American Truck Simulator Dedicated Server Setup

How to Setup Dedicated Server in American Truck Simulator.

Welcome to our American Truck Simulator Dedicated Server Setup guide. This guide will show you to set up an ATS Dedicated Server in Windows.

How to Setup Dedicated Server

This guide will show you to set up an ATS Dedicated Server in Windows.

Get SteamCMD

Download SteamCMD and extract it wherever you want preferably in a folder.

Open it and wait!

Install the Server

Create a .bat file where SteamCMD is located and enter following:

steamcmd.exe +force_install_dir “C:GameServer” +login anonymous +app_update 2239530 +quit

And run it. Wait until its finished.

Export Server Package

Go to “C:Users%username%DocumentsAmerican Truck Simulator” and open up the config.cfg and edit following:

uset g_developer “0”
uset g_developer “1”

uset g_console “0”
uset g_console “1”

Save file!

Now run ATS and hit the console key “~” and enter following:

export_server_packages destination file

Wait until its finished!

2 new files has been created in ETS 2 documents folder:

– contains internal map data
– contains map details, dlc and mods configuration

Generate & Configure the Server Config

Go to the ATS Server straight through to “amtrucks_server.exe” and start it once and close it again.

In your ATS documents folder following file should be created:

– contains session description and configuration, connections ports info, logon token and list of moderators
– ports and logon token must be different for each session instance running at the same time
– default configuration is generated automatically

Open it up and start editing as you wishes.

Save file!

Server Logon Token – Steam Gameserver Token

By default whenever a dedicated server is launched it is using an anonymous account. For such an account non-persistent server id is generated (used for direct search). To avoid this you can acquire a logon token on (game ownership is required).

Enter the token in following value in “server_config.sii“:

server_logon_token: “TOKEN HERE”

Save file!

Adding Moderators

Open up “server_config.sii” and do following:

moderator_list: 1
moderator_list[0]: 76561198001220177


moderator_list: 1
moderator_list[0]: 76561198001220177

Save file!


Find your SteamID64 here:

Port Forwarding & Firewall Whitelist

Dedicated server does not handle NAT punching and public IP or port forwarding is required to show server in session browser.
However, session direct search works even for server that is behind NAT and it is possible to connect to such server.

Search id is listed when starting dedicated server or in convoy info screen for hosted sessions.

You need to open following ports:

TCP port 27015-27016
UDP port 27015-27016

If you run it on a Root or VPS you must add it to your Firewall.

Hint for Root or VPS users

You do not have the ATS folder in your documents at your Root or VPS. If you installed the Server, just start it once to generate the ATS documents folder.

And yeah its clear i mean, that you need to copy the server packages to the Root or VPS ATS documents folder.

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