Antimatter Dimensions All Secret Themes

This guide will show you how to unlock all the secret themes in the Antimatter Dimensions. […]

This guide will show you how to unlock all the secret themes in the Antimatter Dimensions. We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Antimatter Dimensions game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Antimatter Dimensions guide.

Antimatter Dimensions All Secret Themes

Welcome to our Antimatter Dimensions All Secret Themes guide. There are a variety of secret themes that were added to the game in the Steam release, as well as old ones from past versions of the game.

How to unlock secret themes? All secret themes are unlocked by entering the phrases below into the “Import Save” option in the settings and pressing enter.

All The Themes

  • Phrase – Christmas
    Gives the game a Christmas-y theme.
  • Phrase – Finnish
    Colors everything white and blue.
  • Phrase – Confused
    Makes the game window sometimes become blurry, tilted, or have inverted colors.
  • Phrase – Design
    Makes the game look like a 1990’s website.
  • Phrase – Nicolas
    Gives the game a brown tint and changes the background to a picture of Nicolas Cage.
  • Phrase – Blob
    Blob emojis fall from above and the game’s windows has a yellow tint.
  • Phrase – Blind
    Removes all text.
  • Phrase – Galactic/Stellar
    Adds animated stars in the background and gives it a blue tint.
  • Phrase – Work
    Removes most of the game’s flair, making the background and the buttons white, and changes the font to Arial.
  • Phrase – Bliss
    Changes the background into the Windows XP background.

About Antimatter Dimensions

The gameplay mechanics of Antimatter Dimensions revolve around collecting antimatter, which is used to purchase various upgrades and unlock new dimensions. The game features an incremental style of gameplay, where the player begins with simple tasks like clicking to generate antimatter, and gradually progresses to more complex tasks such as using automation and managing resources.

Antimatter Dimensions features a variety of resources, such as antimatter, dimension boosts, time shards, and galaxies, which can be used to upgrade your abilities and unlock new dimensions. Dimension boosts are used to increase your production rate, while time shards are used to speed up your progress through the game. Galaxies are used to reset your progress while retaining some of your progress points, allowing you to start over with a boost in efficiency.


To succeed in Antimatter Dimensions, players must develop effective strategies that maximize their resources and production rate. Here are some tips for developing an effective strategy in Antimatter Dimensions:

  • Focus on Dimension Boosts: Dimension boosts are essential for increasing your production rate, so focus on upgrading them whenever possible.
  • Use Automation: Automating the production process can significantly increase your efficiency, so invest in automation upgrades whenever possible.
  • Be Patient: Antimatter Dimensions is a slow-paced game, so be patient and persistent in your gameplay. Take breaks when necessary to avoid burnout.
  • Manage Resources: Balancing your resources is essential for making progress in Antimatter Dimensions. Invest in upgrades that provide the most benefit and use resources wisely.
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