ARK Survival Ascended How to Boost FPS

Enhance your game experience by following the steps in our guide to boost FPS effectively.

You can follow and apply the steps in our guide to learn how to increase your FPS in the game.

How to Boost FPS

This guide will show you, how to improve your FPS in ASA!


Before we gonna start, make sure to know you have to enable console option in ASA settings.

A quick note for the players who wants to play ASA, make sure to have these specs min for the game.

  • LOW Settings: i5-10400F or more, GTX 1080 or RTX 2070 with 8×2 total 16 GB Ram as long as with SATA SSD.
  • MEDIUM Settings: i7-11700K or more, RTX 2080 Ti or 3080 with 16×2 total 32 GB Ram as long as with M2 SSD.
  • ULTRA Settings: i9-12900K or more, RTX 4070 or more with 16×2 32 GB Ram as long as with M2 SSD.

Even the game have some optimization problems as you guys know. Use these codes to improve your FPS more then 60 in the game!

1 – grass.densityScale 0 (First of and all most for the PVP players and improve FPS, minimize leafs all around the world!).
2 – grass.enable 0 (Disable most grass particles!).
3 – r.VolumetricCloud 0 (This code will turn off your clouds. It will improve your FPS insanely).
4 – r.Fog 0 (Get rid of the fog (Disable soggy clouds on ground… xD) ).
5 – r.Nanite.MaxPixelsPerEdge 4 (Reduce nanite mesh).
6 – r.Lumen.ScreenProbeGather.RadianceCache.ProbeResolution 16 (Lumen optimization).
7 – r.DynamicGlobalIlluminationMethod 2 (For disable Lumen).
8 – r.Water.SingleLayer.Reflection 0 (Disable Water reflections).
9 – r.ShadowQuality 0 (Disable all shadows, shadow particles).
10 – r.Streaming.PoolSize 0 (Most important one! Boost maximum of your GPU VRAM usage for game!).

These are the console options that you wanna look for get your FPS above 60+ and such better visual!

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