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Apocalypse Party Easter Eggs Guide

Discover Easter eggs with visuals in our Apocalypse Party Easter Eggs guide! Uncover every hidden gem with our comprehensive walkthrough.

If you are looking for a guide for every Easter egg, our Apocalypse Party Easter Eggs guide is for you! In this guide, we have told you where to find Easter eggs with visuals!

This is the guide ElectricAxel it was created by. You can find the author’s link at the end of the guide.

Apocalypse Party Easter Eggs Guide

This Apocalypse Party Easter Eggs guide will show you easter eggs in the game! We will update them all when we find them.


In the area with the dinosaur bones, center-ish on the map, randomly you might find a weapon crate with a parachute on it. Attack it until it breaks and it will have a flare gun in it. I think you get the achievement just by breaking the box, so once per run in case you’re playing multiplayer and everyone wants it. The flare gun has a long reload time but it drops armor crates for 5 armor and sometimes weapon crates. Highly recommend to grab it using one of the 3 additional gun slots, or if going for a build without weapon (contact damage, summon, etc)

Easter Eggs guide

Beat the Old Boss

On the bottom right of the map, a little bit north of the teleport crystal, there is a cemetery with a death statue and a weird ritual star circle thing. I thought you needed to use the statue to summon enemies but it turns out you just have to hang around the circle and kill enemies for a while for the boss to spawn. The boss has an asian (korean?) name in dark purple letters. Kill it to get the easter egg. Only one person can get it per run as far as I know.

Easter Eggs guide

Super Star

All I know about this one is you get it sort of randomly when using catapults. Your character will have green particles coming out of it if you grabbed whatever gives you the easter egg.

Death Stranding

I don’t understand the unlock conditions for this either. Me and my co-op partner got it while walking around the market, just normal backpedaling while killing zombies.

Easter Eggs guide

Blood Feast

Near the altar in the treasure room, inside the castle, there is a long hallway with tables on both sides and a corpse in a throne at the end. If you’re missing armor, you can eat the food on the tables. I think it’s about 10 pieces of food. After you eat all the food, two enemies with shields will spawn. You will have to destroy the corpse on the throne to remove their shields. Only one person can get it per run.

Easter Eggs guide


Around the teleport crystal in the forge, there is a giant hammer with a blue gem on it. Make the hammer get hit by some fire attack and it will go up and slam down. I believe it damages enemies, but to my knowledge no enemy has to be hit for it to give you the easter egg. Also I think the firewalk enemies also grant it. I’m not sure if multiple people can get it but I assume yes because I’ve seen the hammer slam more than once.

Easter Eggs guide


On the bottom left of the map, there is a wooden platform with 3 guillotines. The rightmost one can spawn in 3 ways as far as I know:

  • It might not be there, replaced by blood.
  • It might have a dummy with a radio for head that plays music.
  • It might be a horse.
  • If you cut the head of the horse it gives you the BoJack melee weapon and the easter egg. Only one person can get it per run.
  • There is a catapult near the war camp that lands right by the platform.

I am not sure if this is also related to the Beheaded Tailor.

Easter Eggs guide

Emperor’s new Gun

I have only found this in the forge, but someone said they found it in the throne room. There is a transparent gun with no name on the floor. Once you walk over it you can see the name and pick it up to get the Easter Egg. I’ve always found it on the borders of the forge, near the lava, and seen it both on the top and bottom sides. Only one person can get it per run as far as I know.

Easter Eggs guide

Music Dream

My favorite one, I look for it every run just cuz I like it. Somewhere in the castle with the treasure room and the banquet you can find a gramophone on the floor. You will mostly notice the big piece where the sound comes out of. Interact with it and it’ll play an awesome song and give you the easter egg. Only one person can get it per run.

Easter Eggs guide

Sunset Party

This one is pretty fun. On the left side of the map, north of the BoJack platform and south of the treasure room, there are some houses with sunflowers. The rightmost house’s door can be interacted with to get the easter egg. Multiple people can get it in a single run, though it looks like the door being interactive is random per run.

Easter Eggs guide

Dawn Divine Sword

Everyone has probably found the Excalibur while walking around the map. To get it our of the rock, you have to bash enemies enough times for the rock to break, giving you the weapon and the easter egg. It took me a pretty long time to get, it seems to vary very widely based on luck. Only one person can get it per run.

Easter Eggs guide

Dinosaur Barbecue

Around the map there are a few campfires with a piece of meat above them. Use fire attacks on any of them, wait a bit for the fire animation, and then interact with it while you’re missing armor to recover 5 armor and get the easter egg.


Right of the area with the Flare gun, or exiting the Forger, there is a cave with some shiny crystals. Around the exits of the cave you can find a pickaxe the game labels as shovel. Using the “shovel”, bash the 4 red crystals inside the cave to get the easter egg. If you are not the host, you can still bash the crystals even if you cannot see them and get the easter egg. Ask the host to show you where the crystals are. Only one person can get it per run.

Easter Eggs guide

Angel Dance

In the church altar, there are 4 tables with candles on them. They are basically in the 4 cardinal directions. One on the top left corner in after all the chairs. One on the bottom left, hidden by the walk (walk close to see through the wall), one in the long table to the right and one in the small room past the hallway going north. You have to turn the 4 candles on in a specific order (always the same order), and also relatively quickly (they go off). It’s left, top, bottom, right. If you did it right, you’ll see the capibara above your head dancing. Only one person can get it per run as far as I know.

Easter Eggs guide

Not counting the tailor.

According to a post I saw on the discussions, BenBen is a dog you find somewhere on the farm on the bottom left. Pick it up to get the easter egg.

Written by ElectricAxel

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