Blasphemous Map 2022

Welcome to our Blasphemous Map 2022 guide. Map and all the Locations and locations witll all the antiques, products and sights significant.

Blasphemous Map 2022

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Locations – Blasphemous Map 2022

  • Brotherhood of the Silent Sorrow: This area has a Confessor Statue, Chapel of Travel, and Mea Culpa Altar. The Jailed Ghost can also be found here
  • Holy Line: This is the first area the Penitent One encounters after the Brotherhood of the Silent Sorrow, and precedes Albero
  • Petrous: ancient and forsaken place, hidden in an underground cave within the Holy Line
  • Albero: is a village located on the outskirts of Cvstodia
  • Wasteland of the Buried Churches is the area right after Albero. From here, the Penitent One can either continue on to Where Olive Trees Wither or Mercy Dreams
  • Mercy Dreams appears to be an old prison, with cells, chains, and crumbling walls throughout the area
  • The Desecrated Cistern is a very large sewer with passages to several areas. It is first accessed via Mercy Dreams
  • Echoes of Salt is an area connecting the Mountains of the Endless Dusk, Jondo, and the Desecrated Cistern added in The Stir of Dawn DLC.
  • Mountains of the Endless Dusk is one of the mountainous regions of Cvstodia, whose valley is home to the great bell Jondo
  • Jondo is located below Mountains of the Endless Dusk and above Grievance Ascends. It is dark and gray, with many ladders, lifts, and climbable walls
  • Grievance Ascends is below Jondo, and the source of a phenomenon known as the Groan. This originates from the Tres Angustias

Enclosed Convent

  • Where Olive Trees Wither: his area can be accessed via Wasteland of the Buried Churches and precedes Graveyard of the Peaks
  • Graveyard of the Peaks is part of the cold, mountainous region of Cvstodia, and can be accessed via Where Olive Trees Wither and Albero
  • The Convent of Our Lady of the Charred Visage is an abbey located atop the snowy mountains, and is accessible via Graveyard of the Peaks
  • The Bridge of the Three Calvaries connects the Wasteland of the Buried Churches with the Mother of Mothers
  • The Ferrous Tree added in The Stir of Dawn DLC is a small, vertical area inside a hollow tree
  • Upon first arriving in Patio of the Silent Steps, Deogracias will be standing next to the Prie Dieu altar
  • Knot of the Three Words is located within the Mother of Mothers, and is where the First Miracle took place, according to Deogracias
  • The Mother of Mothers is a grand yet mysterious church, only accessible to those of high rank within the church
  • All the Tears of the Sea: small area added in the Strife & Ruin update. It can be found by continually going right from the Knot of the Three Words
  • The Library of the Negated Words is first accessed via the Mother of Mothers, with one passage advancing deeper into The Sleeping Canvases and another back up to the Patio of the Silent Steps
  • The Sleeping Canvases are heretical arts and artifacts, not meant for the faithful to see. No piece of art can imitate the holy beauty of the Miracle
  • The Archcathedral Rooftops provide a stunning view to the intricate architecture of the cathedral below and beyond
  • The Wall of the Holy Prohibitions is the prison of the Church
  • Deambulatory of His Holiness:

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