BONELAB All Achievements Guide 100%

Welcome to our BONELAB All Achievements 100% guide. This guide will show you how to get […]

Welcome to our BONELAB All Achievements 100% guide. This guide will show you how to get every achievement in BONELAB. We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the BONELAB game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our BONELAB guide.

BONELAB All Achievements Guide 100%

This guide will show you how to get every achievement in BONELAB!

Campaign Achievements – Unmissable

For these achievements you just have to play through the campaign.
I suggest doing this first as some of the achievements later will be a lot easier to get using the body change gadget.

BONELAB - All AchievementsBackstage – Reach backstage area in Descent

BONELAB - All AchievementsWelcome Back – Entering MythOS city

BONELAB - All AchievementsDescend – Travel through the Descent

BONELAB - All AchievementsClean Room – Find the Lab

BONELAB - All AchievementsCrane Game – Power the Crane in the Lab

BONELAB - All AchievementsSpecial Projects Area – Unlock the SPA

BONELAB - All AchievementsUnflush – Ride the Funicular to the SPA

BONELAB - All AchievementsLong Run – Complete Long Run

BONELAB - All AchievementsMine Dive – Ride the coaster

BONELAB - All AchievementsBig Anomaly – Found the big anomaly

BONELAB - All AchievementsStreet Puncher – Punch your way through the streets

BONELAB - All AchievementsSprint Bridge – Complete the Bridge as Fast

BONELAB - All AchievementsMagma Gate – Beat Magma Gate Challenge

BONELAB - All AchievementsMonogon Motorway – Complete Monogon Motorway

BONELAB - All AchievementsPillar Climber – Complete Pillar scene

BONELAB - All AchievementsMoon Base – Complete Moon Base

BONELAB - All AchievementsShape Shifter – Obtained the Bodylog

BONELAB - All AchievementsIron Key – Obtained the Iron Key

BONELAB - All AchievementsBONEBOX – Break on through

BONELAB - All AchievementsUp the Rabbit Hole – Start the Ascent

BONELAB - All AchievementsPious – Obelisk Precepts control Heaven’s Reach

BONELAB - All AchievementsFantasy Cultivation – Pass through the LumberCaves

BONELAB - All AchievementsDisposal – Trash chute

BONELAB - All AchievementsAesthetic – Wavy

BONELAB - All AchievementsWho Lives Here – Pass through housing area

BONELAB - All AchievementsKONTROL – Race the subway train

BONELAB - All AchievementsMining For What – Find evidence of Heaven’s Reach peasants mining into MythOS

BONELAB - All AchievementsAscend – Reach Ascent Lift

BONELAB - All AchievementsGuiding Hand – Complete the Outro

BONELAB - All AchievementsUntil Next Time – Completed the game

BONELAB All Achievements Campaign Missable

You can replay any level after you have completed or during the campaign to get these missable achievements.

BONELAB - All AchievementsShort Lived – Hang in there
On the very first level don’t cut the noose… easy!

BONELAB - All AchievementsUnplugged – Unplug the giant drain plug
After reaching the hub/lab area, operate the crane to open the quarantine door. Progress through the door and reach the giant plug towards the end of the level. You will need to grab a device from the room above in order to open the plug, voilà!

BONELAB - All AchievementsTarget Practice – Score at least 1500 points on Mine Dive
This can be tricky, maybe leave it as one of the last achievements to unlock. You need to score 1500 points by operating the gun on the mine cart to hit as many targets as you can. Remember to use slow-mo! (Hold the X key on Quest 2 controller, left hand controller)

BONELAB - All AchievementsBONELAB - All AchievementsSUB 2:00 – Set a personal best on Monogon Motorway of less than 2:00, & SUB 1:50 – Set a personal best on Monogon Motorway of less than 1:50
During the Monogon Motorway level, you need to complete 3 laps in 1:50 or less. This may seem hard at first but hear me out. There is a restart button on the outside of the spawn building, keep hitting this until you make it. It will take a little bit of getting a feel for the go cart and this took me a few tries to do… until I used the slow-mo when turning corners !

BONELAB - All AchievementsLavaGang Was Here – Find evidence of LavaGang in Ascent
After defeating the large group of enemies inside the mine, just before reaching the elevator (towards the end of the Ascent level), there is a room with lockers, inside the very last locker from right to left as you enter the room, you will find a clipboard “LavaGang Was Here”, you just need to pick it up in your hands.

BONELAB - All AchievementsInteresting – Find the room behind the elevator in Ascent
This is the very last section of the Ascent level, you will see a lit up area with a giant elevator in the middle of the room, DON’T step on it just yet. On the side of the room you will see a section you can climb up using the tall guy, you just need to climb inside this secret room and the achievement will unlock.

Side content

For these achievements you will need to visit the different levels available to you in the hub/lab area. You will need to play through some of these levels in order for the achievements to unlock.

BONELAB - All AchievementsItalian Getaway – Enjoy Tuscany
Visit good ole Tuscany! This is one of the sanbox levels.

BONELAB - All Achievements504 Battery Drive – Check out the gun range
After entering the gun range the achievement is unlocked.

BONELAB - All AchievementsHalfway Park – Enjoy the fresh air at Halfway Park
Play the Halfway Park level and the achievement will unlock.

BONELAB - All AchievementsMirror – Check out Mirror
Visit the experimental level called ‘Mirror’.

BONELAB - All AchievementsComputer, New Environment – Switch environments at Holochamber
Head to the experimental level Holochamber and hit one of the buttons to change the background, done!

BONELAB - All AchievementsContainer Yard – Complete Container
This is the zombie mode level, you must complete the VOID option for the achievement to unlock.
Here are some tips, you can find a laser pistol in one of the lockers inside the spawn area, personally I found this better than the pistol on the table. Don’t worry about ammo, go crazy, but try to go for head shots if you can! You get ammo back for defeating enemies.
There are various weapons hidden through out the level.
You will need to grab the orange capsule and carry this with you to 1 of the 3 objectives, insert the capsule and wait until it does it’s thing… JUICE! (this will attract the zombies to it, making it easy to pick them off)
After it’s done, grab the capsule and bring it back to the starting area where you will find a device you need to insert the capsule into, some steel skeletons will spawn, they need to be killed using the capsule. Bait them to the centre of the blue square and hit the button which will ZAP them and anything inside the blue square – insta killing. Repeat this process until the wave is done, you will then be able to take the capsule out and carry onto the next objective which is a repeat of 3 times in total, with increasing difficulty. After the 3rd objective is complete a portal will spawn inside the blue square area, jump inside and the level is complete. Achievement unlocked!

BONELAB - All AchievementsArena Tipper – Complete Tunnel Tipper
Play the level, it doesn’t matter what score you get, you need to die for the achievement to trigger.

BONELAB - All AchievementsThree Gun Run – Complete Three Gun course
Score and difficulty does not matter, achievement is unlocked after completing the level.

BONELAB - All AchievementsDistrict – Completed District Tac Trial
Score and difficulty does not matter, achievement is unlocked after completing the level.

BONELAB - All AchievementsDistrict Runner – Complete District Parkour
Play and complete the District Parkour level.

BONELAB - All AchievementsDungeon Warrior – Completed Dungeon Warrior
Play and complete the Dungeon Warrior level.

BONELAB - All AchievementsRooftops – Complete Rooftops
Play and complete the Rooftops level.

BONELAB - All AchievementsArena Challenger – Complete Arena Challenge
Play and complete the Arena level.

BONELAB - All AchievementsBONELAB - All AchievementsBack to Basement – Circle through the basement backrooms, & Long Time to Wait – Incinerate Clippie
Both of these achievements are unlocked in the sandbox level ‘Museum Basement’
After you spawn in, on top of the close left tower you will find a battery capsule, pick this up and take it with you to the door which can be found behind the area you spawn in. Continue through to the next room inside after hitting the button. You will find a gravity gun, pick this up and open the close right metal sheet door using the gravity gun, inside this room you will find a clipboard asking for you to end it’s misery, take this with you and head to the other metal sheet door room. After opening this you will enter a level with a T posing statue on the ground, in the end of the room you will find an incinerator, chuck the clipboard in there. Then run around and explore the other couple of rooms and both achievements will be unlocked.

Unclear how these are unlocked as of now…

BONELAB - All AchievementsFantasy Champion – Complete Fantasy Arena
At the moment I am not 100% certain, but it seems that you must complete all the challenges in the arena, on hard mode and survive to level 10 in the survivor mode (it was this way in BONEWORKS). Once this is clear I will update the guide.

Some tips to anybody attempting this, switch to the heavy guy (from Magma Gate level) to be able to tank many hits and melee weapon/rifle in hand or bare hands just bash every enemy in the head and they should die, with rifle shots in between for distant enemies.

Any crabs that jump on you, use your off hand to pick them off your head and keep them in your grip, use the weapon hand to bash them until their defeated.
Prioritise defeating the red skeleton enemies first as they will do a lot of damage and are the biggest threat. The gun men are the next threat after them, and some will spawn on the outside of the arena which will require you to shoot them down.
The null men and zombies are just fodder which you can leave around for a quick health regen.
Lastly the regular skeletons are not a big threat as they are very brittle and will be defeated from one hit in melee.

BONELAB - All AchievementsBig Bone Bowler – Hit the pins
This is an odd one at the moment, it’s not clear whether or not it’s possible to get this achievement or how it is done. Supposedly people have said that you need to knock down the pins in the experimental bowling level. I have attempted this with the gravity gun, bowling ball, go cart, getting a few pins, getting a strike, both lanes and the achievement hasn’t unlocked for me.
Once this is clear I will update the guide.

BONELAB - All AchievementsMy Pal Apollo – Bring the shiny Apollo figure all the way to the void
At the time of writing this, it’s unclear how the achievement is actually unlocked or if it is even possible. As soon as there is info on this I will update here.

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