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Best Starfield Outpost Locations

In Starfield, everyone seeks a best first Outpost, but consider resources too. Optimal location strengthens your crew.

In Starfield, everyone is trying to build their first Outpost on a beautiful planet. But does beauty alone satisfy you? You need to find the best outpost location for your crew. You should prefer planets where resources are abundant and diverse. The more resources you can access, the easier it will be to strengthen yourself and your crew. We have researched the Best Starfield Outpost locations in this solar system for you. Let’s choose a planet for your team!

Best Outpost Locations

Finding the ideal outpost location can significantly impact your game progress. In this guide, we’ll explore the best outpost location and the essential elements for your first outpost setup.


When it comes to selecting the best outpost location in your game, it’s crucial to consider accessibility, available resources, and the overall viability for survival. In this guide, we’ll explore the top pick: “Nesoi” in the Olympus system, located east of Alpha Centauri. This planet offers a balanced mix of resources and a comfortable environment to kickstart your outpost.

Nesoi is the Best Outpost Location in Starfield game

Accessibility and Resources

  • To ensure accessibility and ample resources, choose “Nesoi” in the Olympus system, located east of Alpha Centauri.
  • While it lacks Aluminum and Tungsten, it offers abundant Iron, Water, Uranium, Argon, Benzene, Iridium, Tantalum, and Carboxylic Acids.
  • For Aluminum, visit nearby Aranae.

Flora and Fauna

  • Nesoi boasts lush flora, perfect for gathering Sealant material and other valuable resources.
  • Its fauna provides fibers and various useful materials.
  • Explore a Civilian Outpost, an Industrial Outpost, and a Deserted Biotics Lab for additional resources.

Climate and Terrain

  • Nesoi features a temperate climate with no extreme weather conditions.
  • No specialized skills are needed to build on this planet.
  • The ample flat ground is ideal for constructing your outpost.

Best Outpost Choice For Beginners

Qualifications for the Best Starting Outpost:

  1. Essential Resources: Your first outpost location should have all the basic resources and elements necessary for constructing advanced structures and research projects.
  2. Decent Environmental Conditions: Favor planets with favorable environmental conditions, as this affects your outpost’s power generation and overall efficiency.

Priority Resources: Iron and Aluminum

  • Purpose: These resources are vital for crafting robust materials and advancing outpost development research.
  • Strategy: Establish an Extractor on a biome that offers both Iron and Aluminum for efficient mining.

Optimal Starting Outpos Andraphon

Best Starting Outpost Location Andraphon in Starfield game.
  • Location: Andraphon is a moon orbiting the planet Sumati in the Narion system.
  • Resource Highlights: Andraphon boasts Iron, Aluminum, Helium, and Beryllium.
  • Strategic Advantage: Specific locations on Andraphon enable you to set up an outpost for simultaneous mining of all four elements.

By selecting Andraphon as your starting outpost location, you set the stage for a successful journey in Starfield. Gather the essential Iron and Aluminum while taking advantage of the additional resources available on this moon.

First Things to do In Outpost

Now that you’ve chosen Nesoi as your outpost location, let’s consider what your first outpost should have:

  1. Power Source: Start by building a Solar Array to ensure a stable power supply.
  2. Habitat: Establish a place to live, such as an Outpost Airlock with a Prefab like the Four-Wall Hab or the Small-Hex Hab connected to it.
  3. Mining Extractors: Prioritize Iron and Aluminum Extractors to begin resource collection while you focus on other tasks.
  4. Storage Container: Set up a Storage Container to efficiently manage your gathered resources.
  5. Crew Station: As resources permit, construct a Crew Station to bring in Crew Members and accelerate outpost growth.
  6. Industrial Workbench: Build an Industrial Workbench early on, enabling you to craft necessary components for specific buildings.

Choosing the best outpost location, such as Nesoi in the Olympus system, and setting up your first outpost with essential components like power sources, living spaces, extractors, and an industrial workbench will kickstart your journey in the game. Make the most of the abundant resources and strategic planning to thrive in your new outpost.

Optimal Locations for Building Outpost

Are you ready to establish your outposts in Starfield for maximum resource efficiency and convenience? Look no further! In this guide, we’ll explore some prime locations within the game where you can set up your outposts for success. Let’s dive into it:

Linnaeus IV-b

Linnaeus IV-b Planet in Starfield game
  • Location: Moon orbiting Linnaeus IV in the Linnaeus system.
  • Available Resources: Water (H2O), Helium-3 (He-3), Aluminum (Al), Iron (Fe), Lead (Pb), Beryllium (Be), HnCn, Ytterbium (Yb)
  • Recommendation: Linnaeus IV-b offers a diverse range of resources, making it an excellent choice for establishing multiple outposts. Take advantage of its abundant elements to support your endeavors.


Zamka Planet in Starfield game
  • Location: Moon orbiting Olivas, within the Alpha Centauri system.
  • Available Resources: Helium, Water, Nickel, Copper, Iron, Uranium, Cobalt, Vanadium.
  • Recommendation: Zamka presents a fantastic opportunity as it’s conveniently located within the starting system of Alpha Centauri. With eight available elements and temperate landscapes, this moon is an ideal outpost location for both beginners and seasoned explorers.

Pyrocyon III

Pyrocyon III Planet in Starfield game
  • Location: A pivotal planet in the main story of Starfield.
  • Available Resources: Copper, Argon, Fluorine, Neon, Tetrafluorides, Ionic Liquids.
  • Recommendation: Pyrocyon III is a prime outpost location, particularly for advanced players. Its favorable climate, low-level wildlife, and rare elements make it an attractive choice. Consider establishing an outpost here to harness its unique resource offerings.


Titan Planet in Starfield game
  • Location: Moon of the planet Saturn in our own Sol System.
  • Skill Requirement: Planetary Habitation skill (due to extreme cold).
  • Available Resources: Tungsten and Titanium in abundance.
  • Recommendation: Titan, although a moon, is a remarkable late-game outpost location right within our own solar system. With its abundant reserves of Tungsten and Titanium, it’s perfect for late-game resource farming. Just be prepared to tackle the extreme cold with the Planetary Habitation skill.

Volii Epsilon

Volii Epsilon Planet in Starfield game
  • Location: Mineral-rich planet within the Volii System.
  • Available Resources: Varied resources available in close proximity.
  • Recommendation: Volii planet is a mid-game paradise for outpost builders. Its mineral-rich soil offers quick access to a plethora of resources, making it an optimal choice for those in the middle stages of the game. Furthermore, its proximity to other planets ensures that you’re never far from the resources you desire.


  • Location: A primary planet in Starfield with New Atlantis city.
  • Available Resources: Multiple biomes with diverse resources.
  • Recommendation: Jemison, being a central hub in the game, offers access to various biomes and abundant resources. The proximity to New Atlantis ensures easy vendor access, making it a strategic choice for setting up outposts.

Remember that the success of your outposts in Starfield largely depends on your strategy and goals. Choose the location that aligns best with your objectives and resource needs. Happy outpost building, and may your journeys through the cosmos be prosperous!

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