BONELAB Walkthrough & Puzzles

Welcome to our BONELAB Walkthrough and Puzzles guide. A review of the top five levels in […]

Welcome to our BONELAB Walkthrough and Puzzles guide. A review of the top five levels in Bonelab. We hope this helps! We will upload other parts soon.

Updated on: 01.13.2023

BONELAB Walkthrough and Puzzles

A review of the top five levels in Bonelab. After level 01 and some puzzles, we realized that many people had a hard time figuring out what to do, and we decided to take a step. We hope this helps! We will upload other parts soon.

  1. Log in and play three of the six minigames available in BONELAB when you first spawn.
  2. When you’re done, go to the center of the area. There’s a ladder there that leads to a generator and what looks like a map.
    3.Insert the two batteries nearby in the generator.
  3. Use the “Crane” to place the three “Core Keys” into their respective slots near you, you can tell which ones to grab by seeing the light rise up into the sky (like the mysterious light box for YouZombies- fans) 4a. A tip for using the crane, the button turns the magnet on and off, the left lever goes up and down and the right one is directional.
    5.Go through the quarantine gate.
  4. ???
  5. Take advantage.

One more thing, for those of you who on earth can’t figure out how to get the collectibles out of the ball, just grab it with both hands and pull it apart.

How to Collect Items in Bonelab

Simple Steps:

  1. Explore
  2. Find shiny blue balls in sneaky places
  3. Grab with two hands
  4. Spread hands
  5. Enjoy dopamine hit

This wasn’t explained well in the game, and with the lack of reclemation bins, I thought I just had to grab them to collect till about level 6.

How to backflip in Bonelab

Stretch your muscles before you jump to prevent injuries. After a quick 25-minute cardio warmup, stretch your arms, legs, chest, and back. You can do any stretches, as long as they target the right muscle groups. Here are some stretches for you try:

Do a forward bend to stretch all of your muscles. Stand up straight with your feet together, then bend slowly down toward the floor. Reach out to touch the floor with your fingers.

To stretch your arms, bring one arm up over your head, reaching toward the sky. Bend your arm at your elbow so it’s parallel to the back of your head. Then, use your other hand to pull your elbow gently toward your head. Repeat on the other side.

Find a soft surface, such as a gymnastics mat or foam pit. A backflip is an advanced move, so it usually takes time to master it. You need to be on a soft surface to minimize your risk of injury. A gymnastics mat or foam pit is the best surface, but sand or grass may also work.

As another option, you may prefer starting on flat ground, which provides some give and helps you build momentum. However, don’t try your flip on flat ground if you have trouble controlling the width of your jumps.

If you’re new to backflips, don’t attempt to do one on a hard surface, especially concrete.

If you’re having trouble getting enough height, start from a raised surface, such as a mat that isn’t too hard, and flip into a soft pit

Use a spotter for maximum safety. Since a backflip is an advanced move, it can be dangerous to complete, especially at first. It’s important that you have someone there who can watch your jump and potentially help you.

At the very least, make sure someone is with you to call for help if you get hurt. If you lose your balance and fall, it’s possible that you will not be able to get yourself help.

It can also help to practice on a trampoline before you try a standing back tuck on the floor. This makes it easier to get the height you need so you can practice the proper form for the flip.

Levels 00-05 Video Guide Walkhtrough

Click to watch on Youtube


  • 0:00 Level 01 (intro)
  • 10:36 Level 02 (The Lab)
  • 23:18 Level 03 (Longrun)
  • 35:03 Level 04 (Mine Dive)
  • 42:08 Level 05 (Big Anomaly)

Levels 06-12

Click to watch on Youtube


  • 0:00 Level 06 (Street Puncher)
  • 6:07 Level 07 (Sprint Bridge 04)
  • 11:31 Level 08 (Magma Gate)
  • 14:40 Level 09 (Moonbase)
  • 19:14 Level 10 (Monogon Motorway)
  • 22:31 Level 11 (Pillar Climb)
  • 28:33 Level 12 (Big Anomaly B)


Sentenced to death, you embody an outcast escaping fate. Discover a pathway to a hidden underground research facility. A series of challenging experiments and discoveries await. A road to the truth calls from the void.

Physics to the core

  • Boneworks’ realistic physics systems fully improved and polished. Interact with the game world with consistent confidence.

Visceral VR combat

  • Using a variety of ranged, melee, and exotic physics weapons, engage enemy encounters with an entire armory at your disposal.

Be anyone you want

  • Custom avatar importing enables you to play through the game looking however you want, with physical stats to match.

Layered Narrative

  • After discovering an underground lab in MythOS city, you will have access to a variety of game locations including arenas, obstacle courses, tactical trials, sandboxes, experimental modes, and user generated levels. Collecting items, avatars, and clues from these locations enable you to progress through the mysterious story.

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