Backpack Battles Recipes & Item Combinations

In Backpack Battles, the best items are created through combinations. If you want to craft a powerful item, you need to combine different items. You can find the list of all item combination recipes in our Backpack Battles guide. These are all the recipes currently in the game. We’ll add new recipes to our guide when they’re discovered. If you’ve found a new combination, please write the recipe in the comments.

November 29, 2023: We updated Backpack Battles Crafting Recipes

Backpack Battles Recipes

Here are the recipes for all items in Backpack Battles:

  1. Wooden Sword + 2x Whetstone = Hero Sword
  2. Hero Sword + 2x Whetstone = Hero Longsword
  3. Hero Sword + 2x Gloves of Haste = Falcon Sword
  4. The Red Sword + The Thorn Whip = Thorny Vampire Sword
  5. Thorn Whip + Hungry Blade = Bloodthorne
  6. Mana Orb + Hungry Blade = Manathirst
  7. Gloves of Haste + Walrus Tusk = Claws of Attack
  8. Dagger + Pestilence Flask = Poison Dagger
  9. Dagger + Blood Amulet = Blood Dagger
  10. Dagger + Mana Orb = Spectral Dagger
  11. Demonic Flask + Lightsaber = Darksaber
  12. Wooden Buckler + Walrus Tusk = Spiked Shield
  13. Gloves + Blood Amulet = Vampiric Gloves
  14. Armor + Blood Amulet = Vampiric Armor
  15. Health Potion + 2x Healing Herbs = Strong Health Potion
  16. Armor Potion + 2x Rocks = Strong Armor Potion
  17. Heroic Potion + Banana = Strong Heroic Potion
  18. Broom + Mana Orb = Magic Staff
  19. Magic Staff + Acorn Collar = Critwood Staff
  20. Magic Staff + Demonic Flask = Staff of Unhealing
  21. Piggybank + 2x Lucky Clover = Lucky Piggy
  22. Ruby Whelp + Holy Fire Lizard card = Ruby Chonk
  23. Goobert + 2 Fly Argaric = Poison Goobert
  24. Goobert + Hero Sword = Steel Goobert
  25. Goobert + Blood Amulet = Blood Goobert
  26. Goobert + Lightsaber = Light Goobert
  27. Goobert + Light Goobert + Blood Goobert + Steel Goobert + Poison Goobert = Rainbow Goobert Omegaooze Prime Slime

How to use recipes?

When you purchase an item from the shop and put it in your backpack alongside another, you might uncover a recipe. If the recipe is right, the next time you return to the shop, something exciting will be crafted! The game will make sure to notify you so you won’t overlook it.

Item Combinations

In Backpack Battles, you can get a more powerful weapon by combining two different items. Here we explain what you can get by combining which items.

Sword Recipes

Known Sword combinations and recipes in Backpack Battle:

Hero Sword

Hero Sword Recipe

You can craft this by combining a Wooden Sword with 2 Whetstones.

Hero Longsword

Hero Longsword Recipe

This is an evolution of the Hero Sword, created by adding 2 Whetstones.

Falcon Sword

Falcon Sword Recipe

To make this, combine a Hero Sword with 2 Gloves of Haste.


Bloodthorne Recipe

Forge this powerful weapon by fusing a Thorn Whip with a Hungry Blade.


Manathirst Recipe

Combine a Mana Orb with a Hungry Blade to create the Manathirst.

Claws of Attack

Claws of Attack Recipe

Combine a Gloves of Haste with a Walrus Tusk to create the Claws of Attack.

Dagger Recipes

Known Dagger combinations and recipes in Backpack Battle:

Poison Dagger

Poison Dagger Recipe

Mix a Dagger with a Pestilence Flask to craft a Poison Dagger.

Bloody Dagger

Bloody Dagger Recipe

Upgrade a Dagger into a Blood Dagger by combining it with a Blood Amulet.

Spectral Dagger

Spectral Dagger Recipe

Create this mystical weapon by fusing a Dagger with a Mana Orb.


Darksaber Recipe

Forge the Darksaber by combining a Demonic Flask with a Lightsaber.

Armor Recipes

Known Armor combinations and recipes in Backpack Battle:

Spiked Shield

Spiked Shield Recipe

Craft a Spiked Shield by combining a Wooden Buckler with a Walrus Tusk.

Vampiric Gloves

Vampiric Gloves Recipe

These gloves can be created by merging regular Gloves with a Blood Amulet.

Vampiric Armor

Vampiric Armor Recipe

Combine your regular Armor with a Blood Amulet to craft Vampiric Armor.

Potion Recipes

Known Potion combinations and recipes in Backpack Battle:

Strong Health Potion

Strong Health Potion Recipe

Make this potent health potion by mixing a Health Potion with 2 Healing Herbs.

Strong Stone Skin Potion

Strong Stone Skin Potion Recipe

Craft a Strong Stone Skin by combining an Armor Potion with 2 Rocks.

Strong Heroic Potion

Strong Heroic Potion Recipe

Enhance a Heroic Potion by adding a Banana to it.

Staff Recipes

Known Staff combinations and recipes in Backpack Battle:

Magic Staff

Magic Staff Recipe

Combine a Broom with a Mana Orb to craft a Magic Staff.

Critwood Staff

Critwood Staff Recipe

Evolve your Magic Staff by combining it with an Acorn Collar to create the Critwood Staff.

Wand of Unhealing

Wand of Unhealing Recipe

Create a Wand of Unhealing by fusing a Magic Staff with a Demonic Flask.

Special Items & Goobert Recipes

Gooberts and Special Item combinations and recipes in Backpack Battle:

Lucky Piggy

Lucky Piggy Recipe

This accessory can be crafted by combining a Piggy Bank with a 2x Lucky Clover.

Ruby Chonk

Ruby Chonk Recipe

This item can be crafted by combining a Ruby Whelp with a Holy Fire Lizard card.

Poison Goobert

Poison Goobert Recipe

Mix a Goobert with 2 Fly Argaric to create a Poison Goobert.

Steel Goobert

Steel Goobert Recipe

Evolve your Goobert into a Steel Goobert by combining it with a Hero Sword.

Blood Goobert

Blood Goobert Recipe

Merge a Goobert with a Blood Amulet to create a Blood Goobert.

Light Goobert

Light Goobert Recipe

Combine a Goobert with a Lightsaber to forge a Light Goobert.

Rainbow Goobert Omegaooze Prime Slime

Rainbow Goobert Omegaooze Prime Slime Recipe

This incredible result can be obtained by mixing Light Goobert, Blood Goobert, Steel Goobert, and Poison Goobert. It’s a unique and powerful creation in the game.

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