Become Someone Cheat Codes

By using these cheats you can unlock some closed items in the game and get money.

Become Someone is an interactive text-based game developed by the independent game developer, It’s Anecdotal. In this guide, we will share the Become someone cheats codes with you. By using these cheat codes you can unlock some closed items in the game and have unlimited money. The game allows players to create a character and make decisions that shape their life and career path. The game is available on various platforms, including Android, iOS, and PC.

In Become Someone, players start by choosing their character’s name, gender, and background. The game begins with the character finishing high school and embarking on their journey to adulthood. From there, the player makes choices that affect their character’s career, relationships, and overall life trajectory.

The game has multiple endings and outcomes, depending on the choices made by the player. The decisions made by the player affect their character’s personality, skills, and experiences, leading to different opportunities and challenges. Players must balance their character’s needs, desires, and abilities to achieve success in their chosen career and personal life.

The game has an immersive storyline with various twists and turns, including unexpected events and decisions that the player must make. The game also features various achievements and challenges to keep the player engaged and motivated throughout the game.

Overall, Become Someone is a unique and engaging game that allows players to experience the challenges and opportunities of adulthood in a fun and interactive way. The game’s multiple outcomes and storylines make each playthrough unique, providing endless hours of gameplay and entertainment.

Cheat codes for Become Someone game.
Become Someone Cheats

Become Someone Cheats

Become Someone is an HTML Game so for example if you have opened it in Chrome just open the game, press F12 and go to the console where you can enter all those commands.


How to Unlock the Gallery

The variables seem to be set up as an array under each person’s gallery.

For example, this is how it looks for Abigail:

  •[ 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0 ]

If you change all of the 0 variables to 1 it will unlock the gallery scenes:

  •[ 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1]

The time-consuming part is that you will have to edit all of the arrays for each character, but it can be accomplished!

You can use an alternative method to unlock the gallery if you want, but the previous one is easier:

  • Object.keys(SugarCube.State.variables).forEach((key, i) => {
  • const shortCut = SugarCube.State.variables
  • if(shortCut[key].hasOwnProperty(“gallery”)){
  • shortCut[key].gallery.forEach((val, n) => {
  • shortCut[key].gallery[n] = 1
  • })
  • }
  • })

Money Cheat

As you may have already deduced, the money cheat is one of the State Variables cheats, you just have to find the line


The value on the right, after the “=” will be the value of your money in the game. So basically this cheat means infinite money, since you can change the value whenever you want.

We hope that you have liked these cheats and have made your experience in the Become Someone game much easier.

  • Money Code: Fv7ghR

We shared all the Become Someone cheat codes with you in our guide. If you have a problem with the codes, feel free to let us know in the comments. See you guys in another Become Someone article!

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