Book of Hours Statues & Busts of Notable Persons

Are you curious about all these empty spaces on the Big Climb in the Book of Hours? Are you wondering which statue went where or where you will find them? What will you be able to achieve if you fill them all in? Check out our Book of Hours Statues & Busts of Notable Persons guide for the stage of all these questions!

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Book of Hours Statues & Busts of Notable Persons

Do you need information about Statues and Busts of Important People?A lot has been lost, but you can find them. Check out our Book of Hours Statues & Busts of Notable Persons guide for detailed information.

The List

Name Original Room Slot Slot Floor
Hendrik DewulfEntrance Hall1st Baron Ground Floor
Thomas DewulfNight Gallery2nd BaronGround Floor
Walter DewulfWatchman’s Tower: First Floor3rd BaronGround Floor
Musgrave DewulfInfirmary4th BaronGround Floor
Gideon DewulfWindlit Gallery5th BaronGround Floor
Valentine DewulfEntrance Hall6th BaronFirst Floor
Eva DewulfFludd Gallery7th BaronFirst Floor
Ambrose WestcottWestcott Room1st LibrarianFirst Floor
Kitty MazarineMazarine Hall2nd LibrarianFirst Floor
Solomon HusherLong Tower: Solomon’s Study3rd LibrarianFirst Floor
Fraser StrathcoyneMotley Tower: First Floor4th LibrarianSecond Floor
Natalia BrulleauDueling Hall5th LibrarianSecond Floor
Willem HarriesSolarium6th LibrarianSecond Floor
Thirza BlakePale Chamber7th LibrarianSecond Floor
Sir David GreenCrucible Tower: Governor’s Office8th LibrarianSecond Floor
Brian LevinsenSpire 9th LibrarianThird Floor
Serena BlackwoodWatchman’s Tower: Gatehouse10th LibrarianThird Floor
Gervinus van LaurenCruicible Tower: First Floor11th LibrarianThird Floor
You!(any object, or leave empty)12th LibrarianThird Floor
Your successor(any object, or leave empty)13th LibrarianThird Floor
Book of Hours Statues & Busts of Notable Persons

The Reward

When you put each bust in its proper place on the Grand Ascent (leaving the 12th and 13th Librarian slots empty or putting any object into them), a button will pop up that says “Curate Busts?”

Click that and wait 30 seconds, and you’ll receive a Wist and the “Much Is Lost… But We Abide” achievement.

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