As Dusk Falls Endings Guide & All Characters

Welcome to our As Dusk Falls Endings Guide & All Characters. Here’s the death, divorce, jail time, and every other possible outcome of every character in As Dusk Falls.

As Dusk Falls Endings Guide & All Characters

If you’re curious about all of As Dusk Falls’ endings, this guide will take you through all the possible outcomes of the game’s 13 characters, whose lives may be permanently changed in the six-part saga.

Vince Walker

Seven Endings Including Three Deaths

Vince has seven possible endings including three in which he dies. If you fail the quick time event during the motel bathroom fight with Dante, Vince may be electrocuted. Tyler is also able to drown him during the poolside showdown that takes place right after Dante’s fight.If Vince is taken hostage in the car with the Holts and doesn’t get out of the back seat while Tyler and Sharon are outside talking, he will die in the car crash that follows in the fourth episode.

If Vince survives, he could end up one of four possible ways, including getting a corporate job (if he accepts his former employer’s settlement offer) or opening a flight school (if he decides to take his former employer to court). If Vince and Michelle survive the crisis at the Desert Dream Motel, they will either stay together or divorce, depending on whether they have reconciled after Michelle’s infidelity.

Jay Holt

Five endings including two fatalities

The youngest holt, who you realize isn’t exactly a holt, can end up down one of several paths, most of which are tumultuous. Jay can be arrested in three different endings.In one of them he receives grace. In another he is executed. In the third such ending, he escapes to Mexico, but is later reported to the police by Zoe when he refuses to forgive him.

If Jay escapes to Canada and Zoe doesn’t report him, he can live free or kill himself depending on Zoe’s reaction to his apology.

Zoe Walker – As Dusk Falls Endings Guide & All Characters

Six Deathless Ends

Since an elderly Zoe is the narrator of the story, she obviously can’t die before we reach her in 2012.But even after that, his life will never be in serious danger; Look for her in the sequel, we bet. Zoe’s ending revolves around how she treats Jay and her career prospects. You can visit Jay in one of four different endings, two in prison and two in Canada. When he visits Jay in prison, he arrives when Jay is about to be executed. Zoe can attend’s execution or refuse to attend.If you visit Jay in Canada you can spare Jay or hand him over to the police.

Regardless, Zoe’s education changes due to her emotional well-being at the end of the story, and she chooses to stay in journalism school or drop out.

Michelle Walker

Four endings including one death

Michelle is usually alive in Zoe’s college years, but she may not live to see it if she gets shot in the Desert Dream hostage crisis and is not treated for her wounds when the Holts release a single hostage of Vince’s choosing. When the police first storm the motel, Michelle is shot if Vince chooses for the group to run for the door rather than stay where they are, so players can avoid her wound entirely if they don’t run for the door. If she does survive the motel, Michelle can stay married to Vince if they both survive and have previously reconciled their issues regarding Michelle’s affair–in some playthroughs, players don’t even learn that Michelle actually did have this affair. If she divorces Vince or if he dies, Michelle remarries–a detail Zoe isn’t too fond of, we found.

Sharon Holt – As Dusk Falls Endings Guide & All Characters

Two endings including no deaths

Though the Holt family matriarch cannot die in As Dusk Falls, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows for her. In one ending, she flees to Mexico alone. In another, she flees with Paul. These depend on Paul’s actions when Dante visits his trailer. In Sharon’s worst ending, she is caught trying to flee and is sent to prison.


Three endings including no deaths

Like his once (and perhaps future) flame, Paul can’t die, but he may not live a quaint life in the end. Paul can escape to Mexico with Sharon if their attempt to flee the trailer is a success. He could also be caught there as Sharon flees alone, or he could side with Dante and turn Sharon into the police.


Five endings including no deaths

Jay’s accomplice and possible girlfriend will survive the story no matter what you do, but her life will be forever changed in any event, as she always crosses paths with the fugitive, Jay. She can escape to Canada with Jay, where she is said to leave him six years later, according to Jay in his talk with Zoe. She can also be arrested with Jay in the National Park. In two different points in the National Park, Jay can leave Vanessa behind, including during his fateful cliff jump to freedom. If Jay surrenders, Vanessa may also be allowed to go free. A lot of this depends on whether or not Jay comes clean with who he is during the night after the party. Vanessa will stay by Jay’s side through all the hardships to come provided she doesn’t learn from her father that Jay is a fugitive. She needs to hear it from Jay.

Tyler Holt – As Dusk Falls Endings Guide & All Characters

Three endings including one death

Tyler has three endings, and each of them is rather sad. He can die at his family’s cabin if Dante was made aware of its existence by Joyce’s son, Ash. He can also be caught and sent to prison or escape imprisonment completely, but his freedom is somewhat limited even in the latter case: He quietly works on an oil rig far away and keeps his head down, seemingly estranged from his family. He’s arrested only if Jay lets Tyler fall from the tree and hurt his leg when they’re arguing in the woods.

Dale Holt

Two endings including two deaths

Dale’s fate is sealed no matter what, and he never lives to see the morning after the hostage crisis begins. But when this happens is somewhat in the player’s hands. If Vince chooses not to warn Tyler about the police sniper, he will be shot in the head in that very moment. If Vince does warn him, Dale’s life continues for only a short while longer, as he is eventually killed in the final shootout at the motel. Dale never makes it to the getaway car with his family.


Two endings including one death

The absentee father figure of the Holt clan has two straightforward endings, and players directly choose in one single moment how his story ends. When Bear heads to the shed to quietly hang himself, Jay spots his suicide note, causing him to run to the shed. There he finds Bear hanging and can elect to either cut him down or let him kill himself.

In either event, the Holts still owe a gambling debt to the shady loan sharks, so the robbery and eventual hostage situation unfold no matter what, but whether or not Bear is recovering in the hospital is up to you.

Jim Walker

Two endings including no deaths

Vince’s dad has plenty of secrets of his own, and while you can only maximally uncover some of them in any playthrough, his relationship with his son can change based on how they’ve gotten along in the story. Jim can either be estranged from Vince or remain on good terms with him, assuming Vince is alive at the end himself.

In either case, the game ends with a cliffhanger that suggests Jim has been shot just as Zoe is arriving to visit him, setting up what looks to be a sequel in the series’ future.


Two endings including one death

The manager of the Desert Dream Motel can either be shot and killed or survive the hostage crisis, and it all comes down to one scene. When Joyce and Vince’s dog, Zeus, are each making a lot of noise, Dale grows angry and trigger-happy. Failing to calm Joyce down in this scene will result in Joyce being killed by gunshot.

If you’re wondering, there is no version where Zeus is harmed, so don’t worry about it.

Big Sam – As Dusk Falls Endings Guide & All Characters

Three endings including one death

Big Sam is the cop who stops in for a drink and some chit-chat early in the game’s first episode, and how you play this scene will determine whether Sam survives or not. If you hide Joyce’s bloody earring, Sam will come and go none the wiser. If you allow him to see it but try to play it off like nothing is wrong, Sam will clandestinely call for backup when he leaves, after alerting Vince he plans to do so. If Sam is persuaded to confront the Holts head-on, he will die in the ensuing shootout.

As Dusk Falls Best Ending

The “best” ending is open to interpretation, of course, but most players tend to think of it as “the one where the fewest people die.” In As Dusk Falls, you actually can complete the story with virtually no one dying–sorry Dale, not you–so here’s a quick explainer on how to achieve that ending.

With Vince, you must:

  • Forgive Michelle for her affair
  • Hide Joyce’s bloody earring from Big Sam, or just don’t tell him you’re being held hostage
  • Ask Joyce to calm down when she and Zeus are both making Dale upset
  • Make amends with your dad, Jim, whenever possible
  • Choose to sue the airline
  • Don’t run for the door when the police assault the motel
  • Survive Dante’s attack after the bus crash
  • Drop your weapon when confronted by the Holts near the pool
  • Get out of the Holts’ car when Sharon and Tyler are arguing outside

With Jay you must:

  • Save Bear from his suicide attempt
  • Save Tyler when he’s slipping from the tree
  • Be honest with Vanessa as much as possible, but do not be possessive of her during the party
  • Jump into the water with Vanessa at the National Park

With Ash you must:

  • Not tell Dante about the Holts’ cabin

With Zoe you must:

  • Make amends with Jay when he escapes to Canada

With Paul you must:

  • Choose to flee with Sharon and help her do so

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