Breeders of the Nephelym: Alpha – Orgasium Currency Guide

Orgasium – Currency Guide Orgasium The currency in this game is called orgasium, represented by the […]

Orgasium – Currency Guide


The currency in this game is called orgasium, represented by the crystal that can be seen at the bottom right corner of the game. You begin a new game with 1700 orgasium.

Orgasium is the currency used to trade with the NPCs at Hedon Township.


  • Sells the barns required for housing Nephelym you want to catch or keep on your ranch

Amber-Mae and Camilla

  • These two NPCs buy and sell the different liquids you can harvest from your own Nephelym and use to catch Wild Nephelym with the ‘alternative’ method


  • Rewards you with orgasium in exchange for Nephelym and takes certain (increasing) donations to raise the trait level of Wild Nephelym, lifting the chances of finding traits on the wild ones encountered


  • Bathes your Nephelym, removing the Grungy trait

The Daily Grind: Farming

Each vendor has a certain amount of orgasium on them each day. This refreshes every in-game day, and you can start a new day at your leisure by sleeping at the Homestead.

Every day you will start with max Lust which is energy required to do certain tasks. Your max Lust increases with levels. The following task order will help you make the most of your Lust for maximum orgasium earning.

1. Check Barns and Harvest Fluids

Start your day by visiting your barns. Once you get into the habit of setting up breedings every day you can use this opportunity to rename offspring you don’t want to keep so they’re easy to identify when it comes time to sell.

While there, harvest fluids as much as possible from the Nephelym you have. Some fluids are worth more than others but it’s worth getting a good variety in stock since the vendors have a maximum they can carry which sometimes limits what they can buy. Your carry maximum is 4000 ml of milk (from females) and 2000 ml of the ‘male milk’ equivalent. Any extra you collect is just wasted but that’s no big deal. Harvesting uses up a small amount of Lust each time.

2. Capture Wild Nephelym (and Regain Lust)

The next task is to capture Wild Nephelym for sale. This is pretty straightforward as it’s a major component of the game, so I won’t go into detail.

Early on you might want to stop into town first to stock up on a variety of fluids from Amber-Mae and Camilla. If you see a Nephelym of the same gender (that isn’t futa) you want to keep, these fluids are the only way to catch them and each type will have a preference. However, a secondary goal of going into the wilds is to win ‘climax battles’ which will give back Lust needed for more harvesting and setting up breeding each day.

I recommend immediately naming your caught Wild Nephelym with a tag that marks them for sale if you clearly don’t want to keep them. This makes it easier to identify them when trading with Emissary.

3. Use Up All Lust

This guide is supposed to be about making orgasium so the next step is selling, but remember to use up your Lust after returning from the Wild and before you go to sleep again. Use it up by setting up breeding or doing more of the harvesting round until you’re carrying maximum liquids as much as possible.

Breeding Nephelym levels them up, making even low level ones worth selling over time, so breed them as much as possible (it keeps Nephelym happy and loyal!). Keep the ones you find with the Valuable trait even if you don’t like them much. Breeding Valuable offspring is a great way to get Nephelym to sell for a lot of orgasium without too much effort.

Ideally, before you sleep each night your vendors will have no orgasium left to give you, your bottles will all be filled, you will have plenty of new Nephelym ready to summon offspring in four in-game days, and your own Lust will be at zero.

The Daily Grind: Selling

Once you are holding as much fluid as possible and have Nephelym to sell, go to Hedon Township. The goal is to do business until the vendors have no more orgasium to give you. The amount a vendor has each day appears to be completely random, so as much as possible you want to clean them out of orgasium daily.

1. Sell Fluids to Amber-Mae and Camilla

Look for the liquids they are low on and sell those. If you are carrying maximum each day it’s unlikely you’ll run out of something to sell before they run out of orgasium to give you for it. Buy and sell price is the same.

2. Sell Nephelym to Emissary

Sell the Nephelym you have bred or caught that you don’t want to keep. You can’t see how much orgasium Emissary has so just keep selling until it says “Merchant does not have enough Orgasium”. Some days I’ve found her to be holding as little as 13k, other days as much as 39k! In other words, the range is huge so make sure you have plenty to sell whenever you visit.

Having a Tag for Nephelym you want to sell makes this process a lot easier, especially as you can’t get a Nephelym back if you accidentally sell it, at least not without reloading a saved game.

Spending Orgasium

There are not many ways you can currently spend Orgasium, and all of these vendors can be found in Hedon Township.

1. Purchase barns for your ranch from Cassie

You will need a total of 32,250 orgasium to purchase every barn available. You’ll want to start by getting a Foxen House and Vulwarg Kennel for 800 of your starting orgasium before visiting Lustwood. Cassie only has so many barns to sell so once you buy them all the menu will be blank.

2. Purchase fluids from Amber-Mae and Camilla

You won’t need to do this after you have the ability to harvest every type of Nephelym for yourself but this can be handy early on in the game and especially if you’re a female breeder or want to turn off Surprise Sex.

3. Raise the Trait Level with Emissary

This will be where most of your orgasium ends up going since every level costs more than the last starting with 500 orgasium and going up 500 orgasium per level. The existing wiki for the game says the cap is Level 30 but I haven’t yet confirmed this for myself to say if that’s still current, however going by this information alone it will cost at least 232,500 orgasium to reach Trait Level 30.

4. Bathe with Romy

Romy is the mermaid on the rooftop area, accessed via the stairs to the left of Amber-Mae then following the bridge across. If you have any Nephelym with the Grungy trait you can pay her 300 orgasium per dirty Nephelym to remove this trait permanently. So far it’s the only way you can spend orgasium which isn’t capped or made redundant after a certain progress point.

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