Bloodstained Ritual Of The Night – Backer Portraits Replace & Mod Guide

Backer Portraits Replace – Mod Guide

This mod will replace over 35 backer portraits with artwork created by Ayami Kojima.

You may have seen Ayami Kojima’s artwork in games such as Symphony of the Night, Harmony of Dissonance, Aria of Sorrow and more.

This mod does not replace Iga’s portrait, cat portrait, celeste portrait, barber portrait and the female non-backer portrait.

All other portraits are replaced.

Visit the link below to download this mod:



1. Copy the “~mods” folder to your game directory. It will be different depending on the GOG or Steam version of the game.

  • “GOG Games\Bloodstained Ritual of the Night\BloodstainedRotN\Content\Paks”


  • “Steam\SteamApps\common\Bloodstained Ritual of the Night\BloodstainedRotN\Content\Paks”

Note: The “~mods” folder must be placed inside the \Paks\ sub-folder

2. Make sure to replace any files / folders if you receive a prompt.

3. Start the game and enjoy!

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