Army of Ruin Reference Guide

Welcome to our Army of Ruin Reference Guide. This guide will show you game items and questionable comments.

Army of Ruin Reference Guide

This guide will show you game items and questionable comments.


Version 0.1

Bold + Italics are mostly safe choices.
Notice the lack of Sun element weapon as such safe choices.

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Army of Ruin Reference Guide
Army of Ruin Reference Guide


Sun element trinkets are not recommend for beginners.

Everything except Damage Increasing and Cooldown Reducing trinkets tend to be somewhat inferior, on AVERAGE, to trinkets that actually do Increase Damage or Reduce Cooldown. Or reduce enemy life… stuff that clearly and directly help killing monsters.

Don’t count on just strong weapons combined with fancy tricks to clear the levels for you it won’t work too well.

Army of Ruin Reference Guide
Army of Ruin Reference Guide

Observations (take with a grain of salt ok?)

Attack are Weapons… it’s a largely interchangeable term.
Skills are the Activated abilities unique to each character.
Trinkets are mostly passive boosts but a very few of them can also do damage.

All Weapon and Trinket reach max level at 5.
Character max level is very high (at least over 115).

Projectiles can shotgun which means that at close range or standing directly inside enemies all projectiles hit and do damage.

Max CDR is 90% and every character can reach it with the right upgrades and trinkets. (Might be redesigned/is under consideration.)

Trinket damage bonus are additive. This is generally a bad thing. Maybe not the Seal of Purity?
How other sources of damage Bonus and Malus stack is unknown.
I suspect Ker damage bonuses are multiplicative, perhaps Bhask as well.
Skill damage scale on character level.

Skills and Trinkets do not benefit from most stat bonus and upgrades. Exceptions apply.

Purple damage numbers = The attack didn’t kill the enemy.
Yellow damage numbers = This attack killed the enemy.

Damage over Time effects do not show damage (?).
Fire do damage over time. Freeze effect… freeze. Special effect of Poison and Slow is bit vague. Bhask Stone effect is explained in-game.
Special effect have a reduced effect on Bosses but they do apply.

Luck effects seems underwhelming or too variable.
Very high luck result in a ton of food from destroyable.

Ker has an “hidden” 10% Attack Cooldown Reduction bonus when standing still.

Enemies don’t seem to have defense / damage reduction beside entire immunity (?).
Normal enemies don’t drop items (?) but Elites do.
Elites are bigger monsters with which shimmers and have more HP but they don’t have auras under them.

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