Brawl Stars – Starting Guide

Starting Guide You Get Seven Heroes For Free! Currency, thanks to which you can unlock new […]

Starting Guide

You Get Seven Heroes For Free!

Currency, thanks to which you can unlock new characters, is very valuable – you have to save it. Brawl Stars allows you to unlock 7 characters for free, namely for getting achievements. Characters that can be unlocked this way – Nita, Colt, Bull, Jesse, Brock, Dynamike and Bo.

Think Tactically and Search for Places to Hide

The arenas in Brawl Stars have places where you can hide from enemy fire. When you stand in plants/grass, you may notice that your character becomes transparent, this means that the opposing team can’t see you. The only way for the enemies to see you is to get closer and shoot.

You can use this opportunity for a variety of tactics: from attacking by surprise to hiding in order to regenerate health.

Check Out The Controls

Put both hands on your phone and focus. Remember that you can’t play Brawl Starts with one hand. You need both thumbs. Left thumb controls your hero, the right shoots and activates your skill. You need to make sure they work according to your expectations.

Remember, tapping the fire button shoots your weapon automatically towards the nearest enemy. Thus, it is possible, for example, to check if another hero is not hiding in the bushes.

Play With Friends

In Brawl Stars, you can play as a team with your friends, create your own team or join others. Thanks to that you can create a tactic before the match begins – this will help you a lot during the fights.

Do You Have All The Crystals You Need to Win? Don’t Collect New!

I know it is beautiful and alluring, but don’t run to pick it up.
If your team has already got all the necessary crystals, don’t collect more of them. Protect each other and wait for the end of the match. If you rush to the middle, you can lose all the crystals you got.

If one of your players has a large number of crystals, watch out for them. Don’t let them do anything stupid to lose your victory.

Save money on Big Boxes

The game has two types of loot boxes – Big Boxes and Mega Boxes. If you are not going to spend real money and you prefer to stay using the stones earned in the game, the best solution is to save them on Big Boxes. Despite the fact that Mega Boxes contain more items, they don’t differ in quality from their cheaper counterparts.

You Don’t Always Have to Be The Best

At the end of the match, the game summarizes the actions of competitors and chooses the best player. Remember that you don’t always have to be the best. Sometimes, you should just support your allies, who will be busy collecting crystals. Protect them so you can win the game without unnecessary problems.

Remember to Restore Health

The life of your characters in Brawl Stars can regenerate constantly and independently. The only thing you need to do is to move away from the immediate threat. You don’t have to stop, hide etc. Just start running away from the shots of your opponents, and after a while, the game will start restoring your health points.

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