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The Commando Guide Starting Honestly, I’ve taken this skill build-up out of a certain person, but […]

The Commando Guide


Honestly, I’ve taken this skill build-up out of a certain person, but mainly, the idea of this is that the turret does EVERYTHING, the 5/5 battle front skill increases the general damage by 30% and because of this, it’s much easier to kill, especially if you have double up 1/1 sentry 10/5 due to legendary soldier, and also, onslaught and metal storm, now, keep in mind, I don’t have the bee or the slagga, which makes me TR, or turret reliant, also, keep in mind that I don’t have resourceful, but I DO have healthy and battlefront 10/5 because of this, I can develop a resistence to the damage. Basically without the turret, it’s waiting, for damage to appear, since most likely, you can’t do anything without that freaking turret slagging everyone.

Getting Out of Being Turret Reliance

Well, to view it in numbers, in order to get out of Turret reliance, there are two ways, you can max out resourceful and get a classmod for that. OR, you could get the slagga and the bee, which both increase your max dps before the kill skills, and also, crisis management, so there’s still a dps increase when your shields are depleted, since the bee is a risk, you either keep it at full or get it depleted. Now, at the scenario that it is depleted, You should switch out and use the smg the slagga, now every single bullet counts as three, and also, there’s a 24% chance of getting them slagged, thus, it’s not going to end well if you associate slaggery with death, which is a healthy assumption. Also, if you have both the bee full, and the sentry being placed, as well as slagga. You can shred out so many enemies.


Typically, for commando, my skill build-up for guerrilla would be 10/5 sentry, for dps of sentry, also, 10/5 ready, it helps extremely with getting bullets out and shooting the thingies. 5/5 laser sights, For the bullets to actually git, considering the fact that more bullets + more bullets getting put in enemies bodies, greatly increases reliability of the dps of the turret itself plus rockets, so, yeah, and since it is entirely is about dps, why can’t I have able, so that I can regenerate so much health. I explained the rest for guerilla. 10/5 impact and expertise, because dps and slag ‘n swap. I have ranger, because ranger,and also longbow since I have something called an effective sentry. I don’t have anything for survival, had it not been for 10/5 for both healthy and battlefront, because of that TR crisis. That is my skill build-up, it probably sucks, I’m also going to do another suckish skill build up for every class except siren.

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