Borderlands 3 -Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife Conservation This portion of the guide explains how to unlock and complete Wildlife Conservation. It […]

Wildlife Conservation

This portion of the guide explains how to unlock and complete Wildlife Conservation. It includes the level requirements and rewards. This mission is assigned in the Devil’s Razor area.

Wildlife Conservation Rewards

Below are the rewards for completing this mission and the level requirements.

  • Level Requirement: 30
  • Rewards: $5,732, a Rare Sniper Rifle, and 6,983 XP

How to Unlock Wildlife Conservation

To unlock Wildlife Conservation you need to accept this mission from Brick in Devil’s Razor. Below is its location. If there’s no exclamation point there you will not be able to do the mission.

Wildlife Conservation Side Mission Location

This mission is both assigned and completed in the Boomtown sub-area of Devil’s Razor, which is located in Pandora.

Wildlife Conservation Walkthrough

Mission Objectives

  • Go to Konrad’s Hold
  • Look for Talon
  • Inspect The Body
  • Follow Blood Trail
  • Collect Explosives (5)
  • Load Explosives Into Cart
  • Launch Minecart
  • Follow Talon
  • Kill Varkids
  • Follow Talon
  • Return To Devil’s Razor
  • Speak To Brick
  • Follow Brick
  • Speak To Mordecai

Go To Konrad’s Hold

After picking up the mission from Brick, head over to Konrad’s Hold, near Roland’s Rest.

Look For Talon / Inspect The Body

After reaching the next area, head left and look for Talon, then inspect the body you find.

Follow Blood Trail

Follow Blood Trail

Follow Blood TrailCollect Explosives (5)

Hit the switch to discover the door won’t open, then turn around to find some explosives leaning up against a metal girder. Head around the other caverns surrounding you to find four more, then bring the five sets of explosives back to the door.

Load Explosives Into Cart

Bring the explosives back to the cart overlooking the door and load that sucker up.

Launch Minecart

Shoot the propane tank on the back of the cart to send it soaring.

Follow Talon

Now that the door’s open, head through it and you’ll see Talon flying away. Follow her down until you reach an acid-filled room with Varkid nests, then follow the path to the right. Hop up on the pile of rubble on the right and clambor up to the railroad tracks to continue on. You’ll soon see Talon, so keep following her through the tunnels.

Kill Varkids

Continue until you drop down off the ledge and return outside, then kill all the varkids you find.

Follow Talon / Return To Devil’s Razor

Once all the varkids are dead, Talon will snatch a tasty treat for herself, then fly off to the left. Climb the fallen building to follow her back to Devil’s Razor.

Speak To Brick

Head back to Boomtown and talk to Brick to learn Talon came back, but then flew off again.

Follow Brick

Follow Brick around the corner to find out what Talon has been up to.

Speak To Mordecai

Speak to Mordecai to complete the mission and claim your rewards.

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