Bloons TD 6 – Beating Each Map On Hard

Monkey Meadow Monkeys you will need to unlock (just by playing) for this guide -Obyn Greenfoot […]

Monkey Meadow

Monkeys you will need to unlock (just by playing) for this guide

-Obyn Greenfoot
-Sniper Monkey
-Ninja Monkey
-Wizard Monkey
-Monkey Village

Phase 1: (0-49)

-Place Ninja Monkey on the lefthand side of the first bend (you will lose some hp on first round)
-Buy ninja Discipline first then sharp shuriken
-Buy Alchemist and place him on the opposite side of the track, parallel to the ninja monkey. (inside the bend)
-Buy sniper monkey and place him under some trees to chill. (set him on strong first)
-Upgrade the alchemist up to acidic mixture drip and perishing potions.
-Upgrade ninja up to caltrops
-Upgrade Sniper up to even faster firing and full metal jacket.
-Get double shot on the ninja
-Get Large calibur on the sniper
-Get bloon jutsu on the ninja
-Get deadly precision on the sniper
-Go up to stronger stimulant on the alchemist
-Get Main MOAB on the sniper

Phase 2:

-Buy monkey village and upgrade up to Jungle drums and monkey intelligence bureau. The village should be placed on the right hand side of the alchemist, when upgraded should affect both alchemist and ninja monkey.
(just realised i forgot about obyron for phase 1 just place him right under the alchemist on the other side of the road. Goes to show how op ninja monkey and alchemists are.)
-Place 5 wizard monkeys in range of both the alchemist and monkey village.
-Slowly upgrade them towards necromancer: unstoppable army and wall of fire.

At this point you can basically afk. Dump any money you want into the hero. If you’re feeling insecure you can spam Obyns abilities whenever they’re up.

That concludes monkey meadow. Stay tuned for the other maps.

Tree Stump

Before we begin I just want to note that I have bought elite military training and ceramic shock with monkey knowledge.Will only cost you 2 points and you should have that much by now.

Phase 1:

-Place ninja monkey on the opposite left hand side of the fallen tree branch nearest to the bloon entrance this should place him adjacent to 3 roads and have access to loop around the major tree stump.
-Buy sniper monkey and place him on the high ground tree stump furthest to an edge as you can. Set it on strongest first.
-Upgrade ninja monkey bloon jutsu and caltrops
-Upgrade fullmetal jacket before round 28. Then upgrade towards even faster firing and large calibre.
-Buy alchemist and place him in front of ninja. Upgrade him to perishing potions and stronger stimulant
-Get deadly precision for sniper then maim moab.

Phase 2:

-Get obyn and place him on the lefthand side inbetween alchemist and ninja.
-Puchase monkey village and place below obyn and ninja. upgrade to monkey intelligence then after round 59 upgrade to jungle drums.
-Buy two wizard monkeys and place them in range of monkey village and alchemist. Upgrade them both to arcane spike and wall of fire.

Phase 3:

-Buy one more wizard monkey and place it on the top of the tree stump in range of monkey village and upgrade up to necromancer and wall of fire.

Afk for the rest.

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