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Fast Travel Borderlands 3 has the fast travel option. This page explains exactly how this mechanic […]

Fast Travel

Borderlands 3 has the fast travel option. This page explains exactly how this mechanic works. Fast travel has two options – you can use it on the same map or to move between completely different locations.

These fast travel stations are all around the world and they won’t take much more than a quick sidestep or two nearby to activate them. What’s more, is you can fast travel to these points at any time by pulling up the map and select them from an easy to access drop down menu on the left-hand side of the screen.

On top of being able to fast travel to the various stations around the map, you can also fast travel right to your vehicle at any time, so long as you’ve spawned one at a Catch-a-Ride. To fast travel to your vehicle, locate it on the map, and then select it as your fast travel point. You’ll teleport with to it, making it easy to get around the map rather quickly.

If Fast Travel Not Working…

The first issue involving Borderlands 3 Fast Travel occurs right at the start of the game, if you’re not careful. As soon as you get access to Fast Travel, you’ll get an ECHOcast from Lilith. Whatever you do, do not Fast Travel while the ECHOcast is going on! It’ll break the event and you may have to restart. So, just wait until it’s over. Easy fix.

There’s also an issue regarding your Fast Travel points not carrying over in some multiplayer lobbies. Usually when this happens, it’s because the lobby host hasn’t unlocked those Fast Travel points. Also easy, if not a fix.

Less easy to fix is the Borderlands 3 Fast Travel bug involving the game’s vehicles. Normally, while there are set Fast Travel points around the map, you should also be able to Fast Travel to your vehicle too. Sometimes, however, you simply can’t – for no real reason, you just won’t get the option on the map. It’s deeply annoying.

There are a couple of possible fixes being passed around. The first is not selecting from the Fast Travel list on the map – find the vehicle and hold ‘E’ (or ‘Use’) on the vehicle itself. Alternatively, and this is the slightly weirder one – plug in a gamepad and use that to Fast Travel to the vehicle, and then unplug the pad again. This seems to be a PC controls-specific bug, so using a gamepad fixes it.


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