Blasphemous 2 Special Figure Pairings (Named Resonances)

Discover optimal special figure pairings in Blasphemous 2 with our expert guide. Maximize effects and create synergies for an edge in battles.

Hello from our Blasphemous 2 Special Figure Pairings (Named Resonances) guide. In Blasphemous 2 you can pair certain figures with each other to create special named Resonances. These named Resonances are more powerful than other combinations as they unlock special bonuses.

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Blasphemous 2 Special Figure Pairings (Named Resonances)

Welcome to our Blasphemous 2 Special Figure Pairings (Named Resonances) guide. This guide contains all of the special named Resonances you can make.

How to Make All Special Named Resonances

All Special Figure Pairings (Named Resonances)

To make the special named Resonances you must slot specific figures together in the Altarpiece of Favours. When you do this the figures get gold symbols over their heads and become connected by a flaming orb. When a named Resonance is active it gives you additional buffs to specific aspects of the game including weapons, the Bile Flask, dodging, and Prayers.

If you have a Resonance active you can read about its effect by accessing the Resonance tab on the Altarpiece of Favours screen. The complete details of each pairing and what they do can be found in the table below.

Figure 1Figure 2Resonance NameEffect
The Anointed OneThe Purified OneDeflagrationBoosts some of Veredicto’s hits, creating bursts of Fire when activated
The Anointed OneThe AlchemistVenomous ResinReplaces Verdicto’s embers with toxic incense, causing its blows to create clouds of Miasma
The Anointed OneThe ConfessorPurging BronzeInflames Veredicto with dark fire born of Guilt itself. Increase damage depending on accumulated Guilt
The ThuriferThe Selfless FatherBurning FaithReduces Fervour consumption to zero by keeping Veredicto in an Active state
The Ecstatic NoviceViridianaSlaughterExecuting an enemy halts the passage of time for a few seconds
The Ecstatic NoviceNacimientoAlchemical TimeDrinking a Bile Flask halts the passage of time for a few seconds
The ScribeNacimientoLiquid FaithDrinking a Bile Flask regenerates a good amount of Fervour
The Veteran OneThe TempestStormrageSarmiento & Cantella’s strikes can create chain lighting bolts that damage nearby enemies
The Veteran OneThe GuideSpellbladeVerdadera Destreza charges Sarmiento & Centella’s blades with currents of Mystical damage. In addition, Sacred Lunge casts a shadow that strikes after a short moment
The Veteran OneThe ConfessorPurging SilverA dark storm born of Guilt itself sweeps across the silver. Increases the damage of Sarmiento & Centella’s lightning bolts depending on the amount of Guilt accumulated
The PilgrimNacimientoSecond WindDrinking a Bile Flask regenerates all Verdadera Destreza markers
The PillagerThe TempestStorm StepsDodging creates lightning bolts, which damage nearby enemies
The PillagerThe AlchemistBriar and ThornWhen dodging, a barrier of thorns is invoked, damaging and piercing through enemies
The PartisanThe Demented OneEndless WrathKilling an enemy during Blood Pact renews its duration
The PartisanThe AlchemistContagionBlocking an attack creates a whirlpool of Miasma that damages nearby enemies
The Punished OneThe GuideRosary of TormentReaper Rosary launches a cutting wave that causes mystical damage
The Punished OneThe ConfessorPurging SteelA dark force born of one’s own Guilt runs through the Ruego Al Alba. Increases Mystical damage of Blood Pact depending on the Guilt accumulated
The Punished OneThe TempestGalvanic PleadBlood Pact imbues the blade of Ruego Al Alba with lightning
TrifonThe AlchemistThorned RetortCreates a barrier of thorns when struck, inflicting Miasma damage
The Woman of the Stolen FaceThe FlagellantOrison ApocryphaIntones occult versions of certain prayers, which should never again be uttered
The slot you place either figure 1 or figure 2 doesn’t matter. The duos simply need to be placed together to activate their named Resonance.
Blasphemous 2 Special Figure Pairings (Named Resonances)
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