Broken Arrow Playtest Keybinds for KAB-1500 Survivor

Details about binds that people may not know exist in Broken Arrow Playtest.

In this guide, you can find the keybinds that you can apply and see the effect in KAB-1500 Survivor in Broken Arrow Playtest.

Keybinds for KAB-1500 Survivor

This guide will show you some cool binds that people might not know exist.


Half of these are under controls but people never look there.

  • Bold = Important binds that you should memorise.
  • F7 – Hides UI, hit it again to unhide the UI.
  • F8 – Gives you a top down view of the battlefield, hit it again to return to normal.
  • Double U – Instead of unloading at position it will unload when the unit completes it’s previous order
  • Shift – Let’s you queue orders.
  • N – Laser, for units with lasers this will select it and let you paint targets with the laser, personally I like to rebind it to L instead of N.
  • U, Hold click, drag & release – Unloads units then those units move to the position where you dragged your mouse and released the click at.
  • Control + 0-9 – This makes a “group”, select any unit you want in the group then press control and any number from 0-9 on your keyboard, now when you press this number you auto select this unit.
  • Z – Activates Sprint for infantry that have it or for vehicles that have radar.
  • P – Precision strike, lets you use guided munitions, every press off P preps 1 guided bomb so pressing P twice then clicking twice drops 2 bombs, so on and so forth.
  • V – Change altitude, when using planes/helicopters you can press this and they’ll change from high to low altitude and back.
  • G – Force Fire, Forces unit to fire all weapons that are in-range of whatever you clicked.
  • O – Used for quickly making a paradrop order, be careful the plane is very sensitive and if you don’t align it exactly with planes heading it’ll decide to do a map wide turn.

I’ll add more as I find out about binds that the playerbase doesn’t really know about.

Written by Cadet

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