Battle Brothers Best Mods (2022)

Welcome to our Battle Brothers Best Mods guide. If you are ready, this guide will show you all the mods!

Battle Brothers Best Mods

Legends Mod, Modding Script Hooks, Bro Editor, Tweak and fixes, Smart Recruiter, Faster Mod, Settlement Situation…

Legends Mod Beta

The biggest overhaul mod for Battle Brothers increases replayability and variety. Alternate starts, commanders, camping, world generation, art, effects, new enemies, new weapons, new abilities and all the changes!

  • Download Legends Mod Beta > here

Modding Script Hooks – Battle Brothers Best Mods

Implement mods without overwriting whole files, to improve mod compatibility. Declare dependencies and other relationships between mods.

  • Download Modding Script Hooks > here

Tweak and Fixes Mod – Battle Brothers Best Mods

A collection of small tweaks and fixes that can be separately installed.

  • Download Tweak and Fixes Mod > here

Bro Editor Mod

The mod adds an in-game editor which you can use to alter the characteristics of your bros.

– Attributes (also action points, daily wage and food consumption) and talents;
– Perk points and experience;
– Traits and permanent injuries;
– Background (BG button);
– Biography (not recommended if you use mods that store extra info in bros’ biographies, such as Smart Recruiter for Legends, the special formatting of those sections will be lost if you try to edit them);
– Hair color and beard color (anything you wish – red, green, pink, whatever).

  • Download Bro Editor Mod > here

Smart Recruiter Mod

Are you tired of roleplaying a halfwit who just can’t understand it’s a good idea to test potential recruits before hiring them? Have your character(s) never thought of giving them a sword and a shield and asking them to block some strikes or giving them a bow and asking to shoot a target or asking them to do some simple exercises that would test their reflexes and stamina?

  • Download Smart Recruiter Mod > here

Faster Mod – Battle Brothers Mods

This mod significantly speeds up combat, camping, and escorting caravans. It also adds two more speeds on the world map. You can press ‘3’ for 4x speed and ‘4’ for 8x speed

  • Download Faster Mod > here

Settlement Situation Tooltips Mod

Shows the effects of the settlement situation in the tooltip in the settlement interface.

  • Download Settlement Situation Tooltips Mod> here

Pause without Conflicts Mod

This simple mod adds autopause when sighting an enemy party and at dawn while camping, and does so without conflicting with other mods.

  • Download Pause without Conflicts Mod> here

Tryout Challenges Mod – Battle Brothers Mods

Reveals both the talent stars and skills when trying out a new brother

  • Download Tryout Challenges Mod> here

Stronghold Mod

Build a base for your company. Add buildings and locations, store items and brothers, get good trading deals and more.

  • Download Stronghold Mod> here

Level All the Skills Mod

Usually you must choose 3 skills to increase each level. Now you can increase them all, every time. Ultrabros has a similar option, but requires config. this is just set and forget.

  • Download Level All the Skills Mod> here

Tryout Talents Alternative Mod

This is a slightly modified version of original Tryout Talents mod, which was created by Rule303. At first I only updated his mod to work with the new “Warriors of the North” DLC, but after he released new version I started having some problems with the mod. In this version I tried to fix all the bugs from original Tryout Talents and the mod should now work fine with both new and saved/loaded games.

  • Download Tryout Talents Alternative Mod> here

Event Frequency Mod – Battle Brothers Mods

This mod increases the frequency of events triggering on the world map. There are currently 5 versions of this mod that each increase the frequency so you can use whichever one suits your playstyle the best.

  • Download Event Frequency Mod> here

Craft Named Weapons Mod

This mod lets you craft named weapons at the Taxidermist.

  • Download Craft Named Weapons Mod> here

18 Bros in Battle Mod – Battle Brothers Mods

Supports 18 bros in battle and 9 in reserve (27 total). Scales contract difficulty up to 18 bros too

  • Download 18 Bros in Battle Mod> here

Ultra Bros Mod

Adds options to customize stats, talents and perk related things of mercenaries. And more.

  • Download Ultra Bros Mod> here

More Recruits Mod

This mod increases the number of recruits available in settlements. Note that it won’t take effect immediately, since settlements only update their roster every few days.

  • Download More Recruits Mod> here

Salvage Named Items Mod

Ever annoyed when you get a cool named shield and in next battle an orc warrior casually destroys it? With this mod you can salvage your named shields and weapons after combat even if they get broken. Mod applies to weapons and shields.

  • Download Salvage Named Items Mod> here

Russian Translation For Legends Mod – Battle Brothers Mods

Ручная установка русификатора (не рекомендуется): распаковать файлы (.dat и папка gfx) из скачанного 7z архива в папку data игры с подтверждением замены. Архив 7z можно удалить, он не нужен. Файл мода (mod_legends_15_0_х_х.zip) должен лежать рядом в виде zip-архива (не распаковывать). Желательно прямо в том виде, в котором был скачан из источника.

  • Download Russian Translation For Legends Mod> here

Uncapped Perk Points Mod

A very simple mod that not only uncaps perk points, but also lets you gain full stat developments after level 11.

  • Download Uncapped Perk Points Mod> here

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