Bloody Spell Nude Mod

Bloody Spell Nude Mod

Welcome to our Bloody Spell Nude Mod guide! This guide will show you nude mod in Bloody Spell. We’ll keep you upgraded with extra information once they are released.

Nude Mod Where to Find?

All the mods are on the Steam Workshop, so find tons of mods :

There are greater than 100 mods, so find the one you like one of the most, we will clarify how to install it in the next area.

Nearly all mod summaries come in their initial language. So go accessing individually, check the photos and also locate the one you like the most. You will conserve a great time if you filter by the most preferred or one of the most subscribed.

Mod Setup

Those are the actions to mount any kind of mod from the steam workshop:

  1. Download the mod of your choice
  2. Unzip all mod(dont care armor, equipment,voice…) to
  3. C:\Users\\AppData\LocalLow\shixue\BloodySpell\workshop\weapon\
  4. Open file data.json in mod folder. Now you can see FolderName of this mod (Example mod) is: a03_SXDM003
  5. Rename the mod folder to a03_SXDM003 as shown in the data.json file
  6. Start game now, you can see mod in game

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