Borderlands 3 – Trevonator (Legendary Weapon)

Like any Borderlands game it’s all about the loot, and theLegendary Weapons are the cream of the crop. Borderlands 3 features countless different Legendary Weapons that go above and beyond normal weapons with new styles, skins, and hidden effects.
Note that Legendary Weapons and Items can be found at different levels, and the weapon damage will scale to your currently level on finding it, but other effects remain the same.

Trevonator Shotgun

borderlands 3 Trevonator legendary weapon

  • Accuracy: 70%
  • Handling: 69%
  • Reload Time: 2.7s
  • Fire Rate: 6.61/s
  • Magazine Size: 15
  • +28% Weapon Charge Speed
  • +75 Splash Damage Radius
  • Red Text: Trev is gunna get you!

My name is Trevor, so naturally this is the best gun in the game. Each shot out of the Trevonator fires a burst of four orb projectiles that explode on impact.

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