables around Planet Square from the grindable planet rings or the skate ramp there, then on the line of cables the CD is located at the end of.

Refuse – Swami Sound

Under a glass ceiling over Planet Square. Enter the building Eclipse are on after they open the gate and the glass will be right after the first rail you can grind.

You’ll need to do a cess slide with a character using inline skates in order to break it.

All CD Locations [In Progress]

DA PEOPLE – Hideki Naganuma

In the first section of Millenium Mall, there’s three cylinders you can grind on. Get on top of the highest one with a character that’s using inline skates and do a cess slide on the glass to break it. The CD will be underneath, in the center of the hole.

Anime break – Klaus Veen

There’s a hall between three grindable cylinders in Millenium Mall (left of the second image). Follow it and you’ll reach the CD.

Two Days Off – KiloWatts

Hit all Robo Boy posts in the second section of Millenium Mall.

All CD Locations [In Progress]

Spectres – Reso

Top floor of the second section in Millenium Mall. Get a heat level of 2 and get on top of the turret, then jump towards the CD.

All CD Locations [In Progress]

I Wanna Kno – 2 Mello

In the theater area of Millenium Mall, there’s a hall right above the stage where you challenge DOT EXE to the score battle. Go down it and you’ll eventually reach a spiraling ramp with forklifts around it. Drop down and you’ll find the CD behind some crates.

JACK DA FUNK – Hideki Naganuma

(Adding this beforehand because I know everyone will be looking for it)
In Mataan, right after passing through the first gas wall set up by Futurism, there’s a dumpster to the right. The CD is inside.

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