All Gnome Locations in Fortnite OG

In Fortnite OG, the locations of the Gnomes are very well hidden. It really looks like the Fortnite team spent a lot of time hiding these gnomes. There are 10 gnomes in total in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 5. You will gain 20k experience for each gnome you find. Let’s take a look at these little rascals!

All Gnome Locations in Fortnite OG

Gnomes have made their way back to the Fortnite OG map, and it’s time to track them down for XP rewards. In this guide, we’ll provide you with the locations of all the gnomes currently found on the map.

1. Junk Junction Gnome Location

  • To the northwest of Junk Junction, near the base of the llama trash sculpture, you’ll find the first gnome.

2. Risky Reels Gnome Location

  • Head to the northwest corner of Risky Reels, where you’ll discover a gnome behind a parked RV inside a fenced area.

3. Wailing Woods Gnome Location

  • Inside the hedge maze at Wailing Woods, make your way to the southwest corner. You’ll need to break the cage to access this gnome.

4. Lonely Lodge Gnome Location

  • Just east of Lonely Lodge, near a small pond, look for the gnome sitting in a folding chair under a “no fishing” sign.

5. Pleasant Park Gnome Location

  • Travel to the southern edge of Pleasant Park, just south of the soccer field, and find a gnome at a small campsite.

6. Greasy Grove Gnome Location

  • Northeast of Greasy Grove, at the base of an Easter Island head (moai), you’ll find the gnome amidst teddy bears.

7. Dusty Divot Gnome Location

  • On the north side of Dusty Divot, near a collapsed warehouse, the gnome is floating on a pool float in the middle of a small pond.

8. Paradise Palms Gnome Location

  • Head to the eastern edge of the island, east of Paradise Palms, where a gnome stands next to a pair of gravestones.

9. Shifty Shafts Gnome Location 1

  • Northeast of Shifty Shafts, you’ll spot a crashed Battle Bus on a hilltop. At the front of the bus, you’ll find an upside-down gnome.

10. Shifty Shafts Gnome Location 2

  • In the mineshafts under Shifty Shafts, keep an eye out for the gnome-indicating HUD marker behind a wooden wall. Break through to find the final gnome.

Gnome Map

Gnome locations on the Fortnite OG map
Fortnite Gnome Map

Pro Tip: Use the mini-map marker once you get close to each gnome to make the hunt easier. Interact with every gnome you find to earn XP rewards. Keep in mind that as the map changes with each update, new gnome locations may emerge, so stay vigilant!

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