Blood West Cheevo Guide

Unlock Cheevos in Blood West! Discover the secrets with our comprehensive Cheevo guide, guiding you to success in achieving all your desired accomplishments.

How to get Cheevo in Blood West? If you are looking for the answer to this question, you are in the right place, you can get it using the information in this Blood West Cheevo guide.

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Blood West Cheevo Guide

This Blood West Cheevo guide will show you advice on how to get the Cheevoz in this game.

Chapter One

Main Quest

I Live Again

Blood West Cheevo Guide

  • Complete Tutorial

Gained when you talk to the Shaman after the tutorial area

Gotta Catch Em’ All

Blood West Cheevo Guide

  • Collect all Cursed Items in Chapter One

Every named area on the map has a piece of cursed gold there, which will cause a black swirling effect on screen when you get close. These are typically near the bottom or end of the area tied to it, or in the case of the Burial Mound and Fort, the center. Note that there’s alternate routes to the Church and Mine items on the far west side of the map that take you right to the room it’s in.

You’re looking for: A Gold Chunk (Mine, bottom), Gold Skull (Fort, Center building), Gold Star (Canyon, on the chest of a skeleton), Gold Chalice (Church, on the altar undergound), Gold Cauldron (Farm, underground), and a Gold Dagger (Burial Site, Center of area); you will receive hints on where most of them are eventually as well. After getting more than half of them, the game let’s you progress, but you get an added bonus if you keep searching for the cursed gold.

Bloody Roots

Blood West Cheevo Guide

  • Defeat the boss of Chapter One

The boss is a strange evil tree that periodically reveals a soft red pulsing weak spot. Fire bullets work the best, but gold rounds will also hit it hard. If you gain all the Cursed Gold, the Totem of Souls tells you about an alternate route that you can shoot red root pustules in order to hurt the boss. This can only half-kill the boss, you still need to finish it off by using the Raven Totem to teleport to the boss fight.

Pondering My Orbs

Blood West Cheevo Guide

  • Kill Chapter One boss without destroying it’s orbs

Flowers bearing red orbs will appear during the fight, you can shoot these in order to make it bare it’s weak spot. You DO NOT have to shoot them in order to kill the boss, it will reveal itself eventually.

Spike Dancer

Blood West Cheevo Guide

  • Kill Chapter One boss without getting hit by the spikes

Gonna be honest, no idea how I managed this. I just… didn’t get hit. Bubbles will form where the spikes are gonna strike, and if you have to there are platforms you can stand on. Note that other things that can hurt you are in the boss arena too, and they DO NOT COUNT for this.

Trial By The Roots

Blood West Cheevo Guide

  • Don’t die in Chapter One

For the sake of your sanity, try this after you’ve beaten the game. When it comes to all of the Don’t Die cheevoz, it’s just a matter of patiently disabling enemies from a distance and avoiding dangerous fights.

Side Quests

Blood Money

Blood West Cheevo Guide

  • Complete Jim Hooper’s Quest

The Watchtower is a named area on the side of the canyon, you have to fight your way in and get to the second floor where tucked next to a broken beam is a coin that’s been shot through, the game prompts you to go give it to Jim. I don’t know if refusing to give him the coin gets the cheevo, but to be honest it’s not worth keeping; you will be replacing it with much better artifacts in chapter two.

The Bush Is Moving!

Blood West Cheevo Guide

  • Kill a vendigo while drunk

This is so much easier than it sounds. There are several rums, whiskeys, and beers you can find. Drink a “weak alcohol” and then shove your shotgun in a Vendigo’s face. This works for the “Kill 50 things while Drunk” cheevo too, but Vendigo’s only spawn regularly in Chapter One. If you absolutely need to find one, go north to the Burial Mounds.

Chapter Two

Main Quest

Masked Mystery

Blood West Cheevo Guide

  • Meet Anabelle

She’s practically right next to you when the Chapter starts

Voodoo Daughter

Blood West Cheevo Guide

  • Meet Twen

She’s hidden in the Sawmill. Near the south of the compound is a path underground, downstairs you will see a hole in the base of the wall covered by a spiderweb. Twen’s in there. Her quest involves you going past her into a small contained area underground and fetching her item off the floor. She’ll then go back to camp when you return it to her.

Man Of The Cloth

Blood West Cheevo Guide

  • Meet Priest

I typically just go east out of the hideout to the fort and explore the cave beneath it because the Priest is looking for a divine relic, he won’t leave without it. You’ll know it when you see it, it’s in one of the rooms overlooking the underground docks. Once you have it, you can go up into the fort; the Priest is in that tower that overlooks the compound.

The Undead

Blood West Cheevo Guide

  • Meet the Undead

After you rescue the other two characters, you are told of somebody nearby that can point you in the right direction. The parts you need are located on the top floor of the gunsmith in the Alligator Farm, locked in a coffin by the Town church, and deep in the Cultist Caves.

Giant From Beyond

Blood West Cheevo Guide

  • Defeat the Chapter Two Boss

It’s another tree. This time it walks in a perfect circle while ignoring you through sheer force of will. Again just abuse the DoTs on fire bullets and plug it in the head with gold rounds.

Trial By The Tentacles

Blood West Cheevo Guide

  • Don’t die in Chapter two

Side Quests

For Whom The Bell Tolls?

Blood West Cheevo Guide

  • Decide who gets the cure

After you rescue the Priest he tells you that he is seeking a cure to his affliction via a cryptic and useless riddle. The circle of earth is north, just east of the gator farm. There’s three or so spectral gunslingers guarding a blue potion near the center. You can give it to Annabelle or The Priest; but we’re definitely giving it to Annabelle. Buy the bag from the Priest and then give the potion to Annabelle, since she actually sells ammunition and things you need while the Priest just sells potions and long ammo. Do I kill the useless vendor or the one that feeds my gun. Hard choice.


Blood West Cheevo Guide

  • Gave Annabelle her favorite flower

After you rescue Twen and Priest, you can ask Annabelle things. Say you are curious about her and ask what her favorite flower is. She reveals that she likes a type of flower that grows around fires. There’s a burnt down cottage in the northwest guarded by a squad of Deathstalkers, after learning about her favorite flower you can pick it up and give it to her. She’ll accept Angel’s Halo, but it won’rt give you the cheevo.

Alvaro’s Friend

Blood West Cheevo Guide

  • Find Alvaro in Chapter Two

A lot of the stumps have items concealed in them; if you walk up you can peer right inside. One of the stumps contains a blackened Raven skull which should allow you to teleport to Alvaro, who spouts gibberish and gives you a good relic afterwards. It’s suggested you immediately use a regular raven skull after you grab it instead of going downstairs.

Some people think the Raven is randomly placed, but I found it in the same stump other folks said it was in; which is just west of the hideout (hug the water to the north, it’s along the coast of the swamp)

Chapter Three

Main Quest

Old Friend, New Enemy

Blood West Cheevo Guide

  • Defeat the Chapter Three boss

The boss has several attacks that involve spreading fire, so you should stack as much fire resist as you can. When he grabs the platform there is a blind spot right next to his head that you can unload buckshot right into his skull from. Shotguns and revolvers don’t work well against him because he flies just out of effective range. If you packed plenty of health potions and fire resist then it’s a easy fight.

Trial By The Fire

Blood West Cheevo Guide

  • Don’t die in Chapter Three

Side Quests

Skin Dancer

Blood West Cheevo Guide

  • Complete Boo Hag’s Quest

Textbook fetch quest. The Boo Hag appears at the Undead Camp halfway into the main quest. Go where indicated and look for a small square cellar entrance; the item you’re looking for is on a shelf. As a reward you get told about several hidden caches of supplies; there’s nothing good there and it’s not required for the cheevo.

Price of Science

Blood West Cheevo Guide

  • Complete the Doctor’s quest

After completing his assignments for the main quest, you can return to him and he will tell you about the fellow that’s been writing all those notes you’ve been finding. Go to the indicated spot and gather both the note and monocle for the Doctor.

Alvaro’s Best Friend

Blood West Cheevo Guide

  • Find Alvaro in Chapter Three

RNG, the Cheevo. Follow the tracks until you find a red train car near the Circus, inside is a cursed die that will be rolled every five minutes or when resting. On a six, you will be teleported to a random cave. What we’re looking for is another black raven skull, it will be on the floor or placed on a rock. Again, some folks say it’s random but it was exactly where other folks said it was for me.

There’s five or so caves in total. One full of cultists, one with a miner, one that’s super shallow, one with burial mounds and shriekers, and one that’s just winding caves and shriekers. My skull was on a rock ten feet forwards from where you appear in the winding caves.

Your reward is more gibberish and the hint that another relic exists. At the Undead’s camp is a knife called the painting cutter, if you take it to the wagon near the tunnel that leads to the sawmill and strike the painting with it: you get access to a secret area where that relic is.

All Over The Place

Just Keep Killin’

Keep Your Mask On

Blood West Cheevo Guide

  • Headshot a Prodigal Daughter from behind so that her Mask is not removed


Blood West Cheevo Guide

  • 100 Headshots

Serial Headshotter

Blood West Cheevo Guide

  • Five Headshots in a row

Back To The Grave

Blood West Cheevo Guide

  • Headshot a Half-Risen Dead while it’s coffin is intact

Just be patient and let it throw bones at you, this gives you a pretty clear shot.

Explosive Soul

Blood West Cheevo Guide

  • Blow up a spirit with dynamite

Spirits are the blue glowing skulls that Vendigo’s summon in Chapter One and escort Spectral Gunslingers in Chapter Two. It’s easier in Chapter Two because they tend to stay closer to the ground.

Big Bada Boom

Blood West Cheevo Guide

  • Blow up five enemies at once with Dynamite

In Chapter Three there are slow enemies that you can safely aggro and run circles around, and there’s ten or so hanging around the Sawmill. I just ran around the Sawmill in wide circles and shot everything that could keep up with me, when it was time I herded them together close and blew that crowd up good.

Drunken Brawl

Blood West Cheevo Guide

  • Kill 50 enemies while drunk

This unlocked for me when I killed a Vendigo while drunk. I set it on fire and use my shotgun. the theory is that it counted all of the Spirits that it was rapidly summoning. But really, just drink weak booze before fights and you will eventually get it.


Blood West Cheevo Guide

  • Kill 50 enemies with fire

If you have not been using fire bullets, start using them. They do serious damage to most of the tougher enemies in the game.

Tomahawk Expert

Blood West Cheevo Guide

  • Ten Tomahawk headshot kills in a row

When in doubt, go to the sawmill in Chapter Three and abuse the slow, blind enemies. Make sure to grab the perks that improve thrown weapon damage


Wilhelm Scream

Blood West Cheevo Guide

  • Survive a two second drop

The current theory is if you equip three face-scalps for the 60% damage reduction, chug a max health potion, and leap from the top of the lighthouse after talking to Alvaro, you’ll survive. Alternatively, this may work off the side of the cliffs that the chaos dice send you to. In either case, I am not 100% on this one yet.

Personal Coach

Blood West Cheevo Guide

  • Tire a Skin Collector out three times in one fight

The large enemies that appear in Chapter Two and Three have a chance to stop and get exhausted for a few seconds. Just abuse the fact that enemies don’t jump in this game and make the guy run around a log or something. I also think you can aggro multiple skin collectors to speed this up.

I Like Pain

Blood West Cheevo Guide

  • Have four Curses active at the end of a chapter

The easiest place to do this is Chapter One. Load up on gold and flame ammo, get killed a bunch until four separate curses level up to max, do the alternate route for the boss to hurt it before the fight, and go in swinging.


Blood West Cheevo Guide

  • Find every single note in the game

Reading’s for nerds.

Written by Necroscourge

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