Bomb Bots Arena – How to Use The Abilities

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Bomb Bots Arena How to Use The Abilities


  • Punch: Punch your way through the arena, stunning anyone you hit on your way.


  • Try to punch someone just before you plant a bomb and block him.
  • Go through the map to collect as many power-ups as you can.


  • Build: Place a Crate on a free tile. It will always have a power up inside.


  • Build is strong in early-game; you can have more than one power-up at start.
  • You can protect yourself from a blast, only if you have a tile free.
  • You can block someone and trap them in a blast.


  • Jump: Jump over Crates or Bomb, if the next tile is free.


  • If you’re stuck between bombs, jump on a free tile.
  • Go catch power-up that are away from you in early game.


  • Kick: Kick bombs to move them out of the way or stun opponents by hitting them.


  • Try to kick a bomb that’s about to explode on someone.
  • If you’re stuck between bombs, kick one to free yourself.


  • Trigger: Plant and detonate a trigger bomb at will.


  • Trigger is strong in early-game; get a power-up fast and plant another bomb.
  • If someone is waiting to go through a Crate, you can trigger a bomb to blast them.

R.C. Bomb

  • R.C. Bomb: You take control over a walking bomb, leaving you vulnerable to attacks.


  • Trap someone in early-game, there aren’t many ways out.
  • Try to be safe when you take control of RC Bomb.


  • Shield: The shield blocks any incoming damage or stun effects and frees you early from other debuffs.


  • The cooldown of the shield is important, as soon as someone has used their shield, it means they are vulnerable.
  • Some say the shield is the perfect defense ability but I say it is a sword. What do you think?



  • Send a gift ready to pop-up to your fellow.


  • Give your friend a big hug.


  • Elonyh’s combo. Nothing to say.


  • Get your reward.


  • Create your reward

Stay Safe

  • Stay covered.

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