Borderlands 3 – Moze Skill Tree & Builds

Borderlands 3 Moze Builds & Skill Tree Moze Shield of Retribution Branch Build Action Skill Railgun: […]

Borderlands 3 Moze Builds & Skill Tree

Moze Shield of Retribution Branch Build

Action Skill

Railgun: Fires electrified projectiles that can deal shock damage


Armored Infantry: Moze gains damage reduction and increased gun damage when her shields are up.

Security Bear: Iron Bear gains a bubble shield to reduce damage.

Selfless Vengeance: Reloading causes Moze to lose a small portion of her health, but grants additional incendiary damage to her and her allies’ weapons.

Drowning in Brass: Killing an enemy gives Moze a stack of Drowning in Brass, which reduces fire rate but increases gun damage for her and her allies.

Thin Red Line: A portion of Moze’s health is reserved and can’t be restored, but maximum shield is increased by that amount.

Vladof Ingenuity: Maximum shield is increased with added resistance to shock damage.

Full Can of Whoop-Ass: When Moze enters Iron Bear, her and her allies’ shields recharge at an increased rate.

Experimental Munitions: Scoring a critical hit grants Moze extra incendiary damage.

Behind the Iron Curtain: Moze’s shield recharge delay is reduced and her shield recharge rate is increased.

Desperate Measures: Moze’s gun damage increases as her health gets lower.

Force Feedback: Moze’s shields immediately begin recharging whenever she scores a critical kill.

Phalanx Doctrine: Moze gains a stack of Phalanx Doctrine after killing an enemy, which increases maximum shield and gun damage for 30 seconds.

Tenacious Defense: When Moze’s shield is depleted, she will instantly regain a portion of her shield and gain increased gun damage for a short time. This ability may trigger again once Moze’s shield is fully recharged.

Action Skill Augments

Hell on Rails: Iron Bear’s Railgun can fire superheated rounds that deal incendiary damage.

Capacitive Armature: When Moze hits an enemy with the Railgun, it chains that hit to nearby enemies, dealing reduced shock damage.

Corrosive Sabot Round: The Railgun fires a specialty round that deals reduced damage, but explodes after a brief delay.

Bear Fist: A pneumatic-driven fist that can deal heaps of damage to an enemy at close range.

Wild Swing: Hitting an enemy with the Bear Fist can deal random elemental damage to the target and enemies nearby.

Close the Distance: Bear Fist’s punch is replaced by launching its fist forward and grabbing enemies at increased range, shocking them and pulling them back to Iron Bear.

Shockhammer: Bear Fist can punch rapidly.

Moze Bottomless Mags Branch Build

Action Skill

Minigun: Sustained rapid fire gun attached to Iron Bear. This gun can overheat if fired for too long.


Cloud of Lead: Moze and Iron Bear’s shots will occasionally deal additional incendiary damage without consuming ammo.

Dakka Bear: A manned turret is mounted onto the back of Iron Bear.

Matched Set: Whatever Moze’s current equipped weapon is, she’ll gain a stacking bonus in magazine size and decreased heat per shot for every piece of gear she has equipped that’s from the same manufacturer (Torgue, Maliwan, etc.).

Stoke the Embers: Moze and Iron Bear gain increased incendiary damage.

Redistribution: Scoring a critical hit will regenerate Moze’s ammo for a few seconds.

Scrappy: Moze’s handling, weapon swap, and motion switch speed are increased while she’s moving.

Rushin’ Offensive: Moze can sprint and shoot at the same time.

Scorching RPM’s: Moze gains increased fire rate and critical hit damage.

Specialist Bear: Equipping two of the same weapons on Iron Bear increases the damage they deal.

The Iron Bank: Moze’s magazine size is increased.

“Click, Click”: Moze’s gun damage increases as her magazine empties.

Forge: Currently equipped weapons constantly regenerate ammo.

Action Skill Augments

Let Off Some Steam: The Minigun deals more damage as its heat increases and can be fired more before it overheats.

General Winter: The Minigun can fire cryo rounds.

Exploding. Bullets.: The Minigun fires explosive rounds that deal increased splash damage at the expense of fire rate.

Salamander: A flamethrower that deals incendiary damage with unlimited ammo (it does drain fuel, though).

Fuel Economy: Reduces Salamander’s fuel drain and increases Iron Bear’s movement speed after burning an enemy with the flamethrower.

Chemical Warfare: The Salamander can deal corrosive damage.

Molten Roar: The Salamander can burst-fire 3 projectiles, and the first one will cause a large incendiary area-of-effect.

Moze Demolition Woman Branch Build

Action Skill

V-35 Grenade Launcher: A semi-automatic grenade launcher. Grenades are not affected by Moze’s equipped grenade mod.


Grizzled: Killing an enemy will reduce Moze’s remaining action skill cooldown time.

Deadlines: Firing Iron Bear’s weapons drains less fuel.

Fire in the Skag Den: Whenever Moze deals splash damage, she also deals extra incendiary damage.

Means of Destruction: Dealing splash damage will add ammo to Moze’s currently equipped weapon magazine, and may return a grenade.

Torgue Cross-Promotion: All splash damage Moze deals has a chance to double in size.

Stainless Steel Bear: Iron Bear gets additional armor and increased maximum fuel.

Pull the Holy Pin: Moze’s grenades have a chance to score a critical hit.

Auto Bear: When Moze exits Iron Bear, it will remain deployed in place and can target and attack nearby enemies before charging at one and self-destructing.

Vampyr: Whenever Moze damages an enemy with a grenade, she restores a portion of her health.

Why Can’t I Carry All These Grenades?: Increases grenade capacity.

To the Last: Moze can throw grenades while in a Fight for Your Life (downed) state. If a grenade is thrown before getting a Second Wind, she gets her grenade back.

Explosive Punctuation: When Moze deals splash damage, her action skill cooldown rate increases for a brief period of time.

Short Fuse: Dealing gun damage gives Moze a chance to cause a secondary explosion centered on the target.

Action Skill Augments

Shaped Charge: Direct hits on targets with the V-35 will deal increased damage.

Musical Chairs: The V-35 will occasionally fire a singularity grenade which pulls enemies in before exploding.

Lock and Speedload: The reload speed of the V-35 is greatly increased, and it will fire a five-round burst.

Vanquisher Rocket Pod: A rocket launcher that can rapid-fire unguided explosive rockets.

Active Tracking: The Vanquisher Rocket Pod can fire homing rockets and has increased reload speed.

Target Softening: The Vanquisher Rocket Pod fires in a six-rocket spread, but at the cost of damage per rocket. Hitting an enemy with a rocket increases damage from any other source.

Hammerdown Protocol: The Vanquisher Rocket Pod launches a single rocket with an nuclear warhead that deals massive radiation damage.

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