Barotrauma – Reactor Guide How to Work

The Reactor is a semi-complex machine in Barotrauma but no worries! I’ll teach you how to […]

The Reactor is a semi-complex machine in Barotrauma but no worries! I’ll teach you how to efficiently work this lad out.


As you can see in this picture you have to keep your heat in level between these two red indicators. Being too low or too high on those will lead to power issues and possible reactor problems.

The Load is showing the amount of power the sub currently needs. Going over that number will supercharge the batteries but may lead to junction boxes overheating or possibly outright breaking.


I will be covering the important alerts.

You can make a normal sub into a great sub by monitoring the reactor’s alerts! In this picture you can see all the alerts off which is perfect

Normally if you are running on automatic control you should only have output low icon on at almost all times, don’t be scared tho its a normal thing and it won’t lead to you exploding but it will lead a trainwreck of problems if it flickers at a wrong time like the nav console losing power at a critical fight.

Overheating! The dangerous beast should never be a problem unless you are manually controlling the reactor. In which case WHY DID YOU LEAVE THE REACTOR! Anyways, There is always a minute and a half before the entire reactor bursts into flames when this is flickering so be fast! and turn the reactor off using the hand dandy switch on the upper right!

Scram is you know, scram! Usually, a button allows this to trigger which is can be located (In official subs) On the Nav console. You should only use this when you know ur done for and can’t deal to fix the fire.

Fission and Turbines

The worlds most important tool for any engineer out there who think them selfs robust are these two dials! You will usualy look at these when you are manualy controlling the reactor, they allow you to precisly control the output of your reactor and heat.

The Fission

It will generate the heat you need to convert into energy. You won’t be using this most of the time as the real trooper is the


This god damn thing will take the heat and convert it into energy, The turbines take the generated heat and turn it into energy If you have your turbine off and fusion on you will see a lot more heat then when the turbine was on. This makes it great to control your reactor from overheating!

Manual Control

Don’t be scared of the manual control. Its only taken me an hour to master this and its pretty effective at given situations.

(The sub is a standstill so don’t worry about the Output alert)
That is my usual 4-rod manual control. It allows you to generate a fucton of power and allows you to fire 5 guns at the same time and drive the sub!

The only and I mean the only thing you need to keep in mind is the heat. Heat is an easy thing to cover and will need you to either 1 lower the fission rate or 2 crank up the fission rate on my setup

The only disadvantage you have with this is that you will need to dedicate your self to the reactor at all times.

You can also do the same with 2 rods or 3 rods but its more efficient to run the thing on damn 4 rods as you get much more bang for the buck from it

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