Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Recollection Quest Walkthrough

Recollection Quest Walkthrough

Recollection Tips

  • Talk to the Collector in Gorlyn
  • Head to Daidalos’ Fort, southwest of Gorlyn
  • Enter Daidalos’ Armory in a small cave in the Fort
  • Take Theseus’s Armor

Scout Out the Fort with Ikaros

Check for enemy positions and numbers with Ikaros and create a route for you to take in infiltrating the Fort. You can also check for enemy supplies that you can loot while on the way.

Stealth Kill Enemies to Clear Your Route

Charging in and alerting of the enemies of your presence will talk a lot of time. Opt for sneaking inside the fort and stealth killing any enemies that you come across with.

Congratulations! Recollection quest done.

Recollection Quest Rewards


        XP                                         Dramachea                              Gilded Staff

Upon completion of this quest you will gain.



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