ArcticBoy Story Walkthrough and Achievements

Navigate through ArcticBoy Story, achieve milestones, and unlock achievements with the guidance provided in our comprehensive guide.

If you do not know how to follow a path and get achievements in ArcticBoy Story, you can use the information in our guide.

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Walkthrough & Achievements

Use this guide to complete the game 100% and achieve achievements.

EPISODE 1 – The Beginning

  • Cinematic.
    ⭐ Tyanochka wrote.
  • Tab.
  • Walk until the blue bar runs out.
  • Die from a heart attack.
    ⭐ Died of a heart attack.
  • Tab.
  • Go right to the store.
  • Keep walking straight.

EPISODE 2 – The Store

  • Enter the store.
  • Approach the vendor.
    ⭐ I went to the store.
  • Go right and approach the 3 watermelons.
    ⭐ Three watermelons.
  • Take sushi in aisle 3, left side.
  • Take sticks in aisle 5, right side.
  • Go to the vendor and pick up your items.
  • Come back home.
  • After the message, return to the store.
    ⭐ I went to the store again.
  • Return to your house.
  • Cinematic.

EPISODE 3 – Need for rolls

  • Move forward with the snowmobile.
  • Cinematic.
  • Keep moving with the snowmobile.

EPISODE 4 – Unpleasant Situation

  • Try to exit the forest.
    ⭐ I don’t need to go there.
  • Collect 10 sticks.
  • Return to your snowmobile.
  • Cinematic.
    ⭐ The power of love.
  • Cinematic.

EPISODE 5 – Final

⭐ Barentsburg.

  • Drown yourself.
    ⭐ Drowned.
  • Walk to Ani’s house.
  • Cinematic.
    ⭐ But what about the excursion?
  • Take out the trash and go to the dumpster.
  • Return to Ani’s house.
    ⭐ Revenge.
  • Burn yourself with the house fire.
    ⭐ Burned out.
  • Go to the Hotel.
  • Cinematic.
    ⭐ The end?
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