All Minions in Last Epoch

Details about all minions, skills, build and how to get them in Last Epoch.

Last Epoch features a variety of minions that can be summoned by certain classes. We explained in detail the skills of these minions, minion build and how to unlock and obtain them in this guide.

Summon Every Minion in Last Epoch

Within the world of Last Epoch, certain classes wield the power to summon an array of minions to aid them in battle. These summoned allies encompass a wide spectrum, ranging from beasts and undead thralls to sentient weaponry and animated armor. However, the ability to summon these minions is typically tied to specific classes or skills.

Understanding how to summon each minion is crucial for crafting an effective build and determining your character’s mastery progression within Last Epoch.

Minions List

With over sixty distinct minions available through a variety of spells across Last Epoch’s five base classes and fifteen mastery classes, as well as specific items or equipment, the options are abundant. Each minion boasts unique abilities, ranging from devastating attacks to beneficial buffs, and can be further augmented through skill and node selections to create powerful synergies that complement your character’s abilities. However, navigating the plethora of available minions and discerning which classes they are affiliated with can be a daunting task.

To streamline this process, the following information offers a succinct overview of every minion in the game. It delineates how they can be summoned or accessed, details their capabilities once deployed, and identifies any class restrictions associated with them. Armed with this knowledge, you can confidently plan your current and future builds with precision and foresight.

Minion NameMinion SkillsHow to Summon/GetRequired ClassUnlocked
AbominationMelee AttackAssemble AbominationNecromancerLevel 40 Skill
Arek’s FleshArek Slam, Melee AttackSummon Arek’s FleshItemArek’s Bones
Baby ScorpionMelee AttackSummon ScorpionBeastmasterLevel 15 Skill
BallistaBallista BoltBallistaRogueLevel 15 Skill
Ballista ShieldBlockSummon Ballista ShieldRogueLevel 15 Skill
BeeMelee AttackSwarm of BeesItemKeeper’s Gloves
Blood GolemSanguine Orb, Maul, Rampage, Melee AttackSummon Blood GolemAcolyteLevel 10 Skill
Blood WraithMelee AttackSummon Blood WraithNecromancer / Warlock / AcolyteLevel 5 / 15 Skill (Choice dependent)
Bone GolemMaul, Rampage, Melee AttackSummon Bone GolemAcolyteLevel 10 Skill
Bone MinionMelee AttackSummon SkeletonAcolyteLevel 9 Skill
Bone PillarTrapSummon Bone PrisonAcolyteLevel 7 Skill
Burning SkeletonFireballCremateItemTorch Of The Pontifex
Chilly BeeMelee AttackSummon Cold BeeAffixElemental Bees Per 10 Seconds
Claw TotemSwipe, AttackSummon Claw TotemBeastmaster / PrimalistLevel 5 Skill
Corpse ParasiteMelee AttackCorpse ParasiteAcolyteLevel 16 Skill
CryomancerIce ShardSummon CryomancerNecromancerLevel 5 Skill
Death KnightDeath Slash, Melee AttackSummon Death KnightNecromancerLevel 5 Skill
DecoyExplosionDecoyRogueLevel 10 Skill
Fire BeeMelee AttackSummon Fire BeeAffixElemental Bees Per 10 Seconds
Flame WraithFireballSummon Flame WraithNecromancer / WarlockLevel 30 / Level 15 Skill (Choice dependent)
Forged WeaponMelee AttackForge StrikeForge GuardMastery Skill
Frenzy TotemFrenzy AuraSummon Frenzy TotemBeastmasterLevel 25 Skill
Healing TotemButterfly HealSummon Healing TotemDruidLevel 5 Skill
HiveSpawn LocustSummon HiveDruidLevel 5 Skill
Ice ShieldFrostboltIce ShieldSorcererLevel 15 Skill
Illusory TreeDistractionSummon Illusory TreeItemArboreal Circuit
Lightning BeeMelee AttackSummon Lightning BeeAffixElemental Bees Per 10 Seconds
LocustMelee AttackSummon LocustDruid / AffixLevel 25 / Mastery / Armour Shred Chance for Locusts / Melee Physical Damage For Swarm Strike and Locusts
Manifested ArmorMelee AttackManifest ArmorForge GuardLevel 15 Skill
Manifested ShieldBlockRing of ShieldsForge GuardLevel 30 Skill
MercenaryCrossbow BoltRecruit MercenaryItemMelvern’s Writ
Mirror ImageIce Bolt, Lightning Blast, FireballSummon Mirror ImageMageLevel 9 Skill
Poison WispPoison NovaSummon Poison WispAcolyteLevel 15 Skill
Poisonous VineMelee AttackSummon VinesDruid / Primalist / Item / AffixLevel 35 / Level 3 / Eterra’s Path / Silvafrond / Tears of the Forest / Increased Attack and Cast Speed for Summoned Vines
Primal BearMelee AttackSummon BearBeastmasterLevel 5 Skill
Primal RaptorMelee AttackSummon RaptorBeastmasterMastery Skill
Primal SabretoothMelee AttackSummon SabretoothBeastmasterLevel 35 Skill
Primal ScorpionMelee AttackSummon ScorpionBeastmasterLevel 15 Skill
Primal SerpentMelee AttackSummon Primal SerpentDruid / Primalist / ItemLevel 35 / Primalist Level 20 / Vipertail (Choice dependent)
Primal SquirrelMelee AttackSummon SquirrelItemHerald of the Scurry
Primal WolfMelee AttackSummon WolfPrimalistLevel 1 Skill
Putrid WraithPoison SpitSummon Putrid WraithNecromancer / Warlock / AffixLevel 30 / Level 15 / Chance for Summon Wraith to summon a Putrid Wraith instead
Pyre GolemMaul, Melee AttackSummon Bone GolemAcolyteLevel 10 Skill
PyromancerFireballSummon PyromancerNecromancerLevel 5 Skill
RevenantMelee AttackSummon RevenantAcolyte / WarlockPassive / Level 15 (Choice dependent)
Rock ElementalMelee AttackSummon Rock ElementalShamanLevel 25 Skill
Rogue FalconRogue Falcon Melee, SurgeFalconryFalconerMastery Skill
Skeleton ArcherBow AttackSummon SkeletonAcolyteLevel 2 Skill
Skeleton HarvesterMelee AttackSummon Skeleton HarvesterItemBone Harvester
Skeleton MageDread BoltSummon Skeletal MageNecromancerLevel 5 Skill
Skeleton RogueShadow Shift, Bone Shirukens, Melee AttackSummon Skeleton RogueNecromancer / Acolyte / ItemLevel 5 / Level 2 / Lethal Concentration (Choice dependent)
Skeleton VanguardMelee AttackSummon Skeleton VanguardNecromancer / Lich / AcolytePassive / Level 5 / Level 7 (Choice dependent)
Soul WispEnergy Release, Energy Burst, Energy BeamSummon Soul WispLichLevel 5 Skill
Spectral GolemFreezing Grasp, Maul, Melee Attack, RampageSummon Bone GolemAcolyteLevel 10 Skill
SprigganThorn VolleySummon SprigganDruidLevel 15 Skill
Storm CrowLightning BlastSummon Storm CrowsPrimalistLevel 15 Skill
Storm SpriteSpark Charge, Storm DashSummon Storm SpriteItemTempest Maw
Storm TotemLightning StormSummon Storm TotemShamanMastery Skill
Summoned SkeletonMelee Attack, Death SlashSummon SkeletonAcolyteLevel 2 Skill
Tempest TotemTempestSummon Tempest TotemPrimalistLevel 10 Skill
Thorn TotemMystic ThornsSummon Thorm TotemPrimalistLevel 4 Skill
Upheaval TotemUpheavalSummon Upheaval TotemPrimalistLevel 14 Skill
Vale SpiritSpirit ThornsSummon Vale SpiritDruidLevel 5 Skill
Volatile ZombieExplosion, Suicide ExplosionSummon Volatile ZombieAcolyteLevel 16 Skill
Warcry TotemWarcrySummon Warcry TotemPrimalistLevel 10 Skill
WraithMelee AttackSummon WraithNecromancerMastery Skill
WraithlordSummon Wraiths, Consume Minions, Necrotic BeamsSummon WraithlordItemWraithlord’s Harbour
All Minions List, Skills and How to Unlock them

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