Arsenal Online Quick Starting Tips

If you’re new to Arsenal Online and need some tips to get started, our guide is for you!

Quick Start Guide

Arsenal Online is a 2D shooter with hundreds of customizable weapons and many different game modes. Every game mode can be played either solo or co-op with a teammate online.


XP is earned by destroying targets, completing games, and completing challenges. Most weapons have a level requirement. Once you hit this level requirement, the weapon can be unlocked with Credits.


Weapons, attachments, and shop items are unlocked with Credits. Credits can be earned in many ways:

  • Completing games
  • Completing daily/weekly challenges
  • Destroying blue targets
  • Destroying Drones
  • Destroying Harriers
  • Destroying Quadrunners
  • Purchased from the Shop

Weapons and Attachments

There are hundreds of weapons available in Arsenal Online. Weapons can be extensively modified with multiple attachments.

Unlocking Weapons

Most weapons have a level requirement. Earn XP to level up and access new weapons. Once the level requirement is reached, you can unlock the weapon with your Credits.

Unlocking Attachments

Attachments have either a weapon kill or headshot requirement. Simply get kills/headshots with the weapon to unlock new attachments. Once the requirement is reached, you can unlock the attachment with your Credits.


You have 4 customizable loadouts you can modify for Ranked games. Each loadout consists of a Primary and Secondary weapon. Rename your loadouts by clicking the Rename button. When you start a game, you can select one of your loadouts.

Firing Range

You can test every single weapon and attachment in the Firing Range without spending any Credits. This is useful to test out equipment before unlocking it for Ranked game modes!

Access the Firing Range from the main menu.

Game Modes

There are currently 10 game modes in Arsenal Online.


  • Objective: Destroy the targets before they disappear.
  • Tip: High accuracy and destroying every target before they disappear results in a higher score.

Time Attack

  • Objective: Destroy as many targets as you can in 30 seconds.
  • Tip: Use a weapon with high damage output.


  • Objective: Long-distance target shooting.
  • Tip: High accuracy, minimal bullets fired, and headshots result in a higher score.


  • Objective: Destroy the buffed metal targets.
  • Tip: Use a weapon with high damage and penetration.


  • Objective: Targets disappear after 1 second.
  • Tip: Use a single shot weapon for accuracy and fire at a constant rhythm, even if you miss.


  • Objective: Destroy the targets for each round.
  • Tip: Use a high damage weapon and focus on headshots.


  • Objective: Prevent the targets from reaching the end of the screen.
  • Tip: Use a weapon with high damage output and fast reload.
  • Since this game mode only has target heads, all kills will result in a headshot (useful for grinding).


  • Objective: Destroy the targets before they reach the floor of lava.
  • Tip: Use a high damage weapon.


  • Objective: Survive against the endless waves of robotic soldiers.
  • Tip: Use high penetration weapons against Drones, Harriers, and Quadrunners. Explosives can be used to push enemies back.

Firing Range

  • Test weapons, attachments, and equipment.
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