Atlas – Kraken How to Kill ?

Atlas How to Kill Kraken Boss

How to kill the Kraken. The biggest boss in the game.

Prepare and Kill

When accumulating Power Stone for at least 8 pieces (no need to use Power Stone from Ghost Ship v.15.1)

You can travel to the Center Maw (Center Point of Grid H8)

When arriving, Kraken will appear immediately and you only have 1 hour.

You have to get rid of all its mustaches first.

When all its mustaches are eliminated It will fall down to have a sphere. Floating up to attack that sphere (the sphere is the weakness of Kraken. If the HP of this sphere runs out, it will die)

Each round of attack will make Kraken rise again with all its tentacles. We will have to get rid of its mustache again. To make the sphere rise again.

I got 5 rounds of attack to get rid of it successfully.

When getting rid of it You will receive this item.

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